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6 Yoga Poses For Weight Gain


Do you often hear questions like don’t your parents feed you why are you so slim? If you are fed up with these questions, then fret not, you are at the right place.

Generally, you may have heard many times about different yoga poses that could lead to weight loss.

However, you should know that there are even yoga poses that may help to gain weight.

Since most yoga poses and diets are aimed at weight loss, generally being too thin may seem to be normal for people.

However, being too thin or underweight could lead to various health issues.

Issues like weak bones, osteoporosis, hair loss, infertility, weak immune system, delayed growth and development in teens or children, and so on.

As you must have heard, yoga has been known to aid a plethora of diseases since time immemorial.

Moreover, it may help the physical conditions of the body, one of which is being too thin.

Hence, yoga can help you to effectively shape your body, tone your muscles and amplify your flexibility.

So if you are too thin then you can try out the different yoga exercises for weight gain.

However, one important attribute that you should know here is that gaining weight using yoga poses will not compromise your body shape or muscles.

This is done by providing oxygen-rich blood to the body, which could help in equal nutrient distribution and hence result in positive weight gain.

7 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Gain

Let’s have a glance at the different yoga poses that may help you to gain weight-

  1. The Cobra Pose Or The Bhujangasana

    The bhujangasana is a renowned yoga pose that might help to support the digestive system of your body.

    At the same time, it could even intensify[1] the rate of your peristalsis, thus helping you to eat more and gain weight fast.

    Under this pose, different parts of your body like the abdomen, back and neck are involved.

    The major aim of this pose might be to prevent poor peristalsis by removing any obstacle that causes it.

    • To perform this asana, all you have to do is to place your legs down and lie on your stomach.
    • Now keep your elbows on the side of your chest and put pressure on the palms.
    • Slowly increase the pressure as you push your arms and lift your upper body in the backward region.
    • To do this, you have to put all the weight on your palms and lift your abdomen and chest while you take a deep breath.
    • Once done, you can slowly release this position while releasing your breath and coming down to the original position.
    • To focus on gaining weight, you have to perform this asana three to five times and then take a 30 to 40-second rest.
    • Once you have become proficient in it, you can increase the number of times you perform it.
  2. The Shoulder Stand Or Sarvangasana

    The shoulder stand is one of the natural ways to gain weight because it addresses issues related to blood circulation and indigestion.

    At the same time, the Sarvangasana might even help to enhance[2] your posture, improve spine flexibility and augment your muscle strength.

    • All you have to do is to lie down on the floor to perform this pose.
    • While you lie down, you have to make sure that your palms touch the ground and your legs are together.
    • Then take a deep breath and gradually start to lift your hips upward and then the legs.
    • You have to make a 30-degree angle initially with your legs.
    • Then you can aim at a 90-degree angle while you take support from your hands on the lower back.
    • Then maintain this position for approximately 60 seconds.
    • In the beginning, you can aim at maintaining your posture for 30 seconds and then gradually increase this duration.
  3. The Cycling Yoga Pose Or Dwichakrikasana

    This is another yoga pose under which you have to lie down on your back while relaxing your arms on the sides.

    The major aim of the cycling yoga pose could be to enhance the strength in your back, thighs, and hips.

    At the same time, yoga can even help to improve[3] the blood circulation in your body, thus, combating the issue of poor circulation.

    • While you lie down on your back, aim at lifting one of your legs and bending it up at the knee.
    • Hold your breath while doing so, and then bring the ankle near the hip.
    • Here comes the major pose of this action in which you have to rotate the ankle as if you are pedaling a bicycle.
    • You can repeat this position for as long as you can and then perform the same with the other leg. Once you are proficient in it, you can rotate both legs continuously.
  4. Chakrasana Or The Wheel Pose

    Chakrasana or the wheel pose is another asana that aims at improving the flexibility of your spine while enhancing blood circulation in the body.

    This pose can also regulate the hormone level in your body and strengthen the different body parts.

    As per this study,[2] back bending might as well aid in improving spine flexibility in old age people.

    To perform the wheel pose or Chakrasana you again have to lie down on your back. Then place your hands behind the shoulders.

    Now your major aim should be to raise your body while forming an arch.

    • For this, you may gradually take support from your palms and feet and put them down on the ground.
    • While you are in the arch position, focus on your breathing.
    • Gradually lower your body down to the initial position when you are unable to hold onto the arch position.
    • You can try out this asana and be in the arch position for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.
    • Gradually, when you are adept in this yoga, you can increase this duration.
  5. Vajrasana

    Vajrasana is quite a popular yoga posture that aims at improving your body functions and calming your mind.

    The different body parts that are focused on in this yoga can improve the overall ability of your body to digest food and nutrients in a better way.

    Yoga procedures and poses that also include Vajrasana, may help in providing[4] some relief to people with lower back pain issues.

    Hence the Vajrasana can combat the issue of poor peristalsis and constipation to improve your appetite and thus, help you gain weight.

    At the same time, this yoga posture can even facilitate muscle toning and blood circulation.

    With myriad advantages, you can perform this asana on a thin mattress or a yoga mat.

    • All you have to do to perform Vajrasana is to keep your thighs on the calf muscles.
    • Make sure your toes point behind you and keep your neck and back erect while performing this pose.
    • Then gradually join both your hands together, just like you do while praying, and breathe deeply.
    • While you do so, close your eyes, relax your mind, and hold on to the position for as long as you can.
    • The approximate duration for which Vajrasana could be performed is approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. The Fish Pose Or Matsyasana

    The fish pose is aimed at improving the functions of different organs like the reproductive, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.

    Yoga improves the function of these organs and can intensify[5] the nutrient absorption capacity of your body and hence help in weight gain.

    Due to the same reason, the fish pose is considered to be one of the most efficacious forms of yoga for weight gain.

    • To perform this yoga, you have to lie on your back and keep your feet and hands alongside the body.
    • This means you have to lie down with your legs crossed and hold down your feet with your hand.
    • Once this position is maintained, you can slowly lift your body and touch the ground with your head so that your body is in a curved position.
    • While you are holding this position, you should inhale and exhale for a few seconds and then return to your initial position.
  7. The Chair Pose Or Utkatasana

    If you wish to enhance your muscle strength to gain weight, then the chair pose can be an ideal option for you.

    This yoga pose can help to intensify[6] your size in the areas related to the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs.

    • Stand with your feet together and your arms to your sides to perform this yoga pose.
    • Then gradually lift your arms above your head, but make sure that they are close to your ears.
    • Point the fingers to the sky and start bending your knees to come to a partial squat position.
    • Also, keep in mind to move your hips backward as if you are sitting on a chair and move your upper body forward.

Let Us Wrap It Up

Thus, these are the different yoga poses that you could try if you aim at gaining weight.

Make sure to begin these asanas with a short duration and then gradually increase the time frame for which you maintain the yoga postures.

Moreover, these yoga postures are effective for both the experienced as well as the newbies who want to gain weight.

Whereas, you may avoid practicing these yoga postures right after taking a meal.

Also, people who have injuries could even avoid practicing the different yoga poses for weight gain.


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