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Keto Slim RX Review: A Personal Overview of This Popular Substance


In this Keto Slim RX review, you will learn about the product in detail and if this product is as effective as its makers claim it to be.

I have also mentioned my encounter with this product in this Keto Slim RX review. You can read my dosage, usage, results from this product, and if it was worth using it.

What Is Keto Slim RX?

Keto Slim RX is a clinically proven formula that could be an effective support to quickly put you into ketosis. Ketosis is a process[1] when there aren’t enough carbs in your body to turn into energy.

Hence, the body uses the existing fat to burn and turn into Ketones which would be used as fuel in the body. This could help you in losing weight.

The makers of this product claim that it could promote quick weight loss, keep the body off of excessive fat cells, and maintain a healthy body.

They say that there are no harmful or toxic compounds added to this product and regular use could ensure a fast and reliable experience of weight loss.

Keto Slim RX

According to them, numerous products claim to help in weight loss by putting your body into ketosis but not all the products would give you fruitful results.

However, the well-balanced formula of Keto Slim RX would help you in successfully hitting your target weight without damaging your health.

They claim that the product has been prepared in a facility approved by the FDA and the product could act as a support system to your weight management program by triggering a rapid fat loss.

Keto Slim RX Ingredients

The makers claim that Keto Slim RX uses the clinically tested ingredients that could accelerate the weight loss process in your body and help you in quickly shredding away the excessive fat cells.

Following are the key ingredients used in this product-

  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

All the above ingredients are different salts of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate also known as BHB[2] which is an energy-dense molecule that could fuel your body and its vital organs when you lower your carb intake.

It is a ketone that could help your body to change its primary source of energy from glucose to stored fat, as glucose is provided to the body by the consumption of carbohydrates.

The fat cells are broken down and BHB is formed in the body. The increase of blood BHB may be a direct appetite suppressant and would also alter the gut hormone levels.

BHB in this product could help you in enhancing your energy that would improve the exercise ability of your muscles and could also help in better functioning of the brain and nerves in the body.

Claims By Manufacturer Of Keto Slim RX

The makers of Keto Slim RX claim that it could be effective when it comes to your body’s functions in burning the fat rapidly and aiding your keto diet.

The consumption of this product could help you in lowering your calorie intake and prevent unnecessary cravings, which would prevent your body from eating extra and adding further pounds.

They say most people tend to cut low on calories when they decide to lose weight and incomplete meals often lead to hunger but, this product may help in maintaining the feeling of fullness and satisfaction for extended hours. 

Hence, with these two effective qualities, this product could help you in achieving your desired weight and shape efficiently and effortlessly, affirms the makers.

They further add that even when you are losing weight and consuming low-calorie meals, the product would help you in maintaining your energy level.

The product might use the stored fat and turn it into a direct source of energy, this could help you in increasing your workout performance and gain better outputs.

How I Came Across Keto Slim RX?

I was trying to lose weight for quite some time but none of the products that I was using were giving me desirable results. Plus, the weight management plans were a great fail for me.

I used to get over-exhausted from the workouts as my body was not getting enough energy from the diet meals and it also increased my hunger, so I quit the gym.

I often cheated on my dietary food too due to the cravings because of which I gained more weight than lost. So, I turned to the internet for some suggestions.

A few diets made me throw up and others inlcuding AlphaLean 7 were not enough. I read about Keto Slim RX in an article that mentioned that this product curbs the diet and also helps in staying energetic while losing weight.

The article left an impact on me and I surfed more about the product, I also came across many testimonials of the users that mentioned that this product has helped them in effortlessly reducing pounds.

A user wrote that this product helped her in reducing her weight and it maintains her energy level which helps her in doing all the household chores and jobs without getting tired.

I also read that it curbs the diet and prevents you from munching unnecessarily on junk food and uses your body fat to fuel the body so that you could perform all your chores without worrying.

Though there were some negative reviews too, they mentioned that the product upset their stomach and caused stomach pain too. But, again not every product is suitable for every body type.

Personal Experience With Keto Slim RX

The best part of the product for me was that it could curb the diet and suppress the unending hunger which would hopefully help me in reducing my weight.

I placed an online order for this product and planned on resuming my weight management plan. I started consuming the product as directed on its label.

I did not have to make extra efforts to stay away from junk food[3] as it kept me full and this triggered the weight loss in my body. I even lost a few pounds with its initial consumption.

And as I read, I was feeling energetic all day. I renewed my gym membership too, I thought it would help me in giving a push to my weight loss and I’ll lose more with exercises.

To my surprise, even after working out, I did not feel tired rather I extended my exercising time by going outdoor running too.

It had been around 2-3 months of using Keto Slim RX when I started having problems like constipation, vomiting, stomach pain, and irritation while urinating.

Initially, I did not pay much attention but when it started happening more often, I stopped my consumption of this product immediately.

After stopping my consumption, I felt like all my energy has been drained out, my stomach pain wouldn’t go away and the symptoms of improper bowel movements remained too.

Also, I experienced a cringing pain while urinating, to top all of this, my weight was increasing and I had occasional bloating too.

I rushed to my doctor and he ordered a few tests, I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and a high level of blood sugar. My doctor asked if I was using any product or taking any medication.

I told him about my usage of Keto Slim RX. He said that it could be the possible reason behind the upset stomach and irregular bowel movements.

He also mentioned that as I had stopped using the product and following my diet, the increased intake of carb-rich food might have spiked my sugar level.

He said that I should not worry much and prescribed a medication to get rid of these symptoms. He also advised that I should confer with him before using any such products in the future.

Followed Dosage Of Keto Slim RX

Keto Slim RX is produced in capsules form. Each container of this product contains 60 capsules which would give you 30 servings if you follow the dosage mentioned on the label of the bottle.

I followed the direction on the label of the bottle and consumed 2 capsules with water every day 20-30 minutes before my breakfast. I paired it with a diet plan and later started exercising too, to get effective results.

Though I never abused the product it harmed my health and I decided to stop using it when my problems increased.

Benefits Of Using Keto Slim RX

Well, the product did help me in successfully shredding away my fat and losing a good amount of weight from my body, in the beginning. It rapidly burned a lot of fat and energized me to keep going.

However, I had to quit the product because it was causing so many problems in my body and made it very difficult to focus on my job and daily chores.

It is not necessary that the product would react the same on everyone.

Side Effects Of Keto Slim RX

Initially, the product was alright to use but then caused a lot of issues after a few months of consumption.

Based on my experience with Keto Slim RX, I am sharing the following side effects I had experienced during my consumption and after stopping it-

  • Upset Stomach

    I experienced twisting pain in my stomach and I had a few episodes of throw-ups too after consuming the product. The pain ended after I took medication for it.

  • Irregular Bowel Movements

    There were days of constipation that made me feel very uneasy and I gave up on my meals and exercises due to this. I felt that my energy has been squeezed out of me and I felt like doing nothing.

  • Fatigue

    I used to feel extreme fatigue after I stopped using this product as the stomach issues made me avoid eating sumptuous meals and get a sound sleep.

  • Irritation

    I was irritated mentally due to all the above problems and this product caused physical irritation too. I felt extreme irritation and pain while urinating and was also diagnosed with UTI.

  • High Blood Sugar

    My reports also confirmed that my blood sugar level was quite high. My doctor prescribed me a few medicines to treat the condition and now it’s maintained.

Alternate Choice To Keto Slim RX

Once, I recovered from the ill symptoms of Keto Slim RX, my best friend visited me. I told her that I have lost all hope to lose my weight and get back into shape.

She then told me about PhenQ which could aid my weight loss process as it has thermogenic properties that eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms of metabolism and ensure proper metabolism.

Not only this but it will also suppress my diet by promoting the feeling of satiety which means rapid fat burning in my body. According to her, PhenQ pills help her in staying in the right shape without making muchmany effort.

I told her that Keto Slim RX also made similar claims and I had suffered enough from its consumption. She then, assured me of its safety as she uses the product too.

She said the product keeps her mood light and bright and she stays energetic all day long. The product also helps in staying away from unnecessary munching hence, no further addition of fat in the body.

On her suggestion, I have started using the product and the initial effect is that it is regulating my metabolic cycle[4] and so far I have experienced no unpleasant bowel movements.

My weight has reduced too and I am following the diet and exercise plan recommended by her trainer.

Wrap Up Of Keto Slim RX Review

Keto Slim RX surely gave me good and desired results in the beginning but then over time it also gave me awful symptoms, hence I dropped the idea of continuing its usage.

I experienced the side effects even though I never abused the product and stuck to following the mentioned dosage and usage on the label of the bottle.

Presently, I am using PhenQ and I am happy with the effects of the product on my metabolic cycle. It eliminates all the unwanted nutrients from my body and makes sure to overcome all the hurdles of metabolism.

My weight has significantly reduced and I am still working on reducing it further. My energy level stays high all the time even when I am cutting down on my calories and losing weight.

Though I was unsure of using PhenQ initially, now with its effective results, I have decided to make it a healthy habit to maintain the right shape of my body.

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