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VigRx Plus Review: Does This Help In Improving The Performance In Bed?


In this VigRX Plus review, a man who married for the second time talks about his life journey in which he was not able to perform sexually.

This is when he got to know about VigRX and started the consumption. Hence, in this VigRX Plus Review, he talks about his own personal experience.

The changes that he was able to observe and the final results, if the VigRX Plus really worked for him or not.

Hence, if you are interested in knowing more about VigRX Plus or its personal consumption story, then you might want to stay with me until the very end of this VigRX review.

What Is VigRX Plus?

As per the manufacturer, VigRX Plus is a very popular male enhancement pill, which assures its customers better sexual performance in all aspects.

The pill may help you achieve bigger and harder erections while also offering controllability. This product could make you and your erection last longer and might even enhance your sexual desires.

According to the official website, VigRX Plus which is packed with such benefits has become the go-to choice of a number of males around the world. They also mention that due to the recent trends, it gained quite a share in its market.

If you look up male enhancement pills online, you could be sure that you come across this one too. As per the researchers of VigRX Plus, the erections could look and feel better to your partner and obviously may as well increase the chances of both of you being super satisfied with each other.

You would be able to have full control over ejaculation and erection after a while of consumption. Besides, you may as well be able to pleasure your partner, it also tries to intensify your orgasms and makes them happen more frequently.

The best part about the pill is that it tries to boost your libido levels, which in turn take your confidence levels soaring high!

As per the information listed on the official website, VigRx Plus is made of 9-10 completely natural products. This makes it even better to be consumed, or at least try once.

The herbal composition of the product also instills in the consumer’s confidence in the product as it minimizes the possible side effects.

What Is VigRx Plus Made Of? (Ingredients)

As already mentioned above, the composition of VigRX Plus is at its best, maintained to be the most natural and herbal solution to male issues. The list of ingredients on the packaging is said to be the 100% component of the product. The pills are therefore super effective and completely safe to use. The materials used in the making of the pills can be studied in detail as under-

  1. Epimedium Leaf Extract

    This gem is an aphrodisiac herb, widely used in China to treat people with erectile dysfunction or related issues during old times. It is a popular ingredient in all products that treat sexual issues in men.

  2. Damiana

    Originating from Mexico, this is a wild shrub with yellow flowers that is greatly known for its ability to cure sexual inefficiencies in men for ages. It increases the blood flow and ensures a healthy supply of oxygen which in turn leads to better erections.

  3. Hawthorn Berry

    These berries are great antioxidants. Removing the toxins in the body of an individual enhances cardiovascular health. Better cardiovascular health, in turn, means better blood flow throughout the body and hence improved erections.

  4. Muira Puama Bark

    This one maintains and improves the immunity levels of the body. It works within the body and ensures sexual well-being. This extract is widely used to prevent any sexual disorders.

  5. Asian Red Ginseng

    The next up in the list of ingredients is another Chinese herb, which is known to soothe inflammatory issues. It is also widely used to maintain a healthy sexual aspect of the body. It makes sure that the body does not, in any way, react to any external substance and even if it does, is cured immediately.

  6. Catuaba Bark Extract

    This substance originates from Brazil and Peru, where it is extensively used to cure sexual inefficiencies and other issues. It naturally promotes better sleep and recovery during sleep. By adding this to the product, the makers promise that the hormonal level of the body is maintained at optimal levels.

  7. Gingko Biloba

    This substance forms a very important part of the product. The main function of it is to improve the quality of the erection for a longer period of time. With its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it improves the blood flow throughout the body and in turn prolongs and hardens the erections.

  8. Saw Palmetto

    This extract performs two major functions. Firstly it boosts the testosterone levels in the body, thus improving the libido levels. Secondly, it promotes the active absorption of vitamins and minerals within the body. Overall, it ensures a healthy nutrient-hormone balance in the body.

  9. Bioperine

    This herb boosts the metabolism of the body and helps it to absorb more nutrients. The immunity of the body is drastically enhanced and also, it starts functioning in an even better way.

    More on it here[1].

How Does VigRX Plus function?

The claims made by the manufacturer add that, since the product is made of all-natural ingredients, the working of the same is not at all complicated even for a layman to understand.

The manufacturers have paid special attention to the fact that the mixture remains 100% herbal and natural to minimize the threats of any side effects. This in turn helps consumers trust the product and its working.

The official website mentions that the VigRx Plus is made up of 9 natural ingredients. Some of these try to boost sexual desires, while others are great for enhancing erections and may as well help your body in controlling orgasms.

There are also many ingredients that improve the blood flow and circulation within your body and especially to the penis to harden the erections and make them feel even better.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, there also exist numerous testosterone boosters ingredients, that may be capable of balancing and maintaining a healthy level of sexual hormones in your body that might have fallen due to nutrient imbalance.

The nitric oxide in the body tries to stimulate and may help your body receiver quickly which relaxes the muscles and hence optimizes your performance for maximum satisfaction.

Overall, there are high chances that your body becomes even more efficient and healthy as the nutrient levels and the hormones within the body are kept in check.

Why Did I Start With The VigRX Plus Consumption?

After my first marriage fell apart, for years I had myself disassociated with the entire opposite gender, let alone having sexual intercourse. I did not even feel like talking to any of the other females out there, no matter how pretty.

No amount of beauty could help me get out of the zone that I trapped myself into. My family grew concerned for me, and it is quite understandable why. I had no kids, no wife, no friends then and started feeling alone at times.

I was only in my late twenties and had my entire life ahead of me. After deliberate convincing by my family and a realization of my own, I decided to marry again. After my marriage, however, my struggle began.

Due to the withdrawal of such a long time, now I couldn’t perform sexually even if I wanted to. That is when I started looking for medications and solutions to the issues. To be very honest, my wife helped me do that.

My Experience Of Using VigRX Plus

After trawling through many many available options and reviews online, I decided to go with VigRX Plus. The biggest reason for choosing this against all others was obviously its herbal composition and also the positive reviews throughout the web.

At the same time, the manufacturer of the substance claims that it is made out of natural ingredients imposes negligible risks of any side effects on your body.

Hence, if you ask me personally, it was more trustable to use the natural mixture than a bunch of chemicals tested on laboratory rats.

Only within a few weeks of consumption, I could feel and notice changes in my sexual well-being. As I became even more experienced in terms of consuming VigRX Plus, I was able to notice that my sexual desire improved.

Not only that, I had an additional urge to satisfy my partner every day with all her sexual needs. Just a few months later, I was able to perform great, thanks to the regular consumption of VigRX Plus.

My erections are comparatively harder and more controllable. I could feel the libido levels increasing through the rush in my body. And the best part- I faced no side effects.

The thing that could have also initiated these changes was my reduction in alcohol consumption. The credit for this step needs to go to my wife.

She made me realize what I was doing to my body was absolutely wrong. The same has been related to my issues of not being able to perform sexually. Here is a piece of literature from a government write-up[2].

My Dosage Schedule With VigRX

Personally speaking, I was dependent on the manufacturer’s advice, hence I used to consume 2 pills per day.

Having researched everything online I was a little skeptical about it at first. As a result, I started with the consumption of a single pill every day for a few weeks.

Then slowly and gradually built me up to 2 pills per day. When I noticed no major issues by consuming the pills, I became confident to upgrade to the advised dosage.

Also to mention, I continue taking the pills to date. I was very content with the results and therefore wanted to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Packed with numerous extracts and herbs from all over the world, the VigRX Plus pills definitely have much to offer to you and your body. Without compromising on the overall bodily health, the pills improve the sexual health of an individual slowly and steadily.

Some amazing results it provides you with are-

  1. Better Erections

    It improves the blood circulation to the penis and thus makes your erections harder and better lasting. There are specific ingredients for the prolongation of the erections too. I and my wife could easily tell the difference after only a few consumption days.

  2. Controllability

    The product promises the consumers better control over their ejaculation. This makes sure that both you and your partner are completely satisfied before you finish.

  3. More Frequent Orgasms

    It helps you attain orgasms multiple times instead of being just done with once. The power of the supplement leads to increased confidence levels and better satisfaction levels.

  4. Enhances Libido Levels

    The supplement offers sexual resilience and the ability to be aroused as and when desired. It gets you ready for sex whenever you wish, even a little push would do. In fact, it also helps you recharge faster. If you ask me personally, I was able to feel the improved urge to get intimate with my wife.

Possible Side Effects

I personally did not even experience the headaches. The entire consumption cycle to date has proven nothing but fruitful and reviving for me.

Can’t believe it? Well, you have to. Where most of the health enhancement supplements and male enhancement pills face some of the other side effect possibilities, VigRX Plus is completely safe to use.

You also might want to note that the manufacturer claims, its composition and making process, the users face no harmful effects of the product post-consumption.

They mention that among the thousands of consumers of the product, only countable have reported brief headaches as side effects. With time, the consumers tend to feel alright.

Therefore the product becomes a healthy male enhancement facilitator, with no side effects when it comes to the story of most of the consumers.

Final Words On VigRX Plus Review?

After my troubled issues with my first marriage. My family decided to marry me for the second time as arranged marriage. At that point, I was not at all good with my sexual powers.

At the same time, I never felt the urge to be intimate with my second wife.

All this was really disturbing for my 2nd wife. She was also concerned about my overdrinking habit. Hence, because of her, I tried to improve myself.

I decided that I will also work on my sexual health. This is when I came to know about VigRX Plus consumption.

With the regular consumption of VigRX Plus, I was able to improve my sexual health. Not to miss, I also dialed down my alcohol consumption habit.

All this made my overall health take a correct turn.

My relationship with my wife improved a lot. I was able to satisfy her and all her sexual needs. I will mainly attribute all these changes to her.

At the same time, regular consumption of VigRX also might have helped my body. As I write this VigRX review, I personally feel good about myself and satisfying my wife as well.

Hence, I plan on continuing the regular consumption of VigRX Plus. Having said all that you could say that I am really a satisfied consumer and user of VigRX Plus.

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Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed researches, academic and medical institution studies. 

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