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Performer 8 Review: Does This Really Help When Consumed Regularly?


Most males out there will always try to enhance their performance in bed. Some may try natural methods like regular exercise or a balanced diet, while others may look for additional support substances.

In most cases, effective long-term results are only observed by those who try to balance out all the approaches and go the natural way.

Following the same approach, in this Performer 8 review, I have tried to discuss the product’s working mechanism, its potential pros, and Cons, and the health benefits claimed by the company.

I have also included a few reviews from users who have used Performer 8.

Who Manufactures Performer 8?

Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited manufacturers Performer 8. As per the claims made by the company, they have used all-natural and science-backed products that could help improve the users’ overall health.

The company aims to provide effective and high-quality nutritional supplements based on natural ingredient formulations that could help men without causing any adverse effects.

What Is Performer 8 ?

Performer 8
The manufacturers of Performer 8 claim that Performer 8 is a completely natural male enhancement system. As per them, this substance may help the consumer enhance bedroom performance by increasing sexual stamina, strength, and vitality.

The company also claims that Performer 8 could revitalize the lost spark and confidence due to unsatisfactory sexual experience because of premature ejaculations and low testosterone levels.

Per the information on the official website, during the research period of Performer 8, the company took help from Europe’s best scientists, formulators, and experts in male health.

Furthermore, Performer 8 may support your overall sexual health, which could ultimately improve your sexual stamina, penis girth, libido, and hardness through its potent ingredients that work synergistically together.

The manufacturer claims that by using Performer 8 daily, the user might experience a boost in his sexual performance, which may result from improved sexual desire and better control over the climax.

Improvement in the sperm count is also one of the claims the company makes on the official website.

Performer 8, according to what the brand claims, could also increase natural testosterone, making the user feel energized throughout the day with improved muscle definition.

Who Can Take Performer 8?

According to the producers, they manufactured Performer 8 to help people with low stamina levels and those who lack sexual vigor and intense energy that create problems in their sexual lives.

Per the makers, if someone wants to improve their sexual performance, they can consume Performer 8. At the same time, if a person knows they are suffering from issues like low testosterone levels, they may also start the consumption.

At the same time, the manufacturer states on the official website that if a person has undergone a male fertility test and is experiencing low sperm count, then they may also consider Performer 8 for regular consumption.

In totality, you can say that, as per the company, Performer 8 may help men with improvement in their overall sexual health.

Having said that, our recommendation to you would be to visit a certified professional like a doctor or a nutritionist so that they can access your overall condition and take appropriate steps.

By doing so, you may be able to observe an improvement in your situation.

Ingredients Present In Performer 8

  • Muira Puama

    Muira Puama is a bush that is said to be grown in the Amazon region. 3000mg of this extract is used in the Performer 8 formulation.

    This extract could be used for treating sexual problems and may play a role of an aphrodisiac by increasing interest in sexual activity.  More on this extract here.[1]

  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha

    500mg of Ashwagandha is added to the Performer 8 recipe. It is an adaptogen that is said to manage stress levels. Performer 8 claims that by ashwagandha, the user could experience improved sexual desire and reduced stress levels.

    This pilot study explains more[2] about ashwagandha. On the other hand, this double blinded study[3] has also attracted traction.

  • Ferrous Bisglycinate

    Performer 8 delivers around 12mg of ferrous bisglycinate in each serving. It could help in improving blood flow and synthesis which might make the user work harder for longer hours without being exhausted.

    This study[4] talks more about it in both ways.

  • Maca Root Extract

    Maca root extract may improve libido by enhancing sexual desire in people. Performer 8 contains around 30mg of the maca root extract in each dosage. The effect of this extract on serum hormone levels could be read here.[5]

  • Panax Ginseng

    Panax ginseng in Performer 8 could help in reducing inflammation and could also help in increasing energy and masculinity. It may also help in enhancing overall health. More info here.[6] Ginger and testosterone have also been discussed here.[7]

  • Horny Goat Weed

    Also known as barrenwort, Horny goat weed is a Chinese medicinal plant, and its amount per serving in Performer 8 is about 1000mg. It may help in improving blood flow in the penis and could boost libido as well.

  • Pine Bark Extract

    This extract present in the Performer  8 formulation has been proven to enhance sexual function and improve sexual satisfaction. It might also help in improving sperm quality and may help in its optimal functioning. More details here.[8]

  • Grape Seed Extract

    Performer 8 provides around  30mg of grape seed extract. It could help in managing nitric oxide levels in the body. An optimum level of nitric oxide could improve blood flow and make the user feel harder and firmer erections.

    Here are couple of discussions on effects[9] of oxidative stress and effects[10] of grape seeds.

How Does Performer 8 Work?

According to the makers of Performer 8, they manufactured it to deliver carefully selected herbal ingredients backed up by clinical research to its users. In addition, they claim it to be a natural male enhancement substance.

According to the manufacturers, Performer 8 could aid in revitalizing sexual stamina by managing focus and sync of your body so that you may be able to make your partner happy and satisfied.

Not only that, but the creators believe that potent aphrodisiacs present in the Performer 8 formulation could help in increasing sexual desire, thereby managing the low libido levels.

Performer 8 is made with natural substances that could increase natural testosterone in the body. The makers believe this could improve the overall health and performance while managing energy levels and strength.

Moreover, Performer 8 could aid in improving orgasms as the makers claim it could help increase sperm volume and motility. Thus, promoting a better sexual experience with regular use.

The makers of Performer 8 also affirm that it contains potent components that could improve sexual focus and help reduce stress so that one could effectively maintain sexual desire.

They further believe that Performer 8 may try to work effectively. Its potent formula could help the user gain all the possible sexual performance enhancement benefits without any side effects by taking it regularly.

Pros And Cons Of Performer 8

Here are some of the pros and cons of Performer 8 as mentioned on the official website of the manufacturer.


  • Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Boost Sexual Desire
  • Erection Hardness And Girth
  • Boost Confidence
  • Boost Self Esteem
  • Based On Science-Backed Natural Ingredients
  • May Help[11] in Erectile Dysfunction


  • Might Take Time To Get Adjusted To The Ingredients

Health Benefits Of Performer 8

Performer 8 has several health benefits mentioned on its website by the manufacturers. These benefits could be experienced by the user, as claimed by the makers along the course of its consumption:

  • It Could Boost Natural Testosterone

    Per the maker’s claims, Performer 8 could help increase testosterone in the body by allowing the user to experience enhanced energy levels and a better muscle definition. It might increase sexual desire as well.

  • It Might Prevent From Untimely Ejaculation

    Another benefit of Performer 8, as claimed by the makers, is that their product formula is such that it could help the user last longer during sex, thus aiding in enhancing the overall experience.

  • It May Help In In Increasing Sperm Volume And Motility

    Performer 8 might also help improve sperm volume as the makers claim that their product contains clinically backed-up ingredients. It could support increasing semen volume and concentration.

  • It Could Help In Firmer And Harder Erections

    According to the official website, one of the benefits of using Performer 8 is that regular dosage could help improve erections, making them bigger and harder, thus, improving your overall sexual performance.

Potential Side Effects Of Taking Performer 8

If I talk about the side effects of taking Performer 8, it can be said that not only the product delivers what it claims, the makers claim that it does that without causing any side effects.

As the elements or the ingredient used in its formulation are carefully selected and completely natural, it becomes rare that Performer 8 would cause any trouble to the user, as said by the makers.

Because of such a potent yet natural ingredient formulation, Performer 8 users could experience positive effects and it could be well tolerated by them even after taking it on regular basis, so the makers claim.

Even though Performer 8 is extremely safe to use, you should consult a doctor before starting with its dosage if you doubt the effectiveness of the product.

Performer 8 Alternatives

In place of consuming Performer 8, one could look towards other natural ways to elevate T-levels safely without harming your physical or mental health:

  • Staying active could play an essential role in improving libido, as a sedentary lifestyle could affect physical health to a great extent. For example, daily exercising like running or swimming contributes to effective sweat sessions resulting in better libido.
  • Another way to enhance sexual performance is by eating certain fruits and vegetables that increase blood flow. Examples of such fruits and vegetables are onion, garlic, and bananas.
  • While onion and garlic increase blood flow, bananas, on the other hand, could manage blood pressure which could help in enhancing sexual performance.
  • Stress could affect your libido levels as too much tension could raise blood pressure and heart rate, which pose problems for sexual health as well as sexual performance. Thus, it’s better to avoid stress at all costs for better sexual health. One may also consume ashwagandha to fight stress.
  • Consumption of high-protein foods may also help adequately replace dead cells within your body.
  • Keeping your distance from the foods that might lower your testosterone levels may also give long-lasting results.
  • Improving the intake of vitamin D might also help in enhancing the level of natural testosterone. The link between vitamin d and testosterone has been acknowledged in this study.[12]

How To Take Performer 8?

If you have already purchased Performer 8, you might want to know precisely how to consume this substance.

Per the official website, the manufacturers have recommended taking three easy-to-swallow capsules along with a meal. However, they have also stated that one could consume it on an empty stomach as the natural ingredients are calm on digestion.

The makers claim that by taking Performer 8 regularly, the ingredients could work even better in supporting an erection and increasing stamina.

When To See A Doctor?

Even though the creators say that they have used all-natural ingredients in the manufacturing process of Performer 8, you should still be aware of any underlying sensitivities and consult a doctor before using it.

Suppose you haven’t noticed any substantial changes in your health after using Performer 8. In that case, you should see a doctor because the ineffectiveness of Performer 8 on your body could be related to other underlying medical conditions.

Furthermore, because the dosage may conflict with drugs, you should seek medical advice before beginning your Performer 8 course.

Performer 8 Review: What Users Have To Say

I’ve included a few customer reviews where people have shared their experiences with Performer 8.


Every time I tried a male enhancement pill, I felt cheated. I was skeptical about trying Performer 8. But the ingredients backed up by science and their benefits made me try it.

Now I can confidently say that I feel the change in my energy levels and I am able to last much longer and even my wife feels it.

–  Mr Philip

I was facing issues of low energy and I lost all interest in sex.

Upon trying Performer 8, I overcame that and felt better mental energy, and my erections felt firmer and muscular. My relationship with my girlfriend has improved. I really like Performer 8 and I am regularly consuming it.

– Kenadee, Utah

Final Takeaway From This Performer 8 Review

One should never totally and wholely depend on any pill or substance. There are several natural methods to improve sexual performance.

On the other hand, if one wants to consume Performer 8, they should do so only after consulting with a medical professional.

Although the manufacturer claims that Performer 8 has aided users in improving their sexual performance without causing any side effects during or after use, one should couple the consumption of Performer 8 with a balanced diet provided by a professional nutritionist or a dietician.

You can also take help from several exercises that may help improve your performance in bed.

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