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Testogen Review: Could You Really Depend Upon This For Long Term Results?


Testosterone is said to be the most important hormone in men but the level of testosterone begins to decline as they age. To maintain or increase the T level in the body many people use T booster products.

Testogen is one such product that is popularly used by men these days to boost the testosterone level in their bodies and this Testogen review will help you in getting to know more about the product.

You will get a better understanding of this product as I will discuss every aspect of this product from its working to its ingredients and its usage in this article.

Also, I will be sharing a personal encounter with this product and the gained results in this Testogen review.

What Is Testogen?

The marketers of Testogen claim that this product could help in increasing the testosterone level in the body and overpowering all the hurdles that may cause a Low T level in your body.

They say that the product is prepared with all the natural ingredients that have been proven useful and effective in naturally boosting the testosterone in the body.

The official website states that it could increase the presence of free testosterone in the body, improve sexual functions, increase libido, affect the growth of facial hairs, and affect the deepening of the voice.


It also states that Testogen might slow down the process of conversion of the testosterone into estrogen and prevent the risks of gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction.

The makers affirm that any man could expect better erection and stamina during the sexual performance with the regular consumption of Testogen.

It might also help in maintaining good prostate health and improving the overall health and fitness in males. With this product, they could benefit their bodies in an easy, effective, and safe way.

Testogen Ingredients

  1. Fenugreek Extract

    Fenugreek is an ingredient popularly used as natural testosterone booster. This ingredient could work to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. As Fenugreek has a completely natural structure, it may be beneficial to build muscle, improve strength and libido, and increase endurance.

  2. Magnesium

    Magnesium[1] in Testogen is a key ingredient that is finding increasing popularity in the world of performance enhancement. This is because it could naturally elevate and regulate testosterone levels in the body, allowing for peak performance levels along with superior muscle growth.

  3. Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is an essential element that might promote the healthy function of the brain and cells, growth of RBC, and boost energy in the body. It could also direct the brain into reducing the production of estrogens in the body and influence the production of testosterone by increasing the demand for androgens.

  4. Vitamin D

    The production of testosterone may be significantly increased by the use of Vitamin D in the Testosterone Booster. As Vitamin D could help to regulate the levels of the desired hormone, this would help with the treatment of testosterone deficiency and help you achieve the desired results.

  5. Vitamin K1

    Vitamin K1 is a natural element consisting mainly of organic compounds which could assist the body to elevate the testosterone level. It might support maintaining the steady levels of testosterone in your testicles. It may help in protecting the Leydig cells from oxidation and hence stimulate the production of testosterone.

  6. D-Aspartic Acid

    D-Aspartic Acid[2], which is commonly referred to as L-Arginine, is a natural amino acid that the body naturally produces but that may be deficient in some people due to several reasons. Using D-Aspartic Acid in Testosterone Boosters may prove extremely beneficial, and could help them restore their testosterone levels to normal.

  7. Red Ginseng Extract

    The Red Ginseng Extract in Testogen is a natural testosterone and energy booster, which would improve the libido, stamina, strength, and hormonal balance in men. This is the highest quality formulation of Ginseng with a blend of selected exotic herbs which could also help in increasing the muscular mass in the body.

  8. Nettle Leaf Extract

    The Nettle Leaf extract is a well-known herb that could aid the process of increasing testosterone levels in the body. In males, Testosterone is essential for reproductive health as it is responsible for the development of sperm, the male hormone responsible for the conception and growth of the testicles.

  9. Zinc

    Zinc in testosterone boosters has been shown to increase testosterone levels by suppressing the synthesis of luteinizing hormone (LH), one of the important hormones responsible for initiating and maintaining sexual intercourse in men. Zinc could improve a man’s sex drive and performance. It could also elevate the level of testosterone in people with Low T count and improve their sexual health and experience.

  10. Boron

    Boron could impact the rise of DHT as it would help in increasing the level of testosterone in the body. This means the higher the testosterone, the higher the DHT in your body. Boron could also reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction in men with its effect on the T count. It may also contribute to increasing the effectiveness of Vitamin D in the body and promoting a healthy T count.

  11. BioPerine

    BioPerine is a constituent of Piper nigrum which could reduce the inhibitory effects of the enzyme that might catalyze the conversion of testosterone hence, could help in maintaining the high level of testosterone. The higher testosterone level may also result in heightened libido leading to better sexual performance.

Claims By Manufacturer Of Testogen

The makers say that Testogen could increase the count of testosterone and maintain healthy functioning in your body by using its potent mechanism.

They say it could shield the Leydig cells from oxidative damage using the antioxidant agents present in it. These cells may stimulate the production of testosterone in the presence of Luteinizing Hormone.

These cells are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress and get damaged easily hence, could cause a drop in the level of testosterone in your body. Protecting these cells could help in maintaining optimal T count.

As most of your testosterone binds with a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), the presence of free testosterone reduces in your body.

The SHBG level might increase as you age which would accelerate the decline of your testosterone. As per the official website of Testogen, it contains ingredients that would decrease the testosterone that might bind to SHBG.

The free testosterone in your body would help you in feeling energetic, improve the body’s ability to grow muscles, reduce unwanted fat, and would boost your mood, confidence, and happiness too.

The makers claim that Testogen could help slow the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This could reduce the risk of Gynecomastia, a condition where there is an abnormal enlargement of the breasts in men.

The increase in the estrogen level could result in difficulty getting or maintaining firm erections. The reduction in estrogen could support in avoiding erection problems and might give you a better sexual experience.

In short, Testogen could help you in maintaining your testosterone count even as you age. This benefits in overcoming most of the age-related testosterone count issues.

How I Came Across Testogen?

My father who was a training coach in the city college has gained a lot of weight and mostly stays dull and tired, post-retirement.

He used to be a fitness freak who now has almost put a halt on his physical activities and prefers eating junk food over healthy meals due to which he has gained a lot of weight.

Recently, his doctor told me that his blood pressure levels are spiking high and it is very important for him to consume a healthy and sumptuous diet and follow an exercise regime to keep him fit.

I discussed this issue with a friend who told me about Testogen. He said that he bought it for his father and uncle, who were facing similar issues and both of them have benefitted from it.

He said that weight gain, dullness, and exhaustion are common signs of aging. This happens because the body goes low on testosterone, a hormone responsible for maintaining a healthy body.

He told me that low T can also cause problems like reduction in muscle mass, bone, energy level, and sex drive. Apart from these, it hinders the functioning of the body which could raise several issues in the body.

But regular consumption of Testogen can help in getting away with all these issues. He asked me to order one for my dad and I will be able to notice changes in him with its early consumption.

I went back home and researched the product, read reviews, and found out that this product is a prominent testosterone booster in the market that is used by many people.

The official website stated that it naturally increases the T count without damaging health as it is prepared with natural ingredients. Besides, it improves energy level, performance, muscle growth, and libido.

It reduces the conversion of testosterone into estrogen even if you are aging and helps in releasing more free testosterone in the body, both of which would help you in feeling better and healthy.

They said it improves the mood, focus, and vitality of the body promotes muscle and strength gains when you pair the product with a good diet and exercise schedule.

After reading about the product, I was convinced that it can help my father in reviving his life, health, and energy.

Personal Experience With Testogen

I sent the link to the official website of Testogen to my father and asked him to read everything. He too was impressed with its effective results and agrees to consume it.

I ordered the product and assigned a trainer for my father who would help him with his diet plans, exercise regime, and would also supervise his usage of Testogen.

I kept my patience intact and waited for Testogen to affect my dad. My dad began his consumption and he told me that with its initial use he could feel the changes in his energy level.

According to my dad, his weight is reducing with its regular consumption and following the diet plan. It helps him in getting deep and sound sleep.

My mother told me that previously my father used to get irritated even at small things now his mood stays light and bright. He even helps her with a few household chores and they both are having a good time.

My father said that his focus and memory have improved and his blood pressure stays in control. His doctor told him that there has been an increase in his T count and his body is functioning better.

He is not anxious or stressed about everything and feels healthy from within with the regular consumption of Testogen.

Though he loves fried and cheese-filled food, he has reduced his consumption of junk food now and is willing to stay fit like this for the rest of his life.

Followed Dosage Of Testogen

The trainer suggested my father consume 4 capsules of Testogen 20-30 minutes before his breakfast. This would help him in staying energetic all day long.

He also designed a diet plan for my father that would support him in getting better and more effective results rapidly. It also supports him in improving the symptoms of low T.

Every bottle of Testogen contains 120 capsules which give you 30 servings. You can find the same dosage as my dad followed on the official website of the product.

Benefits Of Using Testogen

As claimed by the producers of Testogen this product has various health benefits for its users that help their body function optimally.

Based on my father’s experience, mentioned below are a few benefits he has derived from the usage of this product-

  • Testosterone Booster

    My father’s reports have confirmed that his T count has boosted significantly which has helped him in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Elevated Energy

    My father says the product helps him in getting the proper rest which helps him stay energetic mentally and physically. The increased energy helps him in doing his daily chores and performing exercises.

  • Improved Health

    The cholesterol level and blood pressure level in my father’s reports stay maintained now and there’s a minimal spike. He no more feels stressed which has improved his focus and memory too.

  • Zero Mood Swings

    Since my dad is using this product, his irritation and anger issues have seen a good decline. He says it keeps his mood light and happy and avoids unnecessarily irritated moods.

Side Effects Of Testogen

So far this product has shown no side effects on my father’s health rather it has benefitted him. My father made sure to follow the right dosage and not abuse the product to get quick results.

He even stuck to his diet plans and exercised regularly and the result is that the product has helped him in improving his health and maintaining a better lifestyle.

However, every product has different effects on different people, you must cross-check with your doctor before consuming Testogen if you are allergic to any ingredient or are following any medication.

Wrap Up Of Testogen Review

My father says the product has exceeded his expectations and his energy level and health makes him feel like he is 20 again. He was able to overcome his aging issues.

It keeps his mood light and bright not dull and exhausted. He performs his exercises without feeling tired and has started training little kids in the neighborhood.

My father has planned to stick to this product and stay fit and fine. Looking at the results my father has availed from Testogen, I too, am planning to begin its usage to maintain my T count.

As the product works for men of all age groups, it could help me in avoiding any stress-borne issues that could affect my T count and might help me in reducing the pace of aging.

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