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Provitalize Review: Is It A Scam?


Most people want a flatter tummy, a glowing face, and a healthy body. One manufacturer has promised all these things, but are they true?

Well, with this Provitalize review, I have tried to discuss these matters and included some of the essential things about Provitalize.

Who Manufactures Provitalize?

Provitalize is manufactured by Better Body Company. It is a United States-based supplement company. It produces and assembles Provitalize in a GMP-certified facility. Thus, the company ensures high quality.

They market their product as an effective probiotic supplement that could help lose weight and lead a better life after 40. So what is Provitalize?

What Is Provitalize?

According to the manufacturers, Provitalize is weight management in capsule form that claims to improve gut health and help lose weight.

According to the official website, Provitalize contains potent and clinically proven strains of probiotics that might support weight loss and help manage metabolism and healthy sugar levels.

They also claim that these probiotics could help reduce fat storage and may even work for joint pain relief and better nutrient absorption.

The manufacturers market Provitalize as the only thermogenic probiotic product in the market. They have mentioned a blend of probiotics that could aid in managing weight and improve gut health naturally.

The Provitalize manufacturers further claim that the product is packed in a trademarked delayed-release capsule which could protect the capsule from stomach acid and travel safely to the gut.

Who Can Use Provitalize?

Per the official website’s details, Provitalize may be appropriate for women who are going through a menopause. This means that if you are over 40 and currently going through menopause, they say this product might be appropriate for you.

Furthermore, Provitalize could also be helpful, as per the maker’s claims, to reduce your weight by consuming natural probiotics.

Additionally, the manufacturers say that Provitalize aids in improving gut health. Consequently, you can use Provitalize if you need to control how your gut health affects your weight.

Consuming Provialize could also be one of the ways to boost metabolism if the manufacturers’ claims are to be believed.

Women who want to enhance their energy while maintaining weight will find it helpful, so say the makers.

They further say that you might gain weight during menopause because it slows down your metabolism. The manufacturers claim that Provitailze could be used by any woman who wishes to reduce weight.

Ingredients Present In Provitalize

As per the producer’s claims, Provitalize is nothing but a blend of probiotic strains they mentioned on their website as thermogenic probiotics.

It also contains some natural herbs and vitamins like moringa leaf, curry leaf, and so on. Below I have highlighted the probiotic strains and ingredients in detail:

  • Lactobacillus gasseri

    This strain is usually found in fermented foods like yogurts and sauerkraut. It may help reduce[1] weight and is also related to improving digestion in the body. However, its thermogenic properties are still not apparent.

  • Bifidobacterium Breve

    B.breve is added as a probiotic strain in Provitalize. It could help combat obesity as in a study; it was found[2] that it might help in reducing fat mass in obese adults though further research is needed.

  • Bifidobacterium Lactis

    It is commonly found in fermented products like yogurt and cheese. It could help reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels and help manage body mass index or BMI, though further study is needed.

  • Turmeric

    The manufacturers have added turmeric as one of the ingredients in the Provitalize formulation. It may help in managing[3] oxidative and inflammatory conditions. It could also help in managing anxiety, hyperlipidemia, and arthritis.

  • Moringa Leaf Extract

    Moringa leaf extract has been added to the Provitalize mix. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, riboflavin, protein, vitamin C and B6. It might boost immunity and may as well aid in digestion.

  • Curry Leaf Extract

    Curry leaf is another addition to Provitalize formulation, which could help improve digestion and maintain healthy cholesterol. In addition, it might help in improving metabolism.

  • Bioperine

    Piperine may enhance nutrient absorption and help stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, it may increase the absorption rate of curcumin present in Provitalaize.

  • Sunflower Lecithin

    It is a natural emulsifier, like Bioperine. Therefore, it may enhance the absorption of other mineral and natural components in the Provitalize mix.

  • DRcaps

    The makers say the patented delayed-release capsule has a unique coating technique to resist stomach acids.

    This is crucial for acid-sensitive substances like probiotic bacteria and enables the safe delivery of our probiotic mix to the gut so that one can realize benefit with full effect.

Having said all that, if you want to include probiotics in your daily diet, you can also take help from some probiotic foods.

By including probiotic foods in your daily life, you could stick to the healthy way and may as well skip the probiotic supplements altogether.

How Does Provitalize Work?

According to the manufacturers, Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement that may attempt to work by accelerating fat burning, which might lead to weight loss.

The makers claim that Provitalize could help burn belly fat and help you develop a lean physique. It could be because they believe that thermogenic probiotics could help in weight loss, melt away fat, and give a lean look.

Additionally, the manufacturers claim that the holistic blend of ingredients and probiotics in Provitalize could help slim down thighs and hips.

Another claim made by the makers of Provitalize is that the probiotic blend could help women lose weight naturally without diet or exercise.

According to the manufacturers, Provitalize helps promote significant body fat loss. They state that it could revitalize gut microflora. As a result, they claimed a healthy gut could be maintained.

Pros And Cons Of Provitalize


  • Natural Herbs
  • Probiotic Support
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Hormone-free
  • Natural Product


  • Does Not Aid In Weight Loss
  • The Efficacy Is Not Promising
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Expensive Product
  • May Interact With Medication
  • Meant For Women At 40 And Above
  • Lack Of Proper Research
  • Official Website Does Not Mention Of The Exact Measurements OF Each Probiotic Strains

Potential Benefits Of Provitalize

  • As per claims made by the manufacturer on the official website, these are some potential benefits of Provitalize.

    • It May Promote Sustained Weight management

      Provitalize may assist the user in losing weight as the maker claims that the thermogenic probiotic blend could help burn more calories in the body.

    • It May Help To Optimize Hormones

      Another health benefit, as claimed by the manufacturers, is that these thermogenic probiotic blends in Provitalize could help in easing out the menopausal symptoms, which is a result of a reduction in estrogen levels. So, again, they claim Provitalize could fix this.

    • It May Improve Digestion

      The makers claim this health benefit upon using Provitalize. They say that it could help improve digestion as the mineral and natural ingredients present in the mix could ease the digestive issues and improve gut health.

Potential Side Effects Of Provitalize

It is always advisable to be aware of any unfavorable effects of consuming weight loss or nutrition products. Thus, one could say that the ingredient information should never be ignored.

Though the makers say Provitalize is an entirely natural product, one could experience the side effects like bloating at the beginning of the dosage. 

Moreover, the ingredients present in its formulation could raise a concern for the user. For example, one ingredient like curry leaf extract could cause allergies, upset stomach, and toxicity.

Other potential side effects consist of gas, bloating, and constipation. Additionally, you may have frequent urination and diarrhea. 

The makers have mentioned that these side effects will disappear after the body adjusts to the functioning of the potent ingredients.

However, if the side effects sustain, the makers have recommended stopping the consumption of Provitalize immediately and informing the doctor regarding the issues.

When To See A Doctor

Even though Provitalize’s manufacturers state that the product is made with thermogenic probiotic strains developed in labs and is entirely natural and hormone-free, then also you should be aware of any underlying allergies and consult a doctor.

If you have any side effects after taking Provitalize, you should stop using it immediately and see a doctor.

Before beginning your Provitalize dosage, you should visit a doctor because the dosage might react with other medical prescriptions. Therefore, it is advised to speak with a doctor before using it.

In case you are pregnant, on any medication, or suffer from any medical condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking Provitalize or any other supplements.

It’s also important to note that Provitalize might contain some anti-inflammatory foods. As a result, the manufacturers advised against starting the Provitalize dosage without consulting a physician.

Provitalize Dosage

Per the details given on the official website, each bottle of Provitalize contains a 30-day supply of about 60 capsules.

The manufacturers have recommended taking 2 Provitalize capsules every morning on an empty stomach. They further add that one could do the same 30 minutes after eating, as per preference.

The makers have added that apart from following the suggested usage, consuming a glass of warm water with it could help.

Provitalize User Review

To understand the actual image and effectiveness of Provitalize, I have shared my mom’s experience of trying the product for the first time and how she felt upon using it.

So, my mom decided to try Provitalize after her friend asked her to give it a try.  Although, she already used the Cinderella solution and got no results. This time she believed in her friend who made big promises that Provitalize would help my mom to lose weight and become fit.

Upon hearing the tall claims, my mom asked her friend to get her a bottle of Proviatlize, and she would like to try it for a month, and if nothing changed, she would not continue with it.

Her friend bought her the bottle, and without giving it a second thought, my mom decided to start with its consumption. At the start of a few weeks, my mom felt no changes in her body, but she kept taking it.

Another week passed, and she still didn’t feel any changes in her weight. Again, weeks passed, and Proviatlize didn’t seem to work for her at all. Being a probiotic, it did help ease out a few bowel movements for her, but nothing more than that.

Moreover, she didn’t lose any weight, but every other day she used to feel weirdly bloated upon her Provitalize consumption. Thus, you could say that it didn’t work for my mom as it promises to work for women above 40.

Provitalize Alternatives

Other natural ways to improve gut health besides relying on products like Provitalize.

According to this study,[4]  consuming probiotic-rich foods could prevent inflammation and other problems related to the intestines.

To improve gut bacteria, consuming fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso, kombucha, etc., could improve gut health as they are natural probiotics.

Another way to improve gut health is by limiting sugar intake. Excessive consumption of sugar sweeteners may disturb gut microbes.

Getting active and exercising daily may contribute to improving physical health. Moreover, as per this research,[5] regular exercising has been linked to improving gut health and weight loss.

Along with adopting these healthier alternatives, taking an all-natural supplement like Leanbean is exclusively designed for women, which could help curb appetite and cravings.

According to its manufacturers, Leanbean could aid in losing weight by melting away excess fat without any presence of harsh stimulants.

Being an all-natural product, Leanbean’s makers claim it could also help enhance energy levels with vitamins and minerals.

Thus, one could say that a healthy gut contributes to an improved immune system and health.

Furthermore, you should be mindful and consult the doctor before making extreme changes in your lifestyle.

Final Takeaway On This Provitalize Review

Thus, while Provitalize claims to contain effective and noteworthy probiotic blends, its effectiveness falls short of expectations for a successful weight loss and weight management product.

Furthermore, alternatives like LeanBean, according to its manufacturers, may aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite and supporting fat metabolism.

As a result, the manufacturer also claims that LeanBean may be able to lose weight and boost energy and focus effectively.

On the other hand, I would emphasize that there is no quick fix for losing weight and that the best results require a lot of effort, a healthy diet, and frequent exercise.


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