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Cinderella Solution Review: Does This Weight Loss Solution Worth It?


This Cinderella Solution review uncovers the working method of this weight loss solution. I’ll describe how it functions, whether it performs at all, its advantages and disadvantages, and possible alternatives.

When my sister wanted to lose weight, she turned to the internet for the answers. She came across some popular weight loss supplements and then went for the Cindrella solution.

I have also explained whether this Cinderella Solution is distinct from other weight loss approaches and programs that make various claims over the internet.

Thus, If you wish to know if Cinderella Solution is sustainable and easy to follow or if it really works, then this Cinderella Solution review is exclusively for you.

Who Designed The Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan is the creator of Cinderella Solution. She is a Guelph, Ontario-born nutritionist. She has spent more than ten years working in the weight loss market.

After addressing her weight issues, she came up with this weight loss strategy. She conducted research and discovered that ladies in Spain, China, and Japan, did not have weight issues.

Thus, developed a solution that she believed could tackle weight issues, the Cinderella Solution.

cinderella solution review

What Is Cinderella Solution?

As per its makers, The Cinderella Solution is a women-centric weight loss approach that is believed to work for weight loss through the flavor pairing method. The makers think this would eliminate the need for calorie counting.

The developer claims the technique was designed to assist women in their weight reduction journeys. Women of all ages, from their late 20s to their 60s and older ages, might be able to follow this approach.

According to the Cinderella Solution creator, this method might be re-doable. She says it might help balance hormonal levels, which could kickstart weight loss.

Cinderella Solution affirms that the nutritional plan and exercises were curated in a way that she believes could bring back the optimum levels of the three essential hormones- estrogen, cortisol, and insulin.

The maker believes the Cinderella Solution flavor pairing technique could work by improving the hormonal setup in the body, which might ramp up metabolism and that would ultimately start weight loss.

For Whom Is The Cinderella Solution Designed For?

As per the maker, the Cinderella Solution is said to be designed for those women who have been struggling to lose weight and have not succeeded in it.

She says this weight loss diet solution is for someone who is fed up with daily calorie tracking and meal plans which is exhausting but requires religious follow-up every day.

However, the maker says this Cinderella Solution is designed to work simply and easily to lose weight naturally.

How Does The Cinderella Solution Work?

As per the makers, the Cinderella Solution diet is a weight loss strategy that involves a flavor pairing method that is used in the Shokiuko program. It may help in losing weight and maintaining an ideal weight throughout life without other diet plans.

They say that this Cinderella Solution diet plan might work by mixing up different foods that could help in fat burning.

The developer believes that there’s no need to track down calories while eating food and this Cinderella Solution diet plan might be enjoyable for his users.

The Cinderella Solution diet plan claims to work in two phases:

Phase One- Ignite Phase

According to the maker, the user of this program must consume three meals each day in order to comply. It might work by promoting the ideal conditions for your body’s natural hormones to function properly and promote weight loss.

They claim that it could be effective in managing hormone levels in the body.

Phase Two- Launch Phase

In this second phase of the diet plan, the maker states that four meals are to be taken in a day. As per the creators, each meal is curated in such a way that they believe could help in losing weight.

According to the developer of this weight loss program, combining different food items with each other and having 4 meals a day could trigger weight loss by enhancing metabolism.

What Is The Flavor Pairing Strategy Of Cinderella Solution?

According to the author and maker of the Cinderella Solution diet program, it combines such food divided into four groups- prime proteins, angel carbs, power carbs, and royal fats.

The maker further states that these four groups contain various combinations of food like apple and chocolate, fish and garlic, mint and green tea, etc.

The food pairing strategy claims to aid in weight loss by balancing metabolism levels that might help in losing weight and improving overall health.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cinderella Solution?

The maker of the Cinderella Solution diet program claims that the program might work by stopping the body to regain weight back again.

Cinderella Solution diet program as per its maker, affirms that the strategy when followed could enhance metabolism and may aid in weight loss.

Another health benefit of the Cinderella Solution diet program is that the creator of this program believes that this weight loss doubling ritual could cause a fat-torching effect in the body.

One of the health benefits as claimed by the maker of this diet plan is that the plan involves low-impact workout movements which could be done by women of any age.

The Cinderella Solution diet plan, according to its maker, could help in improving the overall physical health of the user without having to compromise on taste and flavors.

Pros And Cons Of Cinderella Solution


  • It May Help In Losing Weight
  • It May Burn Fat
  • Longevity


  • Not Very Promising
  • Far Fetched Claims Made By The Maker
  • It Says Not To Be Watchful Of Calories
  • It Does Not Have The Right Approach Towards Weight Loss
  • Official Website Lacks Important Information

Potential Drawbacks Of Cinderella Solution

Following a diet plan is not the best way to lose weight as changing your lifestyle and switching to healthy meals could provide you with enough energy and a healthy and active life.

The Cinderella Solution is not some miracle weight loss program that would work and even if it would it could provide a short-term benefit but disrupt the health in the long run.

The Cinderella Solution might cause concern as the makers claim it to be the solution based on a mix of various food combinations and say it would help in weight loss.

Another questionable claim made by the maker of Cinderella Solution is that the diet plan needs no calorie tracking. This may not hold as calorie tracking is essential for weight loss as per this government information.

Another disadvantage of this Cinderella Solution diet plan is that it further claims to say it is okay to stack on carbohydrates, but, according to this info, excessive carbohydrates might cause a noxious effect on the body in the long run.

Cinderella Solution Alternatives

The natural alternatives to this Cinderalla Solution diet plan could be a better choice as this program makes not-so-promising claims. Even though they say it could aid in weight loss, it cannot be fully relied upon.

One way is the increase in the amount of physical activity as it is said to be an effective strategy in weight management.

Another natural way to lose weight and keep it off is that, along with the increase in the amount of physical activity, one must try to cut back on calories by changing eating habits.

Changing the eating environment may also aid in weight loss. Substituting low-calorie for high-calorie foods and keeping a close watch on fat content at restaurants and controlling portion size may also help.

While a balanced diet could help in weight loss and exercising could help in weight management, supplementing these lifestyle changes with natural products could further help in achieving the same.

One such natural product is an appetite suppressor is LeanBean. This natural alternative claims to work by curbing appetite and jumpstarting fat burn in the body.

The makers of LeanBean claim that it could help in controlling cravings and that it could do so more safely and naturally as they affirm that it is based on an all-natural formulation.

Another natural product that could assist in weight loss if taken up with a proper diet and exercise regime is Powher Cut, which the makers claim could support normal fat metabolism in the body.

The manufacturers of Powher Cut say that it contains a natural blend of minerals, plant extracts, and natural stimulants which could manage cravings and could also reduce tiredness and fatigue with regular use.

Thus, following a healthier and natural approach toward weight loss goals could go a long way without causing any physical health issues in the body.

Cinderella Solution User Review

To understand the effectiveness of Cinderella Solution better, I have shared my sister’s experience of trying it for the first time and what made her regret it later.

And, I must mention that her experience of trying the Cinderella Solution was not a pleasant one.

She is a working woman and a mother of two. Her weight turned out to be a major concern for her husband as she was not able to gain control over it.

Ultimately she decided to work on it but due to a lack of time, she switched to the internet to look for shortcuts that could help her with her weight loss.

That’s when she bumped into this Cinderella Solution diet plan by Carly Donovan. She was thrilled to read the reviews mentioned on the official website and as she read it was a diet made exclusively for women, she decided to give it a try.

Upon trying for a few weeks, she did experience some change in her eating habits but later on, it proved to be a dud for her. Rather than working for her, it made her consume far too many calories.

The Cinderella Solution diet plan stated it wasn’t necessary to track down calorie intake and just mixing up different foods could aid in weight loss this thing turned out to be a bad deal for her and she gained a few more pounds.

Thus, I could say and no my sister would agree too is that losing weight through some fad diet or weight loss program might work for a tiny bit but it would not be as effective as in the long run.

Final Takeaway From This Cinderella Solution Review

To conclude I can say that the maker of Cinderella Solution claims that the flavor pairing method is an effective way to lose weight without caring about the calorie measurements, but it should not be considered as a preferred choice.

Thus, weight-loss diets could be extremely promising like how Cinderella Solution claims to mention various user experiences on the website but they lack proper information and the scientific facts that would back that up.

Cinderella Solution diet program did not work for my sister and she experienced no change in her weight while she was following it. In fact, she gained a few more pounds and stopped following it thereafter.

Finally, I would like to end this review by mentioning that working out, following a balanced meal, and staying consistent with it could help in losing weight and maintaining it in the long run.

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