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ThermoFight X Review: Does This Give Natural Results With Regular Usage?


In this ThermoFight X review, I shared a personal story about my cousin, who struggled with his weight and how it affected his confidence and insecurities.

Furthermore, in this ThermoFight X review, I have highlighted the basic details about the working mechanism as well. You will also be able to find if ThermoFight X worked for my cousin or if it was a total knock-off.

As a result, I conducted my research and tried my best to gather information to provide you with an idea of ThermoFight X.

What Is ThermoFight X?

thermofight XThe manufacturers claim that ThermoFight X is a thermogenic weight loss formula that is designed to boost your metabolism and melt away fat. The company claims that it could boost thermogenesis and possibly accelerate ketosis.

It Works!, the makers of ThermoFight X, was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Palmento, Florida, and Dublin, Ireland, respectively.

ThermoFight X, according to the company, is expertly formulated with Greenselect Phytosome, which has been tested and proven to be a weight loss ingredient that can cause you to lose weight in a matter of days.

The manufacturers claim that ThermoFight X is an effective thermogenic weight loss formula. You might want to note that thermogenesis is the process by which the body attempts to burn fat by producing heat.

According to the makers, ThermoFight X contains ingredients such as jalapeno pepper and caffeine that they believe can aid in achieving and maintaining fat-burning mode.

ThermoFight X, according to the company, can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight while also increasing your energy levels and melting away all the unwanted fat.

How Does ThermoFight X Work?

As per the details laid down on the official website, ThermoFight X may try to work in two ways. ThermoFight X might activate enhanced thermogenesis which could increase the core[1] temperature of the body and help you lose weight.

Thermogenesis is the natural method of dissipation of energy by producing heat. If you want to have a clear idea about thermogenesis, more information regarding the same could be found here[2].

The other way in which ThermoFight X might try to work is by accelerating ketosis as the makers believe the ThermoFight X formulation could support rapid ketone generation.

Powerful ingredients like caffeine present in ThermoFight X could increase metabolic rate and help in fat burning and it could also blunt the appetite which could make you stay fuller for longer hours and lose weight.

Natural ingredients like green tea extract in ThermoFight X may help you burn extra calories that you burn in thermogenesis and are also considered a rich source of antioxidants.

While I have thrown some light on the working mechanism of ThermoFight X, the ingredient details might make you get a better grasp of the product’s functioning.

Ingredients Present In ThermoFight X

  • Caffeine

    ThermoFight X contains about 62.5 mg of caffeine which is considered a powerful ingredient that could shift the calorie burn towards fat and in this way could be able to aid in weight loss. More details here.[3]

  • Chromium

    Chromium has been added to ThermoFight X in the form of chromium dinicotinate glycinate. It could help in keeping normal blood sugar levels by enabling the body to use insulin effectively.

  • Calcium

    The makers have also added about 140mg of calcium to the ThermoFight X formulation which is generally considered to be essential for bone mineral homeostasis and recent studies show that it could also moderate fatness at the population level. More info here.[4]

  • Green Tea Blend

    This green tea blend present in ThermoFight X consists of Greenselect® Phytosome leaf which is a green tea extract bereft of caffeine and is said to be formulated in lecithin that could improve the absorption of catechins.

    This blend also includes a sunflower phospholipid complex which may help in promoting lipolysis which is the breakdown of fats in the body as well as could help in lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Green coffee beans are the unroasted versions of coffee that contain antioxidants like chlorogenic acids. Though there is a less conclusive study available for it to be effective in weight loss.

  • Thermogenic Blend

    The thermogenic blend in ThermoFight X includes jalapeno pepper, black pepper, ginger root, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper, which altogether may provide an accelerated thermogenic effect on the body.

    Thus higher thermogenesis in the body could result in the burning of more calories and could overall result in weight loss.

Why Did My Cousin Choose ThermoFight X?

My cousin has been a bulky kid and nothing seemed to bother him. All he would ever think was of binging on burgers and fries and watching back-to-back Netflix shows.

Though he was loved dearly by his parents deep down his weight issues started to bug them as they could see their son drifting away towards a spoiled lifestyle and that was affecting his physical health.

But then, slowly it started troubling my cousin and now the weight issue was costing him his confidence and causing him insecurities.

Thus, one day my cousin called me up and told me that he had given up unhealthy[5] eating habits and as his parents had appointed him a personal trainer, he has started working out and has switched to clean eating.

I was impressed knowing about this positive change that he had brought in his life.

After a few months, he called me up and sounded a bit anxious as he told me that his weight loss journey came to a standstill and because of this, out of frustration, he bounced back to binging.

He told me that after a lot of convincing by his parents he started with it all over again but this time his trainer asked him to add a supplement to his diet and workout schedule that could facilitate his journey and jumpstart his weight loss better than ever.

This was when his trainer suggested he try ThermoFight X for weight loss. My cousin told me that according to his trainer, this product was a powerful supplement that could help him in losing weight while maintaining his energy levels.

My cousin told me that his trainer only had half the information regarding the product so he checked it out himself and only upon confirming through feedback, did my cousin decide to order his package of ThermoFight X.

Read below to find out about my cousin’s user experience.

His ThermoFight X Results

My cousin had shared his nightmare of an experience using ThermoFight X. He told me that he could feel that the product was not working for him from the 2nd week itself.

He said that however, the makers boast about ThermoFight X being effective in fat burning, It never worked for him that way. Rather than that, the Caffeine present in ThermoFight X caused him sleepless nights and he would just stay up in vain all through the night.

Not only that, but he also told me that after a few days of its consumption, he started experiencing episodes of headache which would trouble him in concentrating on his work. He was regretting that he came across this disappointment in a product.

One day  I went to meet my cousin for his housewarming party and post-dinner we sat together for a conversation. While talking  I asked him about his further ThermoFight X experiences about which he started to blurt out in anger.

He told me that he suffered from diarrhea[6] and had to be admitted to the hospital. His doctor upon enquiring asked my cousin to stop consuming ThermoFight X as all of this was the result of side effects caused by it.

Thus, ThermoFight X by It Works! turned out to be extremely ineffective in delivering what the makers promised, rather, it caused harsh side effects on my cousin’s health.

Side Effects Of Using ThermoFight X

  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation

    After only a few days of its consumption, my cousin experienced random blood pressure fluctuations that troubled him as it could have also caused him a heart stroke. He felt extremely dizzy at times as well.

  • Anxiety And Headache

    Another side effect experienced by my cousin told me was that upon ThermoFight X consumption, he got severe headaches[7] and anxiety due to stress hormones in the body and he often got rapid heart palpitations and increased breathing too.

  • Nausea And Diarrhea

    He told me that he suffered from extreme dehydration after a few weeks of its consumption as a result of losing too many fluids from the body due to nausea and diarrhea, another negative effect of ThermoFight X.

  • Insomnia

    As I have already mentioned above that my cousin expressed how he experienced sleepless nights due to caffeine present in ThermoFight X, he felt extremely fatigued throughout the day because of it.

ThermoFight X Dosage

He told me that he followed the dosage recommended by the makers on the official website, which was one caplet twice a day along with his proper meals.

Along with the recommended dosage, the makers also suggested consuming at least 8 glasses of water everyday day. Thus, he followed the same method.

The makers have also mentioned that ThermoFight X should not be consumed on an empty stomach and the user should not exceed the daily recommended dose, but even though such adverse effects were experienced by my cousin.

An Alternative To ThermoFight X

After my cousin got a heads-up from his doctor and his doctor exclaimed that he was fit to work out, he started working out again. He told me that now he was well aware of the fact that the previous trainer was not an experienced one.

While he had already regained some weight back during the rest because of the adverse reactions of ThermoFight X, he started doing his self-research and zeroed in on some natural ways to lose weight and live a healthy life.

Upon research, he told me that he discovered a natural fat loss product called PhenQ. According to what my cousin discovered through the website, PhenQ could act as the best appetite suppressant which meant he could cut back on calories while staying satiated.

He also told me that PhenQ might elevate energy levels and improve mood as well. He decided to give PhenQ a try straight away when he got to know that the makers have claimed PhenQ to be manufactured in a facility that is GMP certified and FDA approved.

Upon his PhenQ consumption journey, he told me that he was able to lose all the stubborn fat as it helped him in putting a halt to his cravings that helped in bringing about control over carbs intake which resulted in lesser fat accumulation in the body.

He also exclaimed that even after regular consumption of PhenQ he felt that while it had improved his metabolism significantly, he experienced none of the side effects how he experienced while he consumed ThermoFigh X.

Rather than that, with increased metabolism and bringing effective control over his appetite, he was able to lose weight and was also able to manage in keeping it off as well.

Thus, I can say that whatever damage had ThermoFight X brought to my cousin’s physical and mental health, the benefits of PhenQ have made him live a fitter and healthier life than ever before and he says that he plans on consuming it in the coming future too.

Other Lifestyle Changes

My cousin shared with me that he also followed a natural change in his lifestyle and eating habits that helped with his weight loss journey.

Firstly, he added protein to his diet which is said to be a king of nutrients which helped him in furthering boost his metabolism as he was also able to consume fewer calories following a high protein diet.

This research here[8], also states that a high protein and low-fat diet could promote a greater degree of weight loss than a high carb low-fat diet.

Secondly, he switched to consuming whole foods that are generally made up of a single ingredient which made him eliminate all sorts of sugary and processed foods from his diet.

He also stayed hydrated throughout the day and drank a lot of water. A study[9] states that water could be able to replace other beverages that are said to be higher in sugar content and calories.

Final Takeaway From ThermoFight X Review

Thus, I can conclude that my cousin has had the worst kind of experiences from consuming ThermoFight X and his health and well-being was saved just in time when he figured out that something was off about it.

But, PhenQ, on the other hand, has given him the desired results without causing any negative effects on his body. He not only reduced weight, It also helped him increase his metabolism levels as well.

It also aided him in suppressing his hunger pangs and now he often says that even though upon consuming fewer calories than before, he was able to feel absolutely satiated.

Finally, he told me that after achieving such good results from a consistent usage of PhenQ, he has decades to add it to his schedule so that it may help in losing further weight and get even better results in the coming future.

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