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Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Review: Does This Really Work As Expected?


Zestra Essential Arousal Oils review could really help you if you are looking to improve your sexual experience. At the same time, if you want to know more about Zestra Essential Arousal Oils then you might want to stick with me until the very end.

Having said all that, I have also added a number of essential pointers when it comes to understanding Zestra Essential Arousal Oils. These could really help you if you are looking to know more about this one.

Not to miss the best part, this Zestra Essential Arousal Oils review also contains a user’s experience story in which she talks about her experience and other aspects of the time when she used this product.

What Are Zestra Essential Arousal Oils?

The makers of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils claim that it has been designed for women to enhance their intimate experience by stimulating arousal naturally.

They say it is made with clinically tested botanical oils and extracts that could help you in enhancing your arousal and effortlessly support sexual sensations in women.

According to the official website of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, all women from any age group could use the product and experience rev up libido and healthy sex life.

Zestra Essential Oils

It could efficiently elevate your mood and increase your appetite for sex. It would give you a long-lasting experience of love and intimacy with your partner, in bed. 

The manufacturers claim that this product shows its effect in less than 10 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes to give you a lasting feeling of deep, pleasurable satisfaction and fulfillment.

 They claim that this product could heighten the touch sensitivity on your vagina and clitoris while amplifying your sexual excitement mentally as well as physically.

How Do Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Work?

According to the manufacturers, several women want to improve their sexual desires. Still, they do not know precisely how to go about the same.

As per them, this is where Zestra Essential Arousal Oils comes in. They claim that they have designed Zestra specifically for women who do not feel the mood for intimacy naturally or who look to improve their libido levels.

The official website states that Zestra could be their go-to product for the much-needed boost in their sex drives.

The product may start a tingling sensation within a few minutes of application to help women enhance their arousal and anticipation for sex that would last for around 45 minutes.

The makers say that it could give you a feeling of deep, sensational, and pleasurable fulfillment without causing any damage to your genitalia as it is applied topically.

It uses natural oil extracts that help you release mental and physical stress as they give a relaxing and soothing effect to enhance your pleasure and mood and may also enhance the chances of orgasms.

Applying Zestra Essential Arousal Oils could increase the flow of blood and oxygen in your vagina, which would easily and quickly stimulate your full body arousal.

The official website mentions that the product’s vitamin extracts may also help you maintain healthy and infection-free genitals. It reduces the risk of Urinary Tract Infection and Bladder Infection.

Ingredients In Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

  • Borage Seed Oil

    It could healthify and repair the damages on your skin. It also has anti-inflammation properties that could reduce inflammation and give a soothing effect to your skin.

  • Evening Primrose Oil

    It could increase the production of Nitric Oxide in your body by increasing the production of Dopamine. This would induce tumescence in your body that might help you in getting better orgasms.

  • Angelica Extract

    It may act as a natural stimulant and could induce perspiration properties in your body. It is commonly used for perfuming and flavoring purposes.

  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract

    It could prevent the risk of urinary tract infections and bladder infections. It may also help some women in reducing their acute period pain as it has a calming effect.

  • Theobromine

    Theobromine could help your body in stimulating the nervous system and uplifting the feeling of excitement. It could enhance your mood by boosting the aphrodisiac in your body.

  • Ascorbyl Palmitate

    This Vitamin C extract helps in improving the blood flow in your body that may enhance your sexual desires and help you in boosting your sexual experiences.

  • Tocopherol

    It is a Vitamin E extract that may improve your stamina and energy. It may act as a sex vitamin as it could increase the blood flow and oxygen in your genitalia for enhancing your experience.

Why Did I Choose Zestra Essential Arousal Oils?

The increasing stress in day-to-day life has always affected sexual experiences. It affected mine too. Initially, I was not very considerate, but eventually, the issue got extended.

I was not getting aroused, though; I wanted to enjoy my intimate moments with my husband. It felt like I was forcing myself into it and couldn’t feel anything.

I was too shy to discuss it with anyone, including my gynecologist. As a result,  I hovered on the internet regarding my problem, and that was when I came to know that I was not the only one dealing with this issue.

The website stated that it is called arousal disorder and could be treated. It also mentioned a list of pills and products one could use to overcome arousal.

It was then I came across Zestra Essential Arousal Oils. I visited the product’s official website and found out that it is specially developed for women who wish to enhance their sexual experience.

It further mentioned that several women are using this product and have gained efficient results. It said that it starts affecting the body within 10 minutes of application and lasts up to 45 minutes.

I thought that they might be hyping their product to increase their sales. So, I researched the product reviews on other websites too. It had mixed opinions.

Some said this product had redefined their intimate moments; some claimed it helped them with issues such as female sexual dysfunction.

On the other hand, some mentioned that their experience was not as good as the makers claim it to be.

A website stated that the product has zero fragrance but is flavored. It also helps elevate vaginal and clitoral sensitivity to touch while reducing the dryness in your genitals.

After reading these reviews, I thought that all the products might not affect everyone positively as the body type and expectations vary from person to person.

My Journey With Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

I was not sure whether it was safe to use this product as it has to be applied to the genitals which is the most important and sensitive part of the body. But I wanted to give Zestra Essential Oil a try as it had risen my hopes for a better experience in bed.

I anyways placed an order for the product. I received my order and I decided to try it the same night.

I applied the product as directed on the label. As I poured the drops on my fingers, I noticed that the smell of the product was quite unpleasant. But I applied it thinking that may lessen with time.

It did give me a tingling sensation and then within minutes, I felt an uncontrollable desire for sex. Although I couldn’t help but notice the smell which was kind of a turn-off.

I really enjoyed that night and so did my husband but the constant smell of this product was very distracting. We decided not to use it but the effect of this product was satisfying for both of us.

We used it again but this time apart from the tingling sensation I also felt a burning sensation right after the application. I immediately wiped off the oil using tissues.

Even that did not give any relief so I rinsed my vagina with lukewarm water, again and again, which sort of helped but I noticed that there were rashes all over. It caused irritation and itchiness.

I was shocked at this and decided to stop using the product. It had been almost a week but the redness was not going away and my husband was very concerned about this problem.

He took me to the doctor and I explained to her everything that happened. She examined me, gave me an ointment, and advised me to stop using the product or it may harm my genitals even more.

My Usage Of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils is available in two forms. One is the bottle form that contains 12 mL of the product and the other is the personal packet form that consists of 3 packets each filled with 0.8mL of the product.

I ordered the personal packet as I was not sure about the performance of the product. I used 2 drops only and applied them gently on the outer part of my vagina.

I followed the directions as stated on the official website and label of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils to enhance my experience.

I stopped using the product after the second use as it caused inflammation, rashes, and irritation on my vagina.

Side Effects Of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

Though Zestra Essential Arousal Oil claimed to be safe to use and give a better intimacy experience, I ended up having serious side effects from it. Given below are the side effects I had from the product-

  • Burning Sensation

    I did not overuse the product, I just dropped 2 drops of the oil as directed on the label and it gave me a burning sensation that did not go away even after washing my genitals several times with lukewarm water.

  • Awful Smell

    The smell was the greatest turn-off as it was very distracting. It did not go away completely but faded a little bit but I could not help but notice the smell. 

  • Irritation

    After rinsing my vagina with water there was a lot of irritation and itching. There was a little dryness and redness all over my vagina and the places wherever it got touched.

  • Rashes

    The rashes made it difficult for me to pee or even wash it. It also caused a little swelling that caused a little bit of pain too. I got relief in my rashes after applying the ointment my doctor gave me. 

My Alternate Choice For Zestra Essential Arousal Oils

My doctor suggested I shouldn’t trust everything I read on the internet. Even if I do so, I should consult her before using such products. She then presented HerSolution to me.

By saying so she gave me a note in which the name of the solution was mentioned. According to her, I could give this one a try and check back with her if this does not work.

She told me a little about the solution, that HerSolution is a product that could help me with my arousal issues and there are high chances that it may not cause any severe side effects to my body and genitals.

It produces a delightfully warm and tingly feeling of engorged readiness.

According to her, it supplies a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood to your genitals that triggers the feeling of arousal and may also help me in increasing my desire for sexual involvement.

She also mentioned that it has been helping a number of her patients in getting the lasting feeling of pleasure and getting multiple orgasms.

At the same time, She said it doesn’t disturb the pH level of the vagina hence maintaining the hygiene of your genitalia.

My doctor affirmed that HerSolution could elevate my sex drive effortlessly and may also act as a personal lubricant thus there are high chances that it will improve the dryness.  

I am an active user of HerSolution for a few months and doubtlessly this product has benefitted me without causing any unpleasant symptoms. It lubricates my vagina quickly and faster for a perfect intimate moment.

As I write this article, I have been using HerSOlution for quite some time now and I am really a satisfied user. Not to miss, I did send a note to the doctor that recommended me HerSolution and thanked her for improving the quality of my life.

Final Words On Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Review

The hope of having better arousal led me to Zestra Essential Arousal Oils but it didn’t help me. The product caused side effects even though I followed the usage directions correctly.

The irritation and itchiness caused by this product made me uncomfortable and I was not able to step out of my house for weeks. The rashes felt like there was a fire down there.

I am thankful for the ointment my doctor gave me, it gave quick relief and the rashes were gone after a few weeks. I am now using HerSolution which was also suggested by the doctor.

I am having a very good experience with this product and I am happy with the effective results it is giving me. HerSolution has given me a good and healthy sex life hence I have decided to stick to this product.

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