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Best Alternative Supplements To SARMs: Natural, Safe And Legal Alternatives


SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptors have been used for quite some time and are known for their anabolic properties. As a result, bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts have been using them for decades.

WADA has added SARMs to their prohibited list, which means that fitness professionals and sports athletes cannot use them under any circumstances.

Thus, you’re better without them, and we will never recommend the usage of SARMs to anyone. In this review, I have mentioned the safer alternative to SARMs, which could provide similar benefits without side effects or affect your hormone functioning.

Best Alternative Supplements To SARMS

Alternative To Ostarine

In the word of SARMs, Ostarine (MK 2866) is famous for its rapid bulking nature. Also, the believers of Ostarine claim that it has helped them improve their athletic performance.

According to their claims, they noticed an improvement in strength and endurance.

Having said all that, we will never recommend any SARMs supplement to anyone. This is simply because of its toxic nature, and at the same time, these are not approved by the FDA either.

Osta 2866

Osta 2866 is manufactured by CrazyBulk.   As per the maker, it is a legal and natural Osatarine MK-2866 alternative that consists of potent ingredients.

As per the details given on the official website, Osta 2866 could help in providing the user with insane muscle growth, without causing any hazardous effects of Ostarine.

Moreover, they have also mentioned Osta 2866 being effective in preserving muscle mass which could help in building up more strength and stamina and help torch up body fat as well.

According to the ingredient profile, Osta 2866 contains magnesium and zinc which could play an essential role in boosting testosterone levels in the body which may support muscle growth as well.

Osta 2866 also has Reishi mushroom in its recipe formulation, as per website details, which is known to enhance the immune system as well may also help in managing stress.

Osta 2866, may try to work, as per its maker’s claims, by boosting ATP production. Thus, when there is an abundance of ATP levels the user might experience a surge in the energy levels while performing exercises.

Benefits of Osta 2866

  • It Could Boost Natural Testosterone
  • It Could Preserve Muscle Mass
  • It could Boost Muscle Growth
  • You Could Push Harder WIth Osta 2866
  • It Could Increase Muscle Size
  • Formulated Using Natural Ingredients
  • It Could Aid In Reducing Body Fat


Ostabulk is manufactured by BrutalForce. According to the official website, OstaBulk could be considered a legal and safe alternative for Ostarine.

It mentions that OstaBullk could mimic the functions like muscle building of this Ostarine SARM.

They also claim that OstaBulk could be able to do so without causing any harmful side effects to the body, as it is said to be based on all-natural and safe ingredients.

As per the details given on the official website, OstaBulk mimics the effects of Ostarine that could boost up the T-levels which could also help in improving progressive overload.

The makers claim that OstaBulk could help in developing lean muscle mass without gaining any excess fat.

They also say that with an increase in muscle mass, you could be able to witness a more defined physique as it could enhance vascularity and add definition to muscles.

According to the official website, OstaBulk contains rich ingredients like Korean red ginseng, nettle leaf, and bio-Perine black pepper extract which could increase energy production in the body.

OstaBulk also delivers around 30mg of fenugreek seed extract in each serving. which could help in managing low testosterone levels and is shown to enhance endurance capacity.

Benefits Of OstaBulk

  • It Could Help In Gaining Strength
  • It Could Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • It Could Increase Testosterone Levels
  • It Could Help You Shred Unwanted Fat
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Based on natural ingredients

Alternative To RAD-140 Testolone

RAD-140 Testolone is one of the famous SARMs used for muscle building and removing the access fat from the body.

As a result, the consumers really love this SARMs but when they came to know about the side effects of RAD-140, most of the decided to give up it’s usage.

Testol 140

According to the manufacturers, Testol 140 is a legal and natural alternative for Testolone RAD 140 that claims to deliver key ingredients which have been shown to mimic quick anabolic gains.

They could also help in melting away excess fat by firing up metabolism levels in the user’s body.

The producers also boast about Testol 140 to aid in increasing lean muscle mass. They also claim that regular use of Testol 140 cold help in managing testosterone levels in the body.

Thus, by increasing testosterone in the body with Testol 140, the user might be able to experience increased energy levels and stamina with its regular consumption, so say the makers.

As per the ingredient profile, Testol 140 recipe contains vitamin D, which could help in keeping the muscles healthy. Vitamin D might as well help in regulating phosphorus and calcium in the body.

On the other hand, the makers have added Aswagandha in Testol 140 formulation, which is an adaptogen and could also help in balancing out the hormone levels in men.

You could make yourself push harder in the gym during your workouts through a power surge because of anabolic energy, as said by the makers.

The makers affirm that to experience a visible gain in muscle size and strength, Testol 140 usage should be continued for a minimum of at least 2 to 3 months.

Benefits Of Testol 140

  • It Could Help In Revealing Lean Muscle Mass
  • It Could Jumpstart Fat Burning Process
  • It Could Boost Metabolism
  • Could Boost Natural Testosterone Levels
  • All Natural And Potent Ingredient Formula
  • It Could Enhance Strength And Endurance


RadBulk is manufactured by BrutalForce. According to them, RadBulk is a legal alternative for Testolone RAD 140 that could boost metabolism which would help in reducing fat levels in the body, thus aiding in weight loss.

According to the makers, RadBulk is a legal and safe choice for Testolone which could mimic all the muscle-building benefits by delivering extreme strength and rock-hard lean muscles.

The makers affirm that by increasing lean body mass without putting on any additional body fat, the user could be able to experience improved pumps after workouts.

The makers claim that RadBulk could act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that could help in cutting down the recovery time which could promote better vascularity of muscles.

As per the makers, the RadBulk recipe could boost the synthesis of neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. This might help in enhancing focus during the workout session.

The producers of Radbulk proclaim that their product’s recipe contains such potent ingredients and nutrients that could help in charging up metabolism and help in developing iron-hard muscles.

Benefits Of RadBulk

  • It Could Develop Iron Hard Lean Muscles
  • It Could Enhance Vascularity
  • It Could Reduce Workout Recovery Times
  • It Could Maximize Endurance
  • It Could Give You Insane Strength
  • Completely Safe And Natural
  • It Could Melt Away Excess Fat By Boosting Metabolism

Alternative To Andarine


Andalean is an effective and safe alternative for a famous SARM Andarine S-4 and is claimed by the makers to deliver all the benefits of Andarine S-4 but without any of its negative effects.

They claim that regular use of AndaLean could help in strength and power which could help in increasing the growth of muscles and could also help in increasing fat loss in the body.

According to the information laid down on the official website, AndaLean could function efficiently in building muscle mass through the power of essential amino acids present in the ingredient formulation.

Moreover, they also affirm that AndaLean could work on improving recovery times thus it could help in reducing fatigue and DOMS and improving the energy levels upon its course of consumption.

According to the official website details, AndaLean could stimulate the production of phosphocreatine in the body, which is required for ATP production which is the natural energy powerhouse.

They proclaim that AndaLean could help you achieve cut and develop a defined physique by providing you with energy that will help you ace your workout performance and push harder.

Benefits Of AndaLean

  • It Could Help Gain Strength
  • It Could Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • It Could Effectively Burn Fat
  • It Could Prevent Muscle Soreness
  • It May Reduce Muscle Fatigue
  • It Could Increase Energy Levels
  • It Could Improve Stamina
  • It Could Enhance Endurance

Alternative To Ligandrol LGD-4033

The FDA has not approved LGD-4033 Ligandrol for clinical usage in humans. But, then also, several gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders purchase LGD-4033 from the black market and use them for enhancement.

Little do they know that it could harm their vital organs in the longer run.

Ligan 4033

Ligan 4033 is manufactured by CrazyBulk, and they consider it to be one of the safest alternatives for Ligandrol LGD-4033.

They believe that regular use of Ligan 4033 could help in improving testosterone levels naturally and without causing any adverse effects. The makers further claim that if taken along with a proper exercise schedule, Ligan 4033 could improve muscle gains.

Thus, they claim that the user might be able to experience a defined lean physique leading to an improvement in the exercise performance by increasing energy levels.

The creators of Ligan 4033 affirm that their product is a legal Ligandrol LGD-4033 alternative that contains ingredients that could help in boosting testosterone levels for muscle growth without any side effects like T-suppression or headache.

As per its ingredient profile, it contains powerful ingredients like vitacholine which could help improve lipid metabolism and could also help in improving the immune system.

Benefits Of Ligan 4033

  • It Could Lift Testosterone Naturally
  • It Could Improve Gains
  • It Could Reveal Lean Physique
  • It Could Increase Energy Levels
  • It Could Workout Performance
  • It contains All Natural And Safe Ingredients.

Alternative To Ibutamoren MK 677

Ibuta 677

Ibuta 677 is manufactured by CrazyBulk which they believe is a safe alternative for Ibutamoren MK677. The manufacturers claim that Ibuta 677 could help in providing more HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

According to the Ibuta 677 developers, their product is claimed to mimic the functioning of Ibutamoren MK677 through the potent natural ingredients present in it.

Thus, the user of Ibuta 677 might be able to experience an increase in his HGH levels without facing any hazardous effects and he could use it daily as it’s an all-natural formulation.

Moreover, as per the details given on the official website, Ibuta 677 could help in improving the vascularity of muscles present in the body and could also support quicker recovery times during workouts.

The makers claim that Ibuta 677 could be easily taken along with the workout routine regularly. In this way, the user could experience a constant working of natural HGH that would enhance muscle growth as well as strength.

Benefits Of Ibuta 677

  • It Could Naturally Increase HGH
  • It Could Promote Muscle Fullness
  • It Could Aid In Reducing Recovery Times
  • It Might Boost Vascularity
  • It Could Improve Mood
  • It Could Improve Strength

Alternative To Stenabolic SR9009

Stena 9009

Stena 9009 is produced by CrazyBulk. The manufacturers of Stena 9009 believe that it is a legal natural and a completely safe alternative for Stenabolic SR9009 which could be used for building stamina and cutting.

The makers claim that Stena 9009 could help in melting away excess fat if it is taken along with a proper nutrient diet and an exercise schedule.

As per the details given on the official website, Stena 9009 contains such ingredients which could work together to enhance endurance during workouts.

One of the essential features of Stena 9009, as per its makers is that the user could feel reduced levels of fatigue after the completion of workout sessions, thus making the user ready for his next session,

As per its ingredient details on the website, Stena 9009 contains magnesium which is said to be an essential mineral that aids in muscle growth and may as well enhance energy levels too.

Thus, all of the other major ingredients in Stena 9009 could try to work together to provide benefits like boosting energy levels and stamina, thereby promoting overall workout performance along the course of its consumption,

Benefits Of Stena 9009

  • It Could Enhance Energy Levels
  • It Could Reduce Fatigue
  • It Could Improve Blood Flow
  • It Could Increase Endurance
  • It Could Boost Stamina
  • It Could Help In Cutting Excess Fat

Why Should You Prefer These SARMs Alternatives?

The safety of SARMs is questionable thus, it is safer and wiser not to prefer consuming them for any purpose. Even if you plan on getting bigger and muscle and improving muscle size, SARM consumption should be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, regular consumption of SARMS or steroids could cause serious health issues like heart conditions and liver failure thus, messing up with the normal hormone functioning of the body as well.

These reasons are enough to decide that taking SARM for any type of bodybuilding goal is not a good idea and you are better off without them.

Instead of that, these safer and legal alternatives mentioned above could be taken without the worry of causing any side effects as the makers have claimed to manufacture them using all-natural ingredients.

Final Words On Best Alternatives To SARMs

As a result, I believe that SARms products should be avoided at all costs in order to protect yourself from all of the negative consequences.

Thus, if combined with a proper diet and exercise routine, these natural SARMs alternatives mentioned above may be a safer way to gain muscle and get stronger.

Furthermore, I’d like to educate everyone on the negative effects of SARM use, as well as the potentially fatal health consequences.

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