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Winstrol Review: Can You Really Take The Chance?


In this Winstrol review, I’ve shared a first-hand user experience of a colleague who chose to consume Winstrol.

Thus, in this Winstrol review, you can learn about this compound, from the most basic details to my colleague’s ultimate usage experience.

What Is Winstrol?

Stanozolol is known by the brand name Winstrol. It is an anabolic androgenic steroid(AAS) and is said to be derived from dihydrotestosterone. Being an anabolic steroid, it could emulate the working of testosterone in the body.

Winstrol was brought to the market in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories, an American pharmaceutical company. However, the Food and Drug Association has not approved it since it comes under the category of anabolic steroids.

On the other hand, USADA has banned it due to its inclusion as a schedule 3 controlled substance.

Winstrol Review

Winstrol has previously been tested to be used in various dermatological and medical conditions like lipodermatosclerosis and skin and connective tissue disease in which the fat layer under the epidermis gets inflammation.

Winstrol imitates testosterone’s ability to increase the development of muscle tissue. It is more commonly known as a performance-enhancing drug.

A performance-enhancing drug-like Winstrol produces fat-burning effects and is considered a powerful cutting steroid, making it popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

The users of Winstrol believe that this substance could help them in developing lean muscle mass. They also claim that while it does that, it could also remove all of the water retention in the body.

Read below to find out the legal status of Winstrol.

Is Winstrol Legal?

Winstrol is restricted by World Anti-doping Agency. It is included on the prohibited list under anabolic agents and is outlawed to be used at all times.

Winstrol drug is banned and cannot be used in any sort of sports competition. It is classified as a controlled substance by the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 included in schedule III.

How Does Winstrol Work?

Winstrol users claim its functionality by boasting about its androgenic effect in burning away fat and helping them in achieving their best physique during the cutting cycle.

They also believe that it could help in regulating the lipoprotein levels in the body and optimize them by reducing high levels of lipoprotein and increasing low levels of it.

The users of Winstrol claim that the substance could also help in the normal functioning of free testosterone. It could try to do so, as per its users by lowering sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

Winstrol could try to work by simulating the effects of testosterone in the body. By doing so, it might help its user in increasing lean muscle mass and strength and may do that while burning away the fat present in the body.

When athletes or prospective users of Winstrol consume the drug, they do it for their cutting goals or when they intend on reducing bloat or weight in a shorter time as being a diuretic, it helps in removing excess water from the body.

Therefore, the users have claimed that Winstrol helped them optimize their workout performance by pushing them for longer workout hours, so they prefer taking Winstrol for their muscle-building objectives.

Why Was Winstrol Used?

My colleague has been an ardent soccer aficionado and never misses out on any matches. You can see him getting excited for the game way before it is scheduled to happen.

Not only that he loves the game, but he also plays it very well too. Being of a bigger build always used to affect his gameplay, but the guy never skipped on his practice sessions.

Thus, with time his soccer skills improved a lot. after our office hours, he used to head straight to the stadium for his practice sessions.

One day over lunch he seemed a bit upset and wasn’t eating properly. Upon asking he told that he had been shortlisted for the final hockey team but the coach warned him that he was huge for the final selection and might get rejected.

As the final selection was in a few months he was upset for the same reason and he wanted to lose fat and tone down enough to not get rejected on his big day.

Thus, shared the same issue with his friend who seemed like a fine gentleman. He told him that he wanted to lose all the excess fat and get impressively lean with solid muscle mass.

The guy made him understand that he needed a push from an outer source like in the substance form, which could add to his weight loss goals and help him in securing a spot on the state soccer team. That was when his acquaintance suggested he try Winstrol.

His acquaintance told him Winstrol was the answer to all of his problems and with that, he could lose fat and build impressive muscles which would impress the coach.

He also exclaimed that with Winstrol he would feel energetic throughout the practice sessions and it could even add on to these sessions and help him practice for more hours and not make him feel fatigued at all.

Desperate enough to transform himself he asked him to arrange Winstrol for him without even looking for more details regarding the drug.

Hence, my colleague got his hands on Winstrol in a matter of a few days and he decided t start consuming it the next day itself. Keep reading to know what all experiences my colleague got from using Winstrol.

Winstrol Review: Usage Experience

My colleague was pretty excited to start using Winstrol as he had to transform and get leaner for the final selections. So, initially, he started with a mild dosage of Winstrol drug.

He was able to feel changed right from the initial days of Taking Winstrol. He was able to maintain his energy throughout the practice days and he felt like he could go on forever with his sessions.

The feeling of being fatigued became a thing of the past for him and he could work out and head for his training right after his office hours and wouldn’t show an ounce of that exhaustion that was a common sight in the past.

The initial days of taking Winstrol were amazing for him and he was relieved that even without much exploring about Winstrol, it was indeed working for him but his happiness was short-lived.

Major issues he started facing were acne breakouts which also made his skin extremely oily. He thought it was because of the new addition of a substance and his body was trying to adjust to it but then the issues worsened.

Not only that he developed acne, but he also started having acute stomach aches and stiffness all over his body which made him a bit scared he preferred consulting the doctor as the team selection day was just a few months away and he could afford to miss it.

He even had to go on sick leave for a few days as he couldn’t work with all of the stomach and acne problems he was facing. Thus, when he reached the hospital, the doctor ran a few tests and also performed a liver function test.

When the reports came in, his doctor asked about his everyday work routine along with his eating schedule and nutrition. That was when he told him about taking Winstrol for fat loss.

The doctor schooled him on taking Winstrol for personal consumption and warned him that not only it could cause major side effects, but the possession might also make him land in jail.

He even told my colleague about his messed-up testosterone levels.Thus, the doctor asked him to stop using Winstrol, and its prolonged usage might make things much worse for him.

He stopped taking Winstrol but the damage caused needed some time for healing. My colleague was heartbroken and upset upon hearing this.

He felt like the world was crashing upon him and he couldn’t do anything about it, He even started fearing that nothing could help him secure his position on the soccer team. But, he was advised to bed rest for a few weeks by his doctor.

Winstrol Dosage

The Winstrol dosage comes in two forms: Injectable or Oral. The oral form comes in the form of tablets but the injectable form is famous among a lot of bodybuilders.

My colleague took Winstrol in the oral form and followed a cycle of a few weeks. Though in the beginning, he experienced positive results from taking Winstrol, later on, he faced a lot of side effects.

Side-Effects Of Using Winstrol

Just like any other anabolic steroids, With Winstrol as well, there could be side effects.

  • Acne

    One of the side effects experienced by my colleague was acne breakouts all over his face, neck, back, arms and chest due to a high dose of  Winstrol in his body. It also caused inflammation.

  • Liver Problems

    My colleague experienced an acute stomach ache. Later on, the reports revealed it was because of the messed up liver function, and the liver was slowly getting damaged by this Winstrol substance. We have already discussed anabolic steroids and liver damage in detail. On the other hand, this governmental article talks about a specific case.

  • Suppressed Testosterone Production

    If you are a regular consumer of Winstrol, there is a high chance that you may observe signs of low testosterone. This could be another side effect that comes with the consumption of any anabolic steroid.

    The same was experienced by my colleague. There was a decrease in the natural production of testosterone in his body, as the reports revealed that his testosterone levels had been majorly affected.

  • Hair Loss

    Other allergies, including itching, became a common thing for him. He even mentioned the hair loss he experienced when he started taking Winstrol and losing out good amount o hair strands every other day.

A Winstrol Alternate

He experienced increased energy levels initially, but Winstrol was the wrong choice. Upon confronting his acquaintance, he said that he, too, got to know about the substance from someone.

Thus, after a few weeks and a few medications, my colleague recovered from all the damage caused by Winstrol. But, his health deteriorated so that he couldn’t perform well in the game, and neither could he keep up with the practice sessions.

Thus, he discussed this issue with his trainer, a certified nutritionist, and physique coach. He right away suggested he try Winsol by CrazyBulk. He told him he had been a constant Winsol user for a long time.

He told him that Winsol had been his best choice as it had caused him no side effects as was a completely natural ingredient-based product.

His trainer also added that Winsol would work better if he followed a well-balanced diet rich in protein and carbs, which would help him gain maximum benefits from Winsol with a curated diet schedule.

He also added a strict workout regime apart from his daily practice sessions, which included weight training exercises like squats and deadlifts that could enhance his leg strength.

He also told him that Winsol was a safer alternative for Winstrol and would give similar and even better results than Winstrol but without any harsh effects on the body.

He shared the official site details with him so that he could cross-check the effectiveness and ingredients of the product so that he may know everything before he tries his hands at Winsol.

Hence, upon the trainer’s recommendation and checking for the product information on the official website, he ordered a pack of Winsol, which got delivered to his doorstep within a few days of placing the order.

He has been using Winsol for quite a few weeks and has experienced no side effects. Rather than that lost a good amount of fat and developed muscles too. You can say that the big huge guy was now a lean and active guy who even made it to the soccer team.

Changes Made In Daily Life

After his bad experience of using an anabolic steroid, he decided that he would make a few natural changes that could naturally help him. So my colleague used several natural methods to get closer to his transformation goal.

To begin, he completely altered his diet, adding a lot of lean meat for high protein and low calories. He ensured that he ate a well-balanced diet so that it would not hamper his progress.

While soccer requires a lot of running, he practiced sprint sessions which helped him stay on the ground and get winded during the game.

His trainer also added a few leg training exercises to help him develop more leg power and strength. As a result, his overall soccer gameplay may benefit from it.

Final Words On This Winstrol Review

Thus, to conclude, I would like to mention that Winstrol had troubled my colleague, but his timely withdrawal from using the substance saved him from developing any further health damage and cost him his health.

What Winstrol could not do for him, Winsol did, and he was able to lose excess fat and develop attractive lean muscles with its regular usage, and now he plans on continuing with it in the future as well.

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