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Steroid Cycle: Definition, Types And Side Effects


You might have seen bodybuilders and athletes consuming some tablets or injecting something into their bodies.

But do you know why they do that?

The tablets or injections they use are steroids that would help them perform better in their respective sports.

Moreover, several individuals also prefer consuming steroids to get a better physique and strength.

But, they don’t consume these compounds randomly.

People follow a specific routine, usually called the steroid cycle, essential for controlled consumption of steroids.

But, due to a lack of knowledge, people fail to follow a dedicated cycle and face the symptoms.

Hence, this article will discuss all the essential things related to steroid cycles for healthier consumption of steroids.

What Is A Steroid Cycle?

Steroids are performance-enhancing drugs that may promote[1] muscle growth and work like testosterone.

A steroid cycle is a dedicated period or schedule during which an individual consumes recommended steroids.

During the cycle, you would have to follow everything in the plan, including dosage, timing, etc.

The steroid cycle lasts for two-to-three weeks, but, in some cases, it may extend up to 12 weeks.

The steroid cycle may contain one compound for a few weeks, which is especially recommended for beginners.

But, some experienced individuals or bodybuilders may combine two or more steroids for better results.

Hence, you may go through different types of anabolic steroids predominantly preferred in steroid cycles.

Different Types Of Steroid Cycles

There are different types of steroid cycles that could be followed, like-

    1. Beginners Steroid Cycle

      Most individuals looking for a transformation prefer following a steroid cycle.

      But, the strict steroid cycle would be harmful as the body hasn’t adapted to the compound.

      Hence, following a mild steroid cycle would be helpful in the beginning.

      The first or beginner’s steroid cycle causes several rapid and dramatic changes in an individual.

      The reason could be the body’s adaptation to the steroid compound.

      But, as you would be following a mind cycle, it is enough for sufficient muscle growth.

    2. Testosterone Cycle

      Testosterone intake could be highly beneficial in significantly increasing lean muscle mass and strength.

      Moreover, the androgenic nature of the hormone may help you lose some body fat.

      Hence, it could be a better protocol for beginners expecting to lose weight or gain muscles.

      People following the testosterone cycle would get one of the highest risk-reward ratios.

      But, the risk factor is mild as the testosterone cycle offers minimum side effects compared to other compounds.

      You may start injecting 200 mg of testosterone and gradually increase the amount. But don’t exceed 350 mg per day, especially for novices.

    3. Dianabol Cycle

      Dianabol steroid is a well-known oral steroid formulated by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler.

      The steroid was prepared with higher anabolic and lesser androgenic properties than testosterone.

      Hence, it could quickly boost an individual’s muscle mass.

      Minimizing the androgenic properties of the steroid lowers the risk of side effects seen during the testosterone cycle.

      Generally, Dianabol steroids are recommended for professionals and experienced consumers as they may cause cardiovascular and hepatic effects in beginners.

      It is an oral steroid that you should consume between 20-25 mg per day for better results.

    4. Anadrol Cycle

      Do you know that Anadrol steroids could increase an individual’s weight by 30 pounds in their first use?

      Anadrol steroids significantly boost muscle mass and strength, similar to Dianabol steroids.

      Anadrol steroids comparatively increase excessive muscle mass; hence, it is widely called bulking steroid.

      Anadrol steroid could be consumed orally; hence, it is available in tablet forms with different dosages.

      Generally, you must begin the week with 50 mg of Anadrol steroids and continue for three days.

      Later, increase the dose to 75 mg for the remaining days.

    5. Anavar Cycle

      Anavar or oxandrolone is widely preferred due to its weight-cutting abilities.

      Primarily, bodybuilders and competitive athletes consume Anavar steroids to get the required body.

      Anavar steroid has an anabolic effect on the body resulting in the addition of lean muscle mass.

      But, the steroid cycle would mainly help burn fat, shed water, and increase vascularity and muscle tone.

      Anavar is consumed orally as they are available in the form of tablets.

      The steroid could be consumed in a small dosage; hence, it works perfectly for women and beginners.

    6. Trenbolone Cycle

      Trenbolone is one of the best steroids for immediate bulking of the body.

      People following the trenbolone steroid cycle experience a massive boost in their muscle production as the steroid doesn’t convert to estrogen.

      Trenbolone stands different from the Dianabol cycle in terms of water retention abilities. Unlike

      Dianabol, Trenbolone doesn’t retain water resulting in a dry and ripped physique.

      Hence, you may maintain body weight and muscle mass even after quitting the steroid cycle.

      Moreover, Trenbolone’s androgenic properties cause atrophy of adipose tissue resulting in faster fat-burning.

    7. Winstrol Cycle

      Winstrol, also termed Stanozolol, is an anabolic steroid that people use for a better physique, athletic performance, and strength.

      Winstrol is mostly similar to testosterone as it is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DTH).

      But, the properties offered by Winstrol during the cycle are improved and advanced.

      The steroid cycle offers better anabolic and androgenic properties.

      Hence, people opting for a Winstrol steroid cycle would quickly reduce their body fat and get the required physique.

      Winstrol is available in dual forms, i.e., oral and injectable. Hence, it could be comfortably used by females due to its minimal side effects.

    8. Clenbuterol Cycle

      Clenbuterol works more like a stimulant than a steroid; hence, it is highly consumed to reduce body fat.

      Clenbuterol primarily increases thermogenesis, resulting in increased fat burning and metabolism.

      Due to high metabolism, the body starts burning excessive calories, which leads to efficient energy usage.

      Clenbuterol steroid cycle follows a two-week ON and two-week OFF pattern for better function.

      You should start by consuming 20 mcg of Clenbuterol steroid and keep increasing it by 20 mcg every two days.

      After completing two weeks, switch to a non-steroid two-week period.

    9. Primobolan Cycle

      Primobolan steroid is preferably the best steroid compound for females. But, the compound could be beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes as well.

      People following the Primobolan steroid cycle would prevent muscle loss. Moreover, the steroid is also preferred for treating muscle wasting conditions in patients.

      In the Primobolan steroid cycle, a man may consume up to 150 mg daily. On the other hand, the amount is restricted to 50-75 mg for females.

    10. Advanced Steroid Cycle

      The advanced steroid cycle is recommended for experienced steroid consumers as it involves multiple steroid compounds per day.

      Generally, during an advanced steroid cycle, an individual is asked to consume two-three compounds in different proportions.

      For example, you may follow an Anadrol-Testosterone-Trenbolone cycle, Winstrol-Trenbolone cycle, etc.

      But, you must contact any specialist before following an advanced steroid cycle.

Side Effects Of Steroid Cycle

    1. May Increase The Risk Of Heart Diseases

      People following steroid cycles alongside resistance training may observe increased[2] left ventricle size.

      Due to such changes, you may experience increased blood pressure and risk of several heart diseases.

      Moreover, steroid compounds could cause an imbalance in HDL and LDL ratios in the body, resulting in hypertension and the development of heart problems.

    2. May Inhibit The Production Of Testosterone

      People relying on steroids to build strong and muscular bodies may experience[3] hypogonadism or inhibited natural testosterone production.

      Primarily, the condition may arise due to supplementary testosterone intake.

      Due to the steroid intake, the testosterone level predominantly increases, resulting in the pituitary gland signaling the testes to produce testosterone to produce homeostasis.

    3. May increase aggression

      Teens and adults following a steroid cycle may find themselves more aggressive than before.

      Generally, the human brain consists[4] of a circuit that helps control impulsive reactions.

      Due to regular steroid consumption, you may disrupt the development of the system.

      Hence, you would fail to inhibit aggressive response and experience increased aggression.

    4. May Lead To Gynecomastia

      Gynecomastia is a condition[5] that occurs due to hormonal imbalance, resulting in swollen male breast tissue.

      Generally, such situations arise when an individual stops or exits from the steroid cycle.

      The condition could be controlled by restricting the estrogen concentration in the blood.

    5. May Initiate Male Pattern Baldness

      Some men may find themselves turning bald after following the steroid cycle.

      The androgenic effects of steroids could potentially cause[6] male pattern baldness.

      Hence, following a regular or advanced steroid cycle may initiate or worsen male pattern baldness.

    6. May Cause Bloating And Puffy Muscles

      Due to the presence of aromatase enzymes, several steroids may show water retention abilities.

      People following steroid cycles for an extended period may suffer from puffy muscles, especially moon face.

      The swelling of muscles could be due to the increased conversion of exogenous steroids to estrogen, resulting in increased fluid retention.

      There are various ways in which trying the steroid cycle could adversely affect the health of an individual.

      The following are the side effects of a steroid cycle-

How Do People Quit Steroid Cycle Safely?

  1. People following a steroid cycle for an extended period start making these compounds a habit.

  2. Stopping the consumption abruptly may lead to several withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

  3. Hence, you should carefully quit the steroid cycle to avoid such harmful effects.

  4. Steroid consumption slowly takes on several mechanisms like hormone production, muscle building, fat regulation, etc.

  5. Suddenly stopping the consumption would disrupt the body’s normal functioning.

  6. Hence, you must contact any specialist to get the safest recommendation to quit the steroid cycle.

  7. Generally, healthcare specialists create a tapering schedule for a smooth exit.

  8. The plan contains lowered steroid dosage to regain the body’s natural functioning.

  9. The cutting period would vary depending on the intensity of the steroid cycle.


Steroids are highly beneficial compounds for instant growth and boosting metabolism.

But, it should be consumed with a proper schedule and dosage. Hence, steroid cycles are designed for consumers.

You may follow the cycles as mentioned above depending on your needs.

But, never ignore the possible side effects of following a steroid cycle. Moreover, for better assistance, you may contact any healthcare specialist.


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