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Ayurvedic Weight Loss: All About Ayurveda And Weight Loss


Ayurveda is a wellness philosophy. It has its roots in India which dates back to over five thousand years.

Despite it being the oldest healthcare custom in existence, people throughout the world use it even today. Ayurvedic medicine is becoming more and more popular over time.

Many people resort to Ayurveda’s natural therapies and dietary practices when they wish to lose weight as it emphasizes the cultivation of a balanced lifestyle, stress reduction, and mindful nutrition.

Ayurveda offers a practical, straightforward method to lose weight. You might also be reclaiming a strong sense of well-being and health along the road.

Therefore, if you are ready to give this alternative approach a shot, get ready to start an inspiring path toward overall health and a new connection with your body. In this article, we will be looking at all about Ayurveda and weight loss.

All about Ayurveda And Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Perspective On Weight

According to Ayurvedic terms, having too much Kapha dosha[1] is a leading contributing factor to being overweight. But Kapha might not be the only single element to influence your struggle with obesity.

The idea that like attracts like and opposites create balance is one of the cornerstones of Ayurveda. Excess weight and Kapha have a lot in common. They are both heavy, substantial, soft, cool, slow, smooth, oily, and dense.

As a result, being overweight could cause your body to experience too much Kapha, which in turn might cause obesity.

An increase in opposing forces like those that are sharp, light, dry, hot, liquid, rough, subtle, and mobile is necessary for a return to balance. Regardless of how slowly or swiftly we travel, each of us could benefit from this strategy.

You do not need to deprive yourself of foods or unreasonably restrict the food range you could eat if you use Ayurveda to control your weight as it does not emphasize short-term gains that might fail you later.

You also would not shed a few pounds rapidly only to watch them creep back on. Instead, you shall be taking a well-traveled, well-defined path to overall optimum health.

While it is likely that you would need to exercise self-control at first, it would not take long until your body’s wisdom starts emerging, which is going to replace your bad desires with healthier urges.

As a result, keeping these food commitments gets easier and easier, and eventually becomes second nature.

Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

Here are some ayurvedic tips for weight loss:

  1. Consume 3 Satisfying Meals Everyday

    The Ayurveda tradition holds that the idea of digestive fire, change, and digestion is all intertwined.

    A consistent supply[2] of energy fuel should be given to the body to properly kindle the digestive fire. It is necessary to maintain a healthy metabolism.

    To achieve a crucial balance, eat easily digestible, wholesome meals each day without having any snacks in between. By doing this, you could be sure that the digestive fire is sufficiently activated[3] and it gets even stronger.

  1. Lighten Up Your Dinner And Eat It By Seven O’clock

    Eating a light meal promotes the natural detoxification processes which take place overnight by allowing the stomach to empty itself before going to bed.

    The dinner should be taken preferably before seven o’clock. To achieve an adequate system cleansing, you might include extra soups and salads at dinner.

  1. Eat Food That Is Kapha Pacifying

    A Kapha pacifying diet might assist your body to adjust and also helps to remove extra Kapha from your system.

    The Kapha diet should[4] consist of easily digestible, dry, warm, light, and rough meals. Instead of cold or stale food, you should choose freshly created food.

  1. At Least 3 Days A Week, Engage in Exercise

    Make time within your busy schedule to exercise. This helps to effectively burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

    Going swimming, walking, cycling, running, skipping and doing yoga are all enjoyable and effective physical activities.

    If you are looking for weight loss, then you should try yoga for weight loss. On the other hand, skipping also has several benefits.

    Early in the morning, the body has had a good night’s sleep and is ready for the day. This is the greatest time for engaging in physical activity.

  1. Drink Hot Tea Or Water All Day Long

    In the Ayurveda tradition, hot water is known to be an elixir. Toxins, or ama, tend to build up in your body as a result of external factors, such as poor food choices, or pollution.

    Ama is supposed to have a gel-like consistency that dissolves readily in hot water. You could try to drink a little amount of warm water as you wake up. To get the best results, you might add some fresh herbs like ginger to it.

    Green tea is famous for its weight loss and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from that, green tea has several benefits.

  1. Rest Well

    Your health and weight could be ruined by poor sleep quality. Recent studies have shown that getting too little sleep might be linked[5] to gaining weight.

    Therefore, one should get good sleep to keep their weight in control.[2]

    There is a decent connection between sleep and weight loss. The best sleep time frame, according to Ayurvedic tradition, is from ten pm to six am.

Ayurvedic Pills For Losing Weight

There are several Ayurveda weight loss supplements available[6] in powder, pill, or capsule form in the market. Although some of these Ayurveda products could aid in weight loss, there is not much evidence to support their use.

Before attempting to lose weight by consuming Ayurvedic dietary supplements, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) advises seeing your doctor or physician.

In contrast to the way drugs are regulated by evaluation, Ayurvedic dietary supplements are not. So it could be challenging in determining[7] the precise contents available in a supplement. Additionally, Ayurveda supplements and any prescription drugs you are taking might interfere.

Is Ayurveda Safe For Weight Loss?

Ayurveda medicinal ideas have been in practice for a very long period. The emphasis on careful and moderate eating is practiced in Ayurveda diets.

A variety of whole foods, such as lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains in abundance, are all part of an Ayurveda diet.

Ayurveda medicine also has a strong emphasis on balanced living, stress management, exercising, and disease prevention. All of these methods and ideas are beneficial and secure.

Given that the FDA does not regulate Ayurveda herbal remedies, you would need to exercise caution while using them. To ensure their efficacy and safety, more research is required.

One could consume herbs like giloy in moderation to aid digestion. This could ultimately support your digestion so that you may observe a natural weight loss.

Apart from this, giloy has a number of health benefits.

When choosing the best Ayurvedic doctors to see, you would have to do some research. There is no licensing or federal certification requirement, and the majority of the world does not provide any licenses to Ayurveda practitioners.

Any advice that you receive should be consulted and discussed with your doctor to ensure it is appropriate for you given your state of health.


Ayurveda medicine is a preventative, comprehensive approach to healthcare that has its roots in India dating back to around five thousand years.

Ayurvedic diets are created to support an individual’s health in each of the three constitutions, or doshas, that include Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.

For every dosha, specific exercise routines and meals are advised. It is unclear whether Ayurvedic doshas diets could aid in weight loss as there have not been many studies on them.

Additionally, more research is required on Ayurveda weight loss supplements. Although a few herbal remedies show promise, most of them have not received enough research.

On the better side, Ayurveda emphasizes physical activity, whole nutrition, sound sleep, and stress management. These habits making their contribution to weight loss and healthy living are backed by a huge body of evidence.

Your health could improve as a result of choosing an Ayurvedic lifestyle. You are going to become more conscious of your emotional condition, physical exercise, and food intake.

The best approach to reducing your weight is to boost exercise, cut calories, and obtain support for your weight loss objectives.


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