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12 Benefits Of Skipping


Skipping rope brings back so many memories.

You might remember it as your childhood companion. The laughs, giggles, and carefree time were all about jumping rope together.

It was a fun sport for you back then. But with time you might have eventually drifted apart. But what if skipping rope has more to do than being a childhood game.

Yes, your favorite skipping rope has so many benefits for adults as well.

So if your child does that, join them. Not only to celebrate your childhood memories but also to take care of your health.

Are you clueless about what’s being talked about? Well, skipping rope is an excellent cardio option for you.

If you have a shortage of time and you skip workouts, try jumping rope instead. It has benefits for your overall body.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of skipping rope. It will help you find out why you need to stick to this childhood leisure time of skipping rope.

Benefits Of Skipping Rope

Jump rope or skip rope exercise activates almost all the muscles of the body. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to call it a full-body workout.

The benefits[1] of skipping rope are as follows:

  1. Weight loss

    One of the basics of weight loss is calorie deficit. Your body weight decreases when you eat fewer calories than required to maintain body weight.

    This can be achieved[2] by decreasing calorie intake or burning calories through workouts.
    One of the ideal methods is to skip rope.

    You don’t need heavy equipment like those in the gym. You just need your shoes and skip rope. So it is accessible for everyone and very cheaper.

    It helps to burn calories. So if used efficiently, it might induce weight loss. Skipping rope at a fast pace for example 120 skips per minute might burn 650 calories per minute.

    It works both by burning fat and toning muscles. So you might experience a slightly different weight loss pattern according to your body. However, it works for both types of weight.

    If you have muscles, it might tone them. Likewise, if your weight is fat-induced, it may help burn it.

    For improving the chances of good results, follow a healthy lifestyle along with skipping rope. Sleep well, eat within the calorie limit, and try stress management.

  2. It may aid in mind-body coordination

    Coordination of mind and body is one of the fundamentals of living beings.

    Healthy existence is sustained by this coordination. Skipping rope might help[3] build and strengthen that coordination.

    When you skip rope, you jump in a rhythm. Your arms, legs, and core are engaged altogether in the process.

    Lack of coordination results in stumbling. Moreover, when you constantly push your feet in rhythm against gravity you need balance.

    It is also important to maintain this balance to hold the center of gravity while skipping. Now, it is not mandatory that you immediately develop commendable coordination.

    Take your time and slowly increase your pace. Skipping rope helps[4] improve overall coordination as well as strength.

  3. It may improve heart health

    As we discussed, skipping rope is a great form of cardio. It improves[5] cardiorespiratory fitness.

    Therefore, you might reap some heart-related benefits. To understand how skipping rope might benefit your heart, you need to understand how it works.

    While skipping rope, more blood and oxygen is pumped into the muscles working. This increases as the period of skipping increases.

    Double under jump rope when done by intermediate or advanced level people could induce[6] fatigue and could be overcome by improving shoulder strength.

    As a result, heart rate is boosted to help meet the increased demand. This aerobic exercise is accompanied by healthy blood flow.

    It trains the heart to lower blood pressure and reduces heart rate when resting. Breathing techniques improve over time with skipping rope. This mechanism might reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

  4. It may improve muscle strength

    In the process of skipping rope, you engage your entire body. For jumping, the muscles of the lower body come into action.

    Therefore, your thighs, calves, and buttocks are indulged in the process. Your upper body muscles are also at work with an equivalent role.

    Your shoulders and biceps feel the tension all through. Even your core is not left out. An equal amount of core strength is required while skipping rope.  Thus, skipping may also enhance your core muscles.

  5. It may improve flexibility and agility

    Skipping rope improves the flexibility of the body. It not only strengthens muscles but also relaxes them when you jump.

    When different parts of the body coordinate during skipping rope, the flexibility of the ankles and fascia is enhanced.

    The stretching of muscles makes them less prone to injuries. Agility is also an important part since active and frequent movements are essential.

    It is more important for athletes. This is the exact reason why skipping is part of an athlete’s routine.

  6. It might boost bone strength

    Staying active has a great role to play in bone strength. Some amount of healthy stress on bones and exposure is vital.

    When you jump, temporary stress on bones is triggered. As a response, reaction bones are built back even stronger.

    As per a study conducted involving Olympic swimmers, findings suggest skipping rope is effective for improving bone health.

    In the 22 weeks, the bone mineral density of a part of the thigh bone and lumbar spine improved.[7]

    Several other studies involving jump rope and similar exercises depicted its potential in strengthening bones.

  7. Great for lungs

    Breathing plays an essential role in skipping rope. Disrupted breathing patterns may result in collapse.

    Skipping rope improves lung health with a decrease[8] in body fat cells in cases where people are overweight and take up this form of exercise.

    Since skipping rope is an aerobic exercise, there is an enriched blood flow and oxygen to meet raised demands of active muscles.

    So you are training your lungs simultaneously while skipping. This might increase lung capacity which is beneficial for swimmers, musicians, and even singers.

    Even a normal person needs a healthy respiratory tract. Skipping rope might add some advantages for the respiratory system.

  8. It might be healthy for your brain

    Stress, anxiety, and depression are three major causes of deteriorating brain health. Skipping rope is a fun workout that might help get rid of these problems.

    As per some sources, skipping rope releases endorphins. These hormones ease depression. Moreover, increased blood flow to the brain might prevent stress and anxiety.

    It can be a fun activity that diverts your mind from stressful situations. Skipping improves[5] psychological and physiological factors.

    It is said that skipping rope at moderate intensity might have more benefits for the brain.

  9. It might strengthen concentration

    Skipping rope is not possible without a rhythm. Repeating these while maintaining coordination of the body from head to toe is important.

    It helps[9] build both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

    As a result, the mind acts more alert and concentrated to maintain balance. Thus, both memory and concentration are improved.

  10. It may make your skin glow

    Post-workout glow is a common thing. You might witness the same after some time of skipping rope. This is because of increased blood flow.

    As the blood flow increases, toxins are removed from the body with the help of sweating. Nutrients are also provided to the skin in this process.

  11. Toned muscles and better shape

    Skipping rope is not only limited to muscle strength. When you skip rope, the muscles indulged also get toned. Not only do you shed some pounds but also get in better shape when you jump rope.

    You might lose belly fat and even see abs if you effectively follow your routine. Similarly, other muscles are engaged like

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Obliques
  • Calf
  • Quads
  • Shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Hamstrings

You might observe that your complete body is toned over time. It can be a considerable boost to your confidence.

  1. Improved stamina

    Stamina is one of the most important properties a person must have in his/her body.  Continuous work and lack of exercise can cause a huge loss of stamina.

    This is the reason why you may feel tired too easily. One usual method to gain stamina back and improve it is running or jogging.

    Jogging can’t be optimal for people with busy schedules because it may cause more exertion. Besides jogging, a very reliable and effective exercise can be skipping rope.

    Skipping rope tends to gradually improve your stamina without much and with a lot of fun involved.


Skipping rope is a great activity to indulge your kids in. But it is not limited to children, it is a workout for adults as well. It puts the muscles of the entire body to work.

During skipping rope, you might burn a lot of calories. It might aid in weight loss. Moreover, you need to stay focused while maintaining balance throughout.

Your arms, legs, and core work together while jumping rope. So it improves coordination.

Moreover, the heart, brain, and lungs benefit from it. Therefore, respiratory and pulmonary systems are improved. You might witness improved memory and less stress when you start skipping rope.

You are less prone to injuries as your bones become strong. Fatigue and lethargy might as well be reduced. Thus, include skipping rope in your daily schedule to live a healthy and active life.


Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed research, academic, and medical institution studies.

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