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8 Anavar Side Effects


Anavar, or Oxandrolone, is a weight gain supplement for severely underweight people due to prolonged infection or surgery.

Additionally, the Anavar medication is known to help relieve bone discomfort problems related to osteoporosis.

People in dire need of gaining weight after losing it due to trauma or illness are frequently administered Anavar.

It might also be utilized by people who desire to grow taller but have Turner’s syndrome, a specific genetic disease.

Anavar can, unfortunately, be overused or abused, even though it is highly useful for patients who have these symptoms.

Sadly, most people, especially those who have taken Anavar for a very long period than recommended, are not prepared for its adverse effects.

Side Effects Of Anavar

Let’s have a look at the side effects associated with Anavar:

  1. Might Cause High Cholesterol

    A harmful buildup[1] of cholesterol on the walls of your arteries might result from prolonged use of Anavar.

    By reducing the flow of blood through your arteries, cholesterol leads to several heart problems.

    Your blood contains a waxy material known as cholesterol required by your body to create healthy cells.

    However, high cholesterol levels could increase your risk[2] of developing heart disease. Fatty layers get deposited in your blood vessels if your cholesterol level is excessive.

    These layers eventually thicken, making it quite challenging for proper circulation of blood through the arteries.

    Occasionally, such deposits could rupture abruptly and create blood clots, which results in a stroke or heart attack.

    In most cases, stopping the usage of Anavar along with regular exercise and a good diet may help lower high cholesterol levels in the body.

  2. Might Harm Your Liver

    The liver is crucial for blood cleansing as well as for the metabolism of nutrients and medications.

    Therefore, a malfunctioning liver could lead to complicated life-threatening health issues.

    Damage to the liver brought on by misuse or overuse[3] of medications or supplements is termed as drug-induced liver disease, and Anavar is one such medication.

    The Anavar medication has resulted in severe liver issues among a number of its users, such as tumors and cysts in the liver leading to liver failure.

    Your liver might become damaged if you use Anavar in excess or for an extended period. Taking Anavar might also be harmful if you already have liver disease.

    If you are having dark urine, recurrent abdominal pain, or unusual fatigue, know that these might be symptoms[4] of a troubled liver, so immediately contact your doctor.

  3. Might Result In Low Testosterone

    Humans produce the sex hormone testosterone. In comparison to women, men produce substantially higher quantities of testosterone.

    Age-related decline in testosterone is a normal process. But Anavar could lead to early decline, that too at a significant rate.

    Anavar interferes[5] with natural testosterone production and suppresses it when used at higher doses.

    Men with low testosterone are most concerned about the possibility of hurting their sexual performance and drive. But testosterone is not just about sex.

    Keep in mind that testosterone is essential[6] for sustaining several vital body processes. In men, testosterone helps in the synthesis of muscular protein.

    Therefore, stop taking Anavar if you are facing problems with low testosterone. Once you stop taking this medication, testosterone levels may take some time to restore to normal.

  4. Might Cause Kidney Problems

    The kidneys filter blood and help you to detoxify. The toxins in your body are sent to the bladder by the kidneys and are expelled during urination.

    Overuse of Anavar might lead to loss of the kidneys’ capacity to adequately filter toxins from your blood resulting[7] in renal failure.

    Should Anavar drug be abused, meaning taken in large doses for an overly long period, especially beyond eight weeks, there is a danger of acute kidney damage ultimately leading to kidney failure.

    Kidney failure results from inadequate blood supply to both kidneys. Without enough blood flow, the kidneys are not able to remove poisons from your blood.

    Acute kidney failure can be treated if caught early and Anavar medication should be stopped immediately upon kidney failure.

  5. Might Result In A Reduction Of Bone Strength

    Anavar might result in reduced bone strength causing joint and muscle pain even if it is prescribed in the treatment of osteoporosis.

    This usually happens if a person is taking Anavar at very high doses.

    Because of osteoporosis, bones become brittle and weak, making fractures highly possible even from the slightest pressure like bending over or coughing.

    People may develop osteoporosis at any phase of their life. However, the risk is greatest[8] among abused Anavar users.

    Once osteoporosis has compromised[9] your bones, you might experience the following symptoms:

    • A bone that breaks very easily
    • A stooped posture
    • Loss of height over time
    • Back pain, caused by a collapsed or fractured vertebra

    Therefore, it’s essential to not misuse Anavar and take it only in recommended doses.

    Weight-bearing exercises, a balanced diet, and medication could help to prevent further bone loss and improve already brittle bones.

  6. Might Cause Low Libido

    Anavar could cause a decrease in sexual drive. Certain hormones that the body requires to produce sexual desire may be affected by Anavar.

    As a result, Anavar users, including both men and women, often experience[10] sexual dysfunction. They might discover that their sexual drive declines drastically while using the medicine.

    A drop in sex drive may also result from a variety of chronic pain and chronic diseases along with Anavar, most likely as a result of the combination of psychological stress and physical side effects that comes with it.

    A mixture of antidepressants and Anavar medication is also another reason for decreased[11] libido among people.

    The low libido side effect is often not desirable for individuals planning to start a family.

    Therefore, it’s critical to understand how Anavar could impact a couple’s sexual desire before starting the medication.

  7. Might Cause Sleep Disorders

    Lack of quality sleep is another negative effect of taking Anavar medication. If you use Anavar for a prolonged amount of time, you can develop sleep issues and even insomnia.

    Many Anavar users have reported sleep disturbance[12] in addition to various psychostimulant effects, such as delirium, psychoses, anxiety, and mood swings.

    Lack of sleep leads to attention problems, memory loss, irritability, and moodiness.

    In addition to the increased risk of car accidents, it has also been linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

    Your doctor will recommend you to stop taking Anavar altogether if you are dealing with insomnia and might give you medicines and tips to follow before going to bed. Regular exercising is also very essential for good sleep.

  8. Might Lead To Mood Disorders

    Withdrawal symptoms are quite common with Anavar and could last for months causing several problems for most people.

    Roid anger is a common occurrence[13] among Anavar abusers.

    Using Anavar makes people more irritated and aggressive. Aggression is a very common side effect of Anavar medication.

    People may become more violent and irrational, which could sometimes result in extreme violence.

    Additional mental problems[14] caused by Anavar are anxiety, depression, and mania. A medical professional’s help is highly recommended to deal with these extreme mood disorders.


It does not follow that you may use a drug safely simply because someone you know claims to be doing so and turns out to be safe for them.

Anavar abuse might lead to several adverse psychological and physical effects like depression, aggressiveness, heart risks, and sleep disorders.

Additionally, Anavar is more often used for recreational purposes rather than therapeutic like for bodybuilding purposes.

Although Anavar medication might be very well-liked, using it without appropriate instructions is not safe at all.

It may be used safely only under the vigilance of your doctor for usage in prescribed doses. However, Anavar is often recommended only for short-term use.


Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed research, academic, and medical institution studies.

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