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11 Benefits Of Lifting Weights


Strength training your body is quite vital to improve your overall health. People doing regular exercise must include strength training exercises like lifting weights to get the highest benefits.

Lifting weights may help you attain better physical and mental strength. Moreover, you could provide optimum support to your body with increased strength.

Similarly, lifting weights offers numerous benefits that may help improve an individual’s life. Hence, this article will list some of the essential benefits of lifting weights.

Benefits Of Lifting Weights

  1. Improves Strength And Makes You Fit

    Lifting weight is one of the best exercises to improve the body’s strength. Improving the muscle’s strength is highly beneficial[1] in making several daily tasks doable.

    Moreover, good body strength at an older stage allows one to stand firm and tall, avoiding several injuries.

    Weight lifting is a part of resistance training in which an individual has to contract the muscles against a resistance force.

    Hence, acting against resistance allows[2] you to strengthen and tone the muscles.

    Generally, weight lifting is categorized under isotonic strength training as it involves muscle contraction through a different range of motion.

    Moreover, lifting weight is crucial for athletes as it may help support endurance and improve their in-game performance.

  2. Helps Boost Confidence

    Weight lifting could be highly beneficial for people with low self-confidence. People lifting weight regularly may simultaneously experience a positive change in their body structure and mindset.

    Lifting weight may help preserve lean muscle mass and enhance muscle formation. Hence, a well-structured muscular body may help boost[3] an individual’s self-confidence.

    Additionally, weight training could help keep the mind active and healthy. A study[4] shows that exercise has a positive impact on mental health too.

    People struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental issues may experience observable changes in their condition.

    Hence, lifting weights regularly or routinely may allow you to reduce stress, ease depression, and increase happiness.

    Moreover, it would motivate you to stay disciplined, which is crucial for boosting self-confidence.

  3. Protects The Bone Of All Age Groups

    Older people are prone to fractures and falls. Do you know why? As people age, they start losing their bone strength and essential nutrients to keep the bone healthy.

    Especially, women after post-menopause may find their bones weak and tender due to low estrogen levels.

    Here, lifting weights could help restore the bone’s strength and mass[5]. As per Wolff’s Law, bones reconstruct or strengthen themselves based on the weight placed on them.

    Hence, weight lifting exercises would put additional pressure on the joints and bones, resulting in improved bone mass and mineral density.

    Moreover, it could help avoid several bone-related diseases like osteoporosis, osteopenia, etc. But, you should avoid lifting weights beyond your limits to prevent unwanted injuries.

  4. Improves Body Posture

    Lifting weight has been linked with improving body posture. Generally, people doing desk jobs may find themselves in an awkward position for an extended period.

    Such an unusual position may cause rounded shoulders, and hunched back, which may lead to bad body posture.

    It is believed that people with bad body posture limit their shoulder’s range of motion, the flexibility of the joint, etc.

    Here, weight lifting may help restore the perfect body posture and improve body flexibility.

    Weight lifting could help by opening up the chest and strengthening the back muscles to enhance the freedom of movement.

    Moreover, it could help strengthen the vertebrae and keep the backbone in shape, essential for maintaining[6] the perfect body posture.

  5. Helps Lower Back Pain

    Developing back pain is getting more common with age. But, people could get rid of the issue by lifting weights or performing resistance training.

    Generally, people develop back pain due to muscular imbalances, including unstable core and weak bones.

    Moreover, people having bad biomechanics could be significantly prone to developing back pain.

    Hence, working on building total-body strength could help avoid or reduce back pain.

    Working on total body strength would help evenly distribute work pressure among different muscle groups.

    But, due to strong and weak muscles, you may experience muscle imbalance leading to back pain or other joint pain.

    Here, lifting weight could help strengthen[7] all muscle groups, including the core, hamstring, and glutes, and maintain muscle balance to reduce pain.

  6. Reduces The Risk Of Injury

    An individual may easily sustain injuries with lower strength. But, a robust and muscular person barely gets any injury.

    Do you know why? Generally, strength training like lifting weights could help achieve the strength to perform heavy physical tasks smoothly.

    Hence, including weight lifting in your routine may help lower the risk of injuries[8].

    Performing multiple exercises using optimum weights could help make your crucial joints like knee, hips, ankles, etc., strong.

    Moreover, it increases the muscle mass vital for supporting the bones while performing different tasks.

    Hence, lifting weights could help improve mobility, range of motion, and strength to minimize injuries.

    Almost all athletes worldwide include strength training like weight lifting to perform better in their sport and avoid unwanted injuries while playing.

  7. May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

    The benefits of lifting weights aren’t limited to building strength. It could also benefit in lowering blood sugar levels and reducing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

    Skeletal muscles constitute a significant group of muscles that offers insulin sensitivity.

    Hence, you may achieve higher insulin sensitivity with increased skeletal muscle concentration in the body.

    Moreover, the skeletal muscles could help lower the blood glucose level by transferring the excess glucose to the muscle cells.

    Lifting weights regularly could help increase muscle mass, as it induces the production of muscles.

    Hence, you may get improved[9] blood sugar management with increased muscle mass in the body.

    Additionally, weight lifting at a healthy stage could help avoid developing blood sugar-related issues.

  8. Helps Lower And Maintain Body Weight

    You might have heard trainers suggesting lifting weights alongside other exercises to lower body weight.

    Lifting weights could excessively burn calories essential for reducing body weight. Primarily, weight lifting burns calories in two ways, i.e., by building muscles and increasing metabolic rate.

    Strength training like weight lifting builds and restores muscle mass. Lifting weights may help increase fat burning while limiting muscle degradation.

    Research[10] shows that it is essential to perform physical activity to lower and maintain the right weight of the body.

    Moreover, resistance training, including lifting weights, could induce muscle formation leading to muscle growth.

    People with higher muscle concentration are found to be metabolically active. Moreover, muscles have higher metabolic efficiency than fat, increasing calorie burning throughout the day.

    Hence, strength training keeps your metabolism high and burns calories even during rest hours.

  9. Protects Heart From Several Risks

    Deposition of abdominal fat, especially visceral fat, has been a primary cause of several heart diseases.

    Visceral fat releases specific proteins and hormones responsible for causing inflammation in the body.

    Hence, these inflammatory reactions may cause damage to blood vessels and arteries, resulting[11] in certain heart diseases.

    Here, lifting weight could help by cutting off the excess abdominal fat and reducing the inflammatory reactions.

    Blood cholesterol, especially low-density (bad) cholesterol, is one of the major causes of several heart diseases.

    Regular strength training could help balance[12] the cholesterol levels and reduce the LDL cholesterol concentration in the blood.

    Moreover, it lowers[13] blood pressure and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Weight reduction could be another reason for reduced risks of heart diseases.

  10. May Prevent From A Few Chronic Disorders

    Weight lifting could be vital training in terms of preventing chronic disorders.

    Moreover, people suffering from chronic illnesses may experience reduced symptoms[14] after including weight lifting in their workout routine.

    Generally, lifting weights could potentially prevent chronic disorders like diabetes, heart diseases, neuromuscular disease, HIV, some cancers, etc.

    Lifting weight could help maintain blood circulation and pressure to keep the arteries healthy.

    It could reduce the abdominal fat that may prevent the development of multiple heart conditions.

    Moreover, reducing visceral fat could be beneficial in lowering the risk of developing cancer.

    Muscle growth due to weight lifting could benefit from suppressing the increasing blood glucose level.

    Hence, adding such exercises to your daily routine would help maintain[15] overall health.

  11. Offers A Better Quality Of Life

    Weight lifting has been linked with improving quality of life. Generally, lifting weight enhances the well-being of older people as it boosts their physical and mental health.

    But, it could offer a better life to younger individuals as well. Adding weight lifting to the routine would help boost your mood and energy to perform the exercises with discipline.

    Moreover, it would increase positivity essential for performing several crucial tasks of the day.

    Additionally, strength training improves immunity; hence, it keeps you active and healthy to fight off several harmful microbes.

    Weight lifting could help reduce pain, sleeplessness, physical functioning, etc., in older people, which is vital for a better quality of life[16].

    Hence, a life with boosted strength and abilities increases self-esteem and confidence, resulting in a better life.


Lifting weights is one of the highly recommended exercises during strength training. But, it offers numerous benefits besides increasing strength.

Some people prefer doing weight-lifting exercises to boost their weight loss process. Similarly, you may also start doing these exercises to get the benefits mentioned above.

But, never lift heavy weights at once, as it may cause severe unwanted injuries.


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