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12 Best Ways to Burn Calories Daily


People looking for a healthy way to lose or maintain weight must consider burning excessive calories and limiting their intake.

To burn extra calories, your body must start losing calories or convert the stored fat or muscles into energy during resting.

Hence, to attain such a position of calorie burning, you must begin implementing a few proven ideas in your life.

Thus, this article will list some proven ideas to enhance calorie burning in your body.

12 Best Ways To Burn Calories Daily

  1. Workout For Minimum 30 Minutes A Day

    Regular exercise or workouts is one of the most effective[1] ways to burn extra calories. Getting your body into physical stress lets you burn the stored energy to fuel the activity.

    Hence, even a brisk walk in the morning is enough to enhance the calorie burn. Exercising for 30 minutes daily allows[2] you to burn maximum calories compared to other methods.

    It is believed that people doing regular exercise may burn calories during resting after their workout. Moreover, the calorie burn may last up to a few hours, depending upon the intensity of the training.

    You may consider doing aerobic exercises for extended periods to achieve the highest calorie-burning abilities in the body.

  2. Strength Training Is Good For All

    Exercising is good, but strength training would be the best for burning calories. Strength training allows[3] your body to use muscle mass as fuel.

    Moreover, muscle mass will enable you to burn more calories compared to the fat content in the body. Hence, focusing on strength training is always a better option for increasing calorie burn.

    Strength training supports[4] you to increase the muscle mass that you may use while burning calories. Also, it could be a useful[5] way for older people to accelerate their slow metabolism.

    Hence, adding exercises targeting the core areas like thighs, chest, shoulders, etc., could be an effective way to boost the calorie burn.

  3. Consider Eating Small And Frequent Meals

    It might sound foolish that eating small and frequent meals may lead to weight loss in an individual. But, eating small and nutrient-rich meals like protein diets, etc., could be an adequate[6] way to stay fit and active.

    Whenever you eat, your gastrointestinal tract starts working to digest the food and absorb the essential nutrients.

    Here, the gastrointestinal tract’s activity burns calories to use as fuel to power the process.

    Hence, you may say that keeping the gastrointestinal tract busy throughout the day could help increase calorie burn.

    Moreover, eating small and frequent meals may allow[7] your stomach to digest more properly and quicker.

  4. Expose Yourself To Cold Temperature

    Exposing the body to cold temperatures could be another persuasive method to boost[8] the calorie-burning process.

    Cold temperature exposures promote brown fat activity in the body, which may aid in faster calorie burn. Generally, the human body consists of white and brown fat with contrasting functions.

    White fat helps store energy, while brown fat helps to maintain body heat in a cold environment. Hence, increasing the cold exposure of the body allows your body to improve the brown fat function.

    But, the calories burnt due to cold exposure may depend on the body’s availability of active brown fat.

    Hence, people with a higher brown fat concentration in the body may double their calorie-burning abilities in colder environments.

  5. Drinking Cold Water Increases Calorie Burn

    Nothing could be better than water to hydrate your body. But, drinking cold water could be effective in increasing your calorie burn.

    The study has shown that people drinking cold water may temporarily[9] increase or maximize their calorie burn. It could be a helpful method for all age groups to boost metabolism.

    Generally, the human body uses some energy to bring down the water temperature to normal body temperature.

    Hence, drinking cold water would require extra time and energy to reduce the temperature to normal, resulting in increased calorie burn.

    But, the difference in calorie burn is minor and temporary as the body doesn’t take much time to balance the water temperature.

  6. Laughing Is A Great Medicine

    It has been seen that people who laugh regularly stay mentally and physically healthy. It is said that laughter has the highest healing abilities for an individual.

    Hence, you may consider laughing out loud at least once a day. You might not know laughing also helps to increase[10] the metabolic rate of an individual.

    People doing laughter exercises or attending comedy shows may find their metabolic rate increased[11] by a fair margin.

    Additionally, whenever you laugh, your body performs an activity that requires energy which you may get by burning calories. Hence, you may say that laughing helps in burning excessive calories.

  7. Prefer Floor Over The Couch

    Generally, people prefer comfortable places like a couch or bed instead of the floor. But, the couch could only offer comfort while the floor offers physical activity during resting that may help burn calories.

    Several experts believe that people sitting on the floor may have to perform additional calorie-burning activities.

    Your muscles experience higher stress whenever you sit, which may help[12] you burn calories.

    Moreover, you may have to spend extra calories while standing up from the floor. Hence, considering the floor over the couch could effectively increase calorie burn during the resting phase.

  8. Chewing Gums Are Good To Burn Calories

    Chewing gums could be a crazy but effective idea to boost calorie burn. You may consider[13] chewing gums to lower your calorie consumption and enhance your calorie utilization.

    One may say that people consuming chewing gums have significantly reduced late-night snacking. Moreover, chewing candy helps make you feel full through the night resulting in low-calorie intake.

    Some surveys have revealed that people chewing gums after their meal have significantly improved their metabolism due to increased activity of the jaws.

    But, you may not consider chewing sugary gums if you have diabetes. Also, avoid sugary chewing gums to protect the teeth from unwanted damage.

  9. Music May Help Achieve Your Goals

    Engaging yourself with music could help[14] temporarily increase the metabolic rate. Listening to high-beat music like raps may help unknowingly increase physical activity.

    Increasing the beats may help improve the tempo during an individual’s workout. Hence, you may consider listening to some energetic songs to increase[15] the calorie burn.

    Some people also prefer to sing along to the music, which may help boost the calorie burn.

    Singing songs helps to engage your abdominal and diaphragmatic muscles during inhalation and exhalation, which may increase the metabolic rate.

    It is believed that people who sign regularly may burn up to 100-150 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the song.

    Hence, you may consider listening to or singing songs to boost calorie burn.

  10. Hobbies Are Great To Stay Engaged

    People who dedicate time to their hobbies may boost their calorie burn. It is scientifically proven that doing work you love may help you positively, both physically and mentally.

    Some people prefer gardening, cleaning rooms, or walking around in their leisure hours to keep themselves busy.

    But, leisure time activity could help[16] burn excessive calories or enhance their metabolism.

    Doing such enjoyable physical activities may help you attain the highest intensity to burn some extra calories.

    Moreover, you may be able to push yourself for some additional minutes with the physical task.

  11. Never Skip Breakfast

    Skipping breakfast is getting common due to the work schedule of people. Generally, people working at night may struggle to get a healthy and timely breakfast to start their day.

    Hence, they may consume excessive calories or food by the end of the day. Scientific studies have revealed[17] that people skipping breakfast may quickly gain weight or get fat.

    Moreover, getting fat has been linked with low metabolism and calorie burn. Hence, you should never miss the morning meal to avoid such conditions.

    People who eat a regular meal in the morning with various nutrients may quickly[18] lose weight and stay healthy.

    Moreover, a healthy breakfast boosts energy in the morning to do physical activities with greater intensity.

  12. Consume Herbal Tea Like Green Tea

    Herbal tea, like green tea, may help you burn extra calories due to some bioactive compounds.

    Generally, green tea contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that may help burn calories. Moreover, green tea may cause[19] some metabolic changes that increase the calorie-burning abilities of an individual.

    This study[20] shows that green tea has heat-producing abilities that may help enhance calorie burn.

    You may also consider other beverages like black tea with higher caffeine content to increase the metabolism and calorie burn.


The calorie-burning ability primarily depends on the metabolic rate of an individual.

You may consider enhancing your metabolism by opting for several metabolism-boosting methods to increase the calories burnt daily.

You may pick any of the above methods or opt for multiple ideas to start burning additional calories in the body. But, don’t push yourself beyond your limits to avoid any ill effects of the ideas.


Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed research, academic, and medical institution studies.

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