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8 Workouts For Better Sex


Regular workouts help to intensify sex drive by increasing libido. One can benefit sexually from getting their blood pumping through weight or cardio exercise.

Regular cardiac activity increases your endurance, but you shouldn’t only rely on it.

Yoga is another excellent form of exercise since it improves cardiovascular health and flexibility, which helps to make sex more pleasant and exciting.

However, the impacts on women and men might differ in a few ways. Weightlifting boosts testosterone in men by toning the legs, abdomen, and arms needed for sex.

Women benefit sexually from a workout in different ways. Autonomic nervous systems, neurotransmitters, and hormones are all impacted in women by an intense workout.

Additionally, it maintains and elevates levels of certain enzymes in women that stimulate blood flow and vaginal arousal.

Exercising for only 30 minutes could increase sexual arousal by 165%. This arousal effect wears off quickly in women, so it’s a good idea to immediately go to bed following your workout.

Today, we are going to have a look at a few workouts that can enhance your sex life.

Workouts For Better Sex

Down below, we have listed ten workouts that will make sex better for you and your partner.

  1. Complete Body Bridge

    The majority of sex positions require strong hamstrings and glutes, both of which are strengthened[1] by this exercise.

    The wheelbarrow position, in which you keep your hands on the floor and you face down while wrapping the legs around the waist of your standing partner, is an excellent one to try after mastering this exercise.

    Your spouse will get a terrific look at that tight and toned[2] bottom you’ve been working on in addition to seeing you perform this maneuver.

    With your feet lying flat on the ground, bend your knees while lying straight on your back. Lift your hips and squeeze your glutes, then slowly lower them back down. Repeat this 30 times.

  2. Stability Ball Crunches

    The abdominal crunch can be modified by stability ball crunches. It focuses[3] on your core muscles and calls for balance and stability.

    Your capacity to push harder during intercourse will increase by building a stronger muscle core, and it will also help to strengthen your back, which is often the site of sexual injury.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to balance several other sexual positions. Lie down with your back on a large stability ball to execute this workout.

    Keep your feet firmly attached to the ground and spaced apart at the shoulder or hip width. Keep your fingers positioned firmly beneath the nape of your neck.

    When your abdominal muscles get tensed, roll your shoulders back, then slowly elevate your chest, and try to raise your upper body. Take up the position as high as possible without having to sacrifice your form.

    Slowly take up your starting posture once again and repeat the exercise. Perform 3 sets of thirty stability ball crunches.

  3. Kegel Workout

    Kegel exercises are excellent because they control the pubococcygeus muscles. Being able to control your pubococcygeus muscles helps you to stop urinating during intercourse.

    Additionally, by doing kegel exercises, you may also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are very crucial for having sex.

    Know that to improve overall sex stamina, a kegel workout is the best. It may also help with premature ejaculation and ED, as per the study[4].

    Start by performing the simplest form of this exercise, then try pausing your urine in the midst to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

    Once you become familiar with the appropriate muscles, try to hold them for ten seconds before relaxing. These exercises could be done either lying down, sitting, or standing.

    Kegel exercises should be repeated a minimum of 5 times per day. To make your sexual life better, try to incorporate more of them.

  4. Pelvic Lifts

    The gluteal and lower abdominal muscles, which are most commonly used during sex, are strengthened by pelvic lifts, which also help to keep the balance of your hip muscles.

    Your performance in a particular position might suffer, and lower back pain may also have an impact on your sexual performance. Pelvic lift exercises help to strengthen[5] your core and your lower back.

    To perform this exercise, lie down flat on your back by positioning your knees bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Raising your pelvis will allow your spine to be in a straight position.

    Contract your abs and glutes, and push your inner thighs inward. Hold that position while breathing normally for 10 seconds, and then slowly begin to drop your butt on the ground.

  5. Squats

    Squats are an excellent leg workout because they help to build lower body strength to deliver a stronger thrust during sex.

    Squats increase blood flow[6] to your pelvic area, which can make male orgasms more intense and could energize your libido.

    Legs are the biggest group of muscles in your body, and working them by performing squatting could improve your testosterone levels.

    Keep your back straight and squat as low as possible by holding dumbbells by your sides and bending at the knees and hips.

    Your shins should be kept vertical, and your knees should be kept squarely above your ankles. Raise your arms to your shoulder height as you descend.

    If you drive through the heels, your upper body will automatically lean forward to maintain balance.

    As you stand up, bring your arms down to your sides to finish one repetition. Perform a minimum of 15 repetitions.

  6. Barbell Deadlift

    The lower spine, core, hamstrings, and glutes are some common muscles required for sex that the barbell deadlift workout can strengthen.

    It includes bending at your hips and lifting the barbell off the ground. It provides you with experience in bending over without injuring yourself which helps to strengthen your entire body[7].

    Straighten your arms by holding a barbell with your hands kept shoulder-width apart and your weight resting on the thighs. Knees slightly bent, keep your feet by a distance of hip-width apart.

    As you slide the barbell down to shin height to the front of your thighs, try to keep your flex forward and shoulders back at the hips.

    If the barbell has weight plates, make sure they are in contact with the ground. Begin to slowly stand while raising the barbell above your legs. Three sets of 8 to 10 repetitions are ideal.

  7. Lunges

    Lunges are one of the best exercises for increasing desire and making your sexual activity last longer.

    They serve the twin purpose[8] of extending the duration of the deed and increasing sexual urges.

    Lunges enhance blood flow in the pelvic region in addition to helping you develop your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and core stability.

    With your feet kept hip-width apart, stand upright. For extra support, keep your hands on your hips, then constrict your abs.

    Take a large step forward and raise your rear heel. Shift your entire weight to the front.

    Sink until the forward stepping leg is at a straight angle (shin vertical and thigh parallel with the ground).

    As you push yourself back up into the starting posture, try to engage your front heel. Repeat the entire exercise.

    Starting with 2 sets of ten repetitions, you may gradually increase the repetitions as you get more comfortable with this exercise.

  8. Double Leg Raise

    In a double leg raise workout, it’s simple to engage your pelvic floor. In essence, it’s a kegel exercise with added additional movement.

    Your lower abdominal muscles, lower back, and pelvic floor could all be strengthened[9] by a double leg raise workout.

    Put your back down. Tuck your thumbs underneath your tailbone. Try to flex your feet as though you are going to kick your heels into the roof of the ceiling as you lift your legs.

    As you lower your legs towards the floor, carefully tense your core. Do not let your lower back lift off the floor. Instead, drop till you can feel your abs contract.


There are occasions when difficulty persists as you lack the endurance and strength to remain in bed.

But for that, both sexes might do a few sex exercises regularly that will allow them to stay in the bed for longer.

For improved sexual performance and outcomes, a couple should engage in sex exercises together if they wish to strengthen their physical bond.

Additionally, people need to experience sexual pleasure for both good health and mental pleasure. Remember, healthier sex life is simply one workout away.

Exercise boosts your self-esteem and mood while burning fat and building muscle. But exercise might also enhance your sexual life for more reasons than you may realize.


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