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8 Bioperine Benefits


You must have inarguably grabbed onto a bottle of black pepper while cooking white sauce pasta. Or you may have sprinkled it on top of your boiled eggs.

So chances are always that you have black pepper somewhere in your kitchen and you have used it many times.

However, apart from just helping to bolster the flavor of your food, did you know that black pepper has more than one use?

The same black pepper that sits on your kitchen shelf might even have an impressive extract that could provide a plethora of benefits to the human body.

This extract is referred to as Piperine and is more often called by its trademarked name, Bioperine. It is due to this compound that black pepper gets its distinct flavor.

So if you like to enjoy a dash or two of black pepper in your meals just because of its benefits then you should know that there are certain Piperine supplements as well.

Bioperine refers to the patent Piperine extract which contains at least 95% of Piperine that could be well absorbed by your body.

So if you are thinking to get this supplement and want to learn about the different benefits of Bioperine, then this article is ideally meant for you.

Benefits Of Bioperine

  1. Alleviate Inflammation

    Bioperine is known for its myriad anti-inflammatory properties that could not just combat chronic inflammation but also help to relieve joint pain.

    The anti-inflammatory properties[1] of Bioperine provide it with the ability to incentivize several crucial functions inside the human body.

  2. Enhances Metabolism

    Bioperine could enhance your body’s metabolism by amplifying the cells’ energy production.

    The major process that helps in the production of heat and energy within the cell is referred to as thermogenesis.

    Amplified levels of Bioperine and your body can incentivize the process of thermogenesis, and hence facilitate[2] an increase in your metabolism.

    On the other hand, a more responsive metabolism could further help you to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

  3. Acts As An Immunomodulator

    As you must know, the immune system is a crucial part of the human body and it helps to combat any foreign substance or bacteria that enter the body.

    However, any fault in the immune system could lead to a variety of diseases. But piperine has shown certain benefits regarding the diseases caused by a faulty immune system.

    According to a study[3], piperine could help to reduce the communication of the lymphocytes present in your immune system, and hence slow down the rate of their response.

    Apart from this, piperine might even be beneficial[4] in treating another disease that is caused due to the response of your immune system against the uric acid crystals known as gout.

  4. Bolster The Brain Function

    Certain studies conducted on animals also show how Bioperine could help to provide several brain-boosting benefits.

    According to the study[5], Bioperine might help to protect your nerve cells and brain, thus facilitating memory storage and evading any mental impairment.

    One such study[6] was conducted on mice who had chemically induced Parkinson’s disease.

    Bioperine significantly helps to protect the health of these brain cells by reducing inflammation.

    Another study[7] was conducted in rats that showed how Bioperine helped to improve memory by protecting any damage to the myelin sheath.

    Due to this, piperine could be used as a future therapy for people who suffered from multiple sclerosis and also benefit your mental functioning.

  5. Acts As An Antidepressant

    Though it is not quite substantiated, piperine may have certain anti-depressing properties as well.

    It may help[8] in stress management, sharpen and mental abilities, which could help in becoming more productive.

    According to research[9] conducted on rats, piperine could have certain cognitive enhancing as well as antidepressant effects.

    Other than this, another study[10] conducted found how the consumption of piperine amplified the neurotransmission of dopamine and serotonin.

    Both these hormones are found in low quantities in depressed individuals. Hence, piperine might significantly help you to have more positive feelings.

  6. Anti-Cancer Effects

    Another possible benefit of Bioperine is its anti-cancer effects. The major reason behind this benefit is the ability of Bioperine to stop tumor growth.

    Moreover, according to a study[11], Piperine might have the potential to be used as a new anti-cancer drug.

  7. Positive Effect On Blood Sugar

    As you must know, having balanced blood sugar levels might be quite crucial for the health of your body.

    So if you are looking to maintain optimal[12] blood sugar levels, then Bioperine might be your answer.

    This nutrient has a positive effect on blood sugar levels because it can amplify the production of a protein hormone[13] called adiponectin.

    Moreover, if this nutrient is consumed with curcuminoids, then it could significantly help treat type 2 diabetes and improve blood sugar levels, as per the study[14].

  8. Enhancing The Absorption Of Vitamins And Nutrients

    One of the most important benefits of Bioperine is that it could help to enhance the absorption of some of the crucial plant compounds like selenium, beta carotene, and curcumin.

    So if you are following a strict diet and doing everything you could to remain healthy but can’t see any benefits, then Bioperine might be your ideal option.

    This nutrient could help to enhance[15] the bioavailability of different vitamins and nutrients by various methods. Let’s have a glance at them one by one.

    First of all, Bioperine might help to enhance the absorption of different nutrients and vitamins by acting on[16] P-glycoproteins.

    These glycoproteins are found[17] within the membranes of the kidneys or the intestines.

    The major function of these membranes is to help transport the different vitamins and nutrients to the outside of the cell.

    However, Bioperine acts on these membranes enabling them to keep the nutrients inside the cell and hence facilitate better absorption.

    Another method through which Bioperine might help to enhance absorption is by stimulating catecholamines.

    Catecholamines are thermogenic hormones[18] that when stimulated could not just increase the absorption but also activate the amino acid transporters through this process.

    The process of thermogenesis in turn increases the heat and energy required by your body which may help in better absorption of nutrients and also aid weight loss, as per the study[19].

    Other than this, Bioperine might help in better nutrient absorption by decreasing the process[20] of glucuronidation.

    So generally, many excellent nutrients might pass through your digestive tract without being absorbed to their fullest potential.

    However, if you consume Bioperine in the form of different supplements, then this could help in enhancing their nutrient absorption levels.

Let Us Wrap It Up!

Since Bioperine has so many benefits, you may think that just adding extra black pepper to your food items might provide you with all such benefits.

However, this is not true. Bioperine and black pepper are quite different because Bioperine is a concentrated form of black pepper extract.

Moreover, most of the studies relating to the benefits of Bioperine have been conducted on animals. Due to this, more research might be needed to substantiate their credibility for humans.

Also, when it comes to consuming it as supplements you may have an option of consuming only piperine or in combination with ingredients like turmeric as well.

It is always advisable to consult your health care provider before you consume Bioperine supplements.


Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed research, academic, and medical institution studies.

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