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10 Dianabol Side Effects


People use multiple steroids to supplement their bodies with artificial testosterone and get additional benefits.

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that athletes and bodybuilders have widely used to boost their strength and performance.

But, steroid usage has always been questionable due to several severe side effects they cause. You may find several side effects associated with Dianabol consumption.

Hence, this article will list some of the common side effects of Dianabol shared by consumers.

Side Effects Of Dianabol

There are several side effects of the substance Dianabol, like-

  1. May Increase The Risk Of Cardiovascular Problems

    Consuming Dianabol regularly may expose people to the risk[1] of developing several cardiovascular diseases.

    The primary[2] cause of such risk could be an imbalance of LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.

    People consuming Dianabol may experience a spike in low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol levels.

    Moreover, as the steroid passes through the liver, it stimulates the release of hepatic lipase[3], resulting in a sudden drop in high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol levels.

    Hence, with such a massive increase in bad cholesterol levels, people may experience clogging of arteries resulting in strokes, heart attacks, etc.

    Some steroids, especially Dianabol, could cause left ventricle enlargement of the heart.

    Moreover, Dianabol tablets may pump excessive blood, increasing blood pressure.

  2. May Lead To Gynecomastia

    Dianabol consumption comes with a potential threat of developing gynecomastia[4].

    The steroid contains[5] an aromatase enzyme that makes it estrogenic. Hence, consuming Dianabol would increase the supply of estrogen to the male body.

    Thus, men may accumulate breast tissues that worsen into gynecomastia.

    Generally, gynecomastia conditions are mild, with some minor symptoms like swollen nipples.

    But, some men accumulate excessive tissues that resemble female breasts. You may naturally reverse gynecomastia with mild symptoms.

    People with swollen nipples would return to normal after quitting the steroid cycle.

    Such a reversal occurs slowly as the hormone level (estrogen) takes optimum time to drop back to normal.

    But, people who continue steroids for an extended period may find gynecomastia reversal challenging. Hence, they should undergo surgery to remove unwanted breast tissues.

  3. May Cause Liver Problems

    Anabolic steroids potentially[6] cause several liver injuries. People consuming Dianabol may get diagnosed with mild to severe liver injuries.

    But, most of these injuries could be due to the C-17-alpha alkylated testosterone.

    Dianabol consumption may elevate serum enzymes like AST or ALT, significantly increasing liver stress.

    But, such stresses aren’t a significant concern for regular steroid consumers. Moreover, the liver could potentially handle such extensive abuse and recover quickly.

    But, hepatic cholestasis and tumors are some severe liver injuries that may occur due to Dianabol consumption for an extended period.

    Hence, you should start consuming Dianabol in a controlled manner. Moreover, avoiding alcohol and hepatotoxic medications while consuming steroids would be best.

  4. May Suppress Natural Testosterone Production

    Anabolic steroids are artificial or exogenous testosterone people supply to their bodies.

    Consuming these compounds would help boost testosterone levels and get the highest benefits like muscle growth, increased strength, etc.

    But, due to excessive or prolonged intake[7] of Dianabol, you may suppress the natural or endogenous testosterone production.

    Moreover, excessive[8] usage of such steroids could also impact the recovery of gonadotropin production.

    You may not experience such side effects during the cycle as steroids fulfill the required testosterone levels.

    But, once an individual stops the cycle, they immediately experience low testosterone problems.

    Such a condition arises as the body fails to produce endogenous testosterone after the cycle.

    Thus, you would experience low testosterone levels and related symptoms like fatigue, tiredness, decreased well-being, etc.

  5. May Retain Excessive Water

    Water and fluid retention is another significant issue[9] faced by Dianabol consumers.

    People consuming steroids for a longer period accumulate excessive water and other fluid within the body.

    Generally, Dianabol consumption retains sodium in the body, which prevents the passage of water and other fluids.

    High water retention may cause unwanted problems like increased weight, bloated and puffy face, etc.

    In some cases, you may persistently get acne and severe hair loss if the hair is already falling.

    Water retention could also cause[10] serious issues, like increased blood volume and increased blood pressure in the arteries.

    Thus, such an immediate increase in blood volume may cause severe medical conditions. Hence, you should avoid consuming Dianabol if you observe excessive water retention.

  6. May Cause Excessive Hair Growth

    Dianabol consumption may stimulate the growth of excessive hair in different regions of the body.

    You may also observe some hair growth in non-hair existing regions. Such uncontrolled hair growth could be disturbing and unpleasant for any individual.

    Dianabol consumption would result in lowered testosterone production and increased estrogen concentration in the body.

    Due to the deposition of female sex hormones, you may get hair in unwanted regions. The study[11] shows that consumption of anabolic steroids could lead to[12] hirsutism.

    Estrogen contains receptors that signal the cells to grow hair excessively. Hence, higher estrogen levels in the blood would result in elevated hair growth.

    You should stop consuming, or controlled consumption of Dianabol could help lower these side effects.

  7. May Cause Oily Skin And Acne

    Dianabol consumption could cause oily skin and lead to severe acne growth. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid, but it is an androgenic steroid besides anabolic.

    Thus, the androgenic nature triggers the sebaceous cells that cause the production of excessive oil.

    Hence, you may get oily skin throughout the steroid cycle. Thus, excessive oil secretion may or may not lead[13] to increased acne growth.

    This issue could be the result of increased sebum production. Sometimes, people experience uncontrollable acne breakouts resulting in a frustrating and unpleasant experience.

    But, you may control such conditions by applying benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products. Moreover, you should rinse your face with water multiple times a day.

  8. May Lead To Virilization

    Virilization is an unusual side effect[14] primarily observed in females and boys.

    Several females and adolescent boys consuming Dianabol may start developing male physical characteristics.

    The reason could be the rapid intake of primary male sex hormone, i.e., testosterone.

    These consumers may observe changes like bulky muscles, body hair growth, the appearance of beard and mustache, etc.

    Some consumers may develop hoarse voices at an early stage. All these changes may arise earlier in an adolescent boy.

    But, females may need multiple cycles or extended consumption to observe these side effects.

    Sometimes, the excessive dosage could cause hormonal imbalances, resulting in several other serious side effects.

  9. May Experience Mood Swings

    Mood swings are usual after consuming Dianabol. You may experience[15] sudden changes in your behavior, like increased aggression, anger, paranoia, etc.

    Sometimes, these mental states may turn physical and cause violence or harmful physical behaviors.

    Apart from aggression, in some cases, you may experience a soothing and relaxing feeling.

    Dianabol is a hormonal steroid releasing testosterone to the body that stimulates[16] the release of certain essential compounds like dopamine, serotonin, etc.

    These compounds are considered to be responsible for controlling moods. Such mood swings are mild but may turn serious in a few instances.

  10. May Impact Sexual Activities

    Dianabol’s impact on sexual activities is quite unusual and unpredictable for an individual.

    It may work positively for one person or turn things upside-down. Hence, the impact on your sexual activities would depend on how you adapt to the steroid.

    Some people experience[17] increased libido and stamina due to an influx of exogenous testosterone.

    But, a few people fail to get the desired pleasure. People with adverse side effects from Dianabol consumption should consider consulting a doctor.

    Moreover, they may undergo post-cycle therapy to recover from such adverse sexual effects.


You may not know what side effects you would experience due to Dianabol consumption. But, by now, at least you know some possible steroid side effects.

Hence, you should carefully go through these observed side effects to take precautionary measures before time.

In case of severe complications, immediately visit a nearby specialist for the best care.


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