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7 Workouts To Gain Muscle


Gaining muscles is not restricted to looking good in terms of physical appearance. However, there are a lot more benefits of gaining muscles with some workouts.

You could lift heavy weights with excellent muscle gain. In addition, your body strength and stamina might boost with the workouts to gain muscle.

In addition, your mindset plays a crucial role in shaping the muscles you aim to build with workouts.

You need to be consistent and passionate about your goal and how far you have to go daily.

You don’t want to visit a gym or buy expensive workout tools to build muscles. Instead, your home is enough to be fit and perform several exercises for gaining muscles.

Now let’s look for the workouts to perform below!

Best Workouts To Gain Muscles Are As Follows:

Before you begin your workouts, you should always perform warm-up exercises. It is an initial stage wherein you prepare your body for high-intensity workouts.

You could do the cardio exercise for warm-up. The other option is to stretch your body as much as you could to relieve the stiffness around the body.

    1. Pull-Up

      This is the basic workout that almost every fitness enthusiast performs.

      Now for gaining muscles you have to diligently perform 3 sets of 2–5 reps each day or on an alternative day.

      Pull-ups could be very tuff at the beginning. But you should[1] be very dedicated to performing it daily if you are looking to have mass muscles.

      Pull-ups are a bodyweight exercise that mainly works best for the shoulders, upper back, and biceps.

      Start small, perform a few reps then increase it as per your strength.

      How To Perform Pull-Ups

      You have to use the pull-up bar with an overhand grip. Your thumbs should surround the pull-up bar.

      Perform with the dead hang of the bar then use your hand to compress the bar to make your whole upper body muscles engage in the workout.

      Do pull-ups until the time you cross the bar above your chin. Next, reverse your body slowly from the position and lower it down.

      Repeat the process as per your strength and stamina.

    2. Push-Ups

      Now, this is not at all a new workout, almost everyone has done it before. Many school personal training curricula involve push-ups too.

      It’s a better way to build muscle mass at home. You don’t have to use any fancy equipment to perform push-ups.

      How To Perform Push-Ups

      Place your hands on the floor. Make sure the whole palm touches the ground. Meanwhile, place your toe fingers on the ground.

      Hold onto yourself straight by placing your hand and toe fingers on the ground. Then start bending yourself down by not putting your chin down on the ground.

      Next, hold yourself back to the start position. Repeat the push-ups till the time you could[2]hold yourself in this position and work out.

    3. Dumbbell Exercises

      Here you could[3]buy a dumbbell or go to the nearest gym from your place. Now once you have two dumbbells of similar weight.

      It’s easier to perform dumbbell exercises at home or in a gym. Dumbbell exercises are impactful while building muscle mass. Below is the way to perform dumbbell exercises.

      How To Perform Dumbbell Exercise

      Lie down on the floor with your face facing the roof of the room. Bend your knees and make sure to put your feet flat on the ground.

      Keep a distance between two legs. Now straighten your head. Next, hold the dumbbells in both hands.

      Then start taking dumbbells upside together from the sides of your chest. Take them down after a few seconds.

      Repeat the process carefully with a slow motion of your hand. There are other ways to do dumbbell exercises too.

      You could try them at your convenience and strength. However, make sure to perform them routinely.

    4. Squats

      Squats are a top-notch workout exercise to work on leg muscle mass. It contributes effectively to make your muscles appear larger than usual.

      Squats are again not easier to maintain regularly. However, you have to push yourself harder each day with new resolutions.

      One could[4]perform squats using the dumbbell to make the weight more on your leg muscles. It could be used in various variations at your convenience.

      How To Perform Squats

      To perform squats you have to stand in a straight line. Your legs should be distanced at an arm’s distance with a cross-foot position.

      Now you have to start bending your lower side of the body slowly. Do not move your legs and stand firmly while bending.

      Now return to a standing position with your hip weight gradually. Repeat the process till the time you could bear the workout.

      Do the squats with the help of dumbbells to have more effective results.

    5. Lunges

      The name might[5]sound a bit unusual, but lunges are a very impactful exercise for muscle building. It works mainly for the muscle of your legs and glutes.

      Lunges stimulate functional movement very smoothly all around your body. One of the primary exercises to start with your muscle-building journey is Lunges.

      How To Perform Lunges

      You have to first stand on your knees by keeping your shoulder wide apart from your body. Your arms should be placed on each side of your stomach.

      Now gradually take a step ahead using your right leg and bend it slowly. Keep the right thigh parallel to the ground to avoid errors while working out.

      The knee should not exceed the foot position. Now get back to the original position slowly. Next, repeat a similar procedure with the other leg.

      Three sets with 10 reps are the basics you could do daily.

    6. Burpees

      Burpees are yet another primary plyometric exercise to build muscle weight. It is highly crucial for losing calories fast.

      Burpees move the whole body effectively and it is a good way to release the stiffness from the body.

      How To Perform Burpees

      To perform burpees, start by standing in a linear position. You have to first do the squat with your hands placed upside.

      The moment your hands come near the ground, expand your legs to go in a high plank position.

      Without wasting a second in a high plank position, you have to jump with your feet and palms by the weight of the waist.

      Place your feet near the hand to acquire the position swiftly. Next, stand up and directly do a jump squat.

      Once you are on the ground immediately go back to your starting position. Repeat the process with a minimum of 15 reps.

    7. Flutter kicks

      These are not the usual kicks you perform. Flutter kicks are a different exercise to focus more on the core.

      It also packs a solid punch around your hip area. One of the finest exercises to gain muscles without putting on much effort.

      How To Perform Flutter kicks

      Here you have to bring a mat on which you could do the flutter kicks smoothly. Now on this mat, you have to lie down on your back.

      Next, keep your legs extended above similar to a 90-degree angle but with your body.

      Now gradually take your right leg lower near the ground with an average contact distance between your lower back and the ground.

      Then get back to the start position of your right leg. Repeat the same process with your left leg gradually.

      You could perform at least 20 total reps for 3 sets of flutter kicks on alternate days.


All the above-given workouts are important pillars to building muscle mass. You need to be very consistent and work hard on the routine exercises you have planned.

In addition, you have to be very careful with your meals while training to have muscle mass. Food is a crucial factor, especially for the training results.

If you are not eating the right amount of food with the hardcore workouts then your goal of gaining muscle would be not achieved.

Hence you should look into all the aspects related to your body while building muscle mass.


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