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Cinnamon And Honey Weight Loss


People trying to lose weight experiment with all the different methods that can help them to do so, be it going to the gym or modifying their diets. 

And yes, a balanced diet along with a strict exercise regime might be the best combination that could help you to shed some extra pounds.

However, if you want to go out of your way, and reduce the size of your waistline, then you may have to try out certain other combinations as well.

Some people aim at adding a combination of honey and cinnamon to their diet because it has become a popular trend nowadays.

People may use the combination of both these ingredients in their diet by either eating them straight or using them in the form of toppings.

This is simply because there are infinite variations that you could try out to consume honey and cinnamon in your diet. 

So if you want to have a greater insight Into the benefits of cinnamon and honey for weight loss, then this is the right place for you have come across.

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Here’s a glance at certain studies that show how honey and cinnamon have shown certain promising weight-losing properties in different animals.

  • According to a study[1] conducted in mouse and human cells, a compound known as cinnamaldehyde may help in improving metabolism.
  • According to a study[2] on rats, cinnamon could help in diabetes-related weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Honey For Weight Loss

Honey for mankind and its usage dates back to 8000 years. With myriad anti-inflammatory, nourishing, medicinal, antibacterial, and moisturizing properties, we could just imagine the benefit of this ingredient.

Be it slathering your morning toast with honey or using it when you have a minor burn, honey may always find its way into our households.

However, one of the greatest benefits of honey is to incentivize the weight loss process. Yes, you heard it right.

This ingredient might also help you to shed some extra pounds from your waistline and belly.

  • Nutritional Facts

    According to this article[3],  one tablespoon of honey or 21 grams of honey may provide you with 17 grams of sugar, 17-gram carbohydrate, 64 calories, and zero Sodium, fiber, and fat.

    Since honey has low calories, you could use it as a substitute for calorie-dense sugar. At the same time, this ingredient is sweeter than sugar.

    Due to this, just using a little amount of honey could help to satisfy your sugar cravings. No doubt why it could help you to lose weight.

  • Honey In Weight Loss

    Honey is inarguably sweet and it contains sugar. However, comparatively honey has more health benefits[4] than refined sugar.

    According to a study[5] that was conducted on athletes who consumed foods rich in fructose, like honey, more fat was burnt in these athletes as compared to the people who did not consume it.

    Once glucose is produced in your body, it could keep your sugar levels high and hence help your body to release the fat-burning hormones.

    So you may replace sugar with honey, and you could be able to rebalance your sugar cravings.

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Cinnamon is a popular spice that could be used as a flavoring agent in a variety[6] of dishes because of its peculiar aroma. Apart from its aroma, cinnamon is quite a good source[7] of different minerals and vitamins.

It could also provide you with some of the best health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart diseases, lowering sugar levels, helping fight fungal infection, reducing inflammation, and as an antioxidant.

Since cinnamon has higher fiber content, its powder form could be helping you to feel full for a long time and hence, this may reduce your frequent cravings.

Not only this, but according to research, cinnamon could also incentivize the fat-burning process in your body.

So it could be beneficial for you to include this ingredient in your diet to facilitate your weight loss process. And what may be better than enjoying it with honey to bolster its weight loss benefits?

Honey Cinnamon Drink

Honey cinnamon drink that could help shed your extra pounds. However, if you want to experience the desired results, then you may have to consistently drink it twice a day for at least one month.

Moreover, while you add this drink to your diet, you may even increase fluid consumption[8] and follow a low-carb diet to reduce the fat ratio of your body.

As you have already read, honey and cinnamon both have several health benefits for the human body.

So the combination of both these ingredients could create a combination for your weight loss process.


Thus, there’s no doubt that honey and cinnamon both are quite popular ingredients that may have certain health benefits.

Along with this, these ingredients may not provide you with any harmful effects. Instead, they have certain vitamins and minerals which could result in other health benefits for your body.

However, the most efficacious strategy that could help you in losing weight could be adhering to a strict diet and regular exercise regime.


Working4Health prefers using primary and verified references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and our primary references include peer-reviewed research, academic, and medical institution studies.

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