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10 Keto Diet Side Effects


The Keto diet is one of the most trendy diets among people nowadays. The keto diet focuses on consuming low carbs, high fats, and proteins.

Various health benefits may enhance your body’s functioning. But Is the keto diet for everyone?

Different people have different bodies, it could be possible that by following the keto diet, your body may respond negatively to it.

There are various side effects of the keto diet some of them are mild and don’t impact your body much, but some can affect your health severely.

These side effects could be uncomfortable or dangerous. So it may be crucial to follow the keto diet only if it suits your body and you benefit from it.

The low-carb diet that restricts carbohydrates and high-fat consumption might not suit everyone’s body and health.

Keto Diet Side Effects

Keto Diet Side Effects

Following is the list of side effects that could affect your body while on the keto diet. Go through them before opting for the keto diet.

    1. Keto Flu

      It is essential to address the side effects of keto diets. The keto diet may not initially suit your body or your lifestyle.

      When you just start with the keto diet, your body starts adapting to the new diet and routine; it makes changes, and those changes may cause[1] uncomfortable symptoms.

      This happens because you absorb low carbs, and the source of energy that your body gets from sugar shifts to fat consumption.

      Keto flu is one of the significant side effects you can see, and you may have the following health issue.

      • Vomiting
      • headache
      • weakness
      • nausea
    2. Mood Fluctuation

      The Keto diet may create mood fluctuation. Another side effect of the keto diet is that it may disturb[2] your sleeping pattern and creates frequent mood swings.

      This happens because, on keto, you have to restrict carbohydrate intake, which is required to produce one essential brain chemical, serotonin.

      Serotonin is responsible for controlling mood fluctuation and other essential activities that may get disturbed during a keto diet.

      Also, it may disturb your whole appetite and reduce your concentration power. You may feel irritated and less energetic.

    3. Constipation

      One of the significant side effects that you may get while being on keto is constipation health issue. It may affect other body functions also.

      This happens because you cut down carbs in your diet which means that your body may not be getting the essential fiber that eases the digestion process and mitigates constipation.

      Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber but contain some sugar content that you have[3] to avoid, and it may create severe constipation.

      This may happen in the initial days of the keto diet because, at that time, your body is adapting to the changes, and you are in ketosis.

    4. Diarrhea

      The Keto diet is good until you are not affected by its side effects. One such side effect of the keto diet is getting affected by Diarrhea.

      You may get diarrhea just after starting with the keto diet. The impact of diarrhea differs from person to person and may also depend on your digestive system.

      If your digestive system is weak, you could be severely impacted by diarrhea, which may affect your overall health.

      One of the common reasons for diarrhea is a lack of fiber in your diet.

      On a ketogenic diet, you have to avoid fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber but have sugar content and high carbs.

      Apart from this, the other reason could be the intake of artificial sweeteners on the keto diet and the unabsorbed fats, which may result in diarrhea.

      You may consult your doctor if you are experiencing diarrhea for a long duration while being on keto

    5. Cravings Could Intensify

      Your craving could also intensify because you’re following some eating restrictions and avoiding food items with carbs.

      Due to low carbs, your body starts responding to deprivation, so your cravings for sugary drinks and food items are enhanced.

      This is one of the significant side effects of the keto diet. It may also make you binge eat more frequently.

      Apart from this, you may feel more stressed and irritated[4] because of the food cravings.

      Also, in the keto diet, you must avoid many crucial minerals that could also intensify your craving.

    6. Need More Water

      Your body needs more and more water if you are on the keto diet. If your water intake is less than required, dehydration may affect you.

      While on a keto diet, you may focus on weight loss and avoiding carbs and many other essential nutrients.

      Such as sodium or salt, avoiding such nutrients that[5] may dehydrate your body and require a good amount of water.

      Also, on the keto diet, your body excretes a lot of sweat and urine, which may be one of the reasons for dehydration in the body.

    7. Skin Problems

      Skin problems are common side effects of following the keto diet. If you are on a keto diet, you avoid food items with more carbs and sugar content.

      In addition, you are enriching your body with high fats and moderate protein, which may be somehow responsible[6] for keto rash.

      The whole body gets into ketosis, and the diet restrictions may result in severe or moderate skin problems.

      You may see rashes on your back, chest, or abdomen. The red rashes may be itching and uncomfortable.

      Also, this side effect of the keto diet may affect your whole body’s health and fitness.

    8. The Problem With Kidney Function

      One of the significant side effects of the keto diet is that you may have a kidney function problem. In the keto diet, you must consume high amounts of fats and proteins.

      So, you must increase your intake of meat and other food items because they contain high fats and protein.

      But the inappropriate consumption of fats and protein could[7] affect your kidney function and lead to other health-related issues.

      Proper kidney functioning is essential for the whole body’s functioning; if you see any severe kidney problems, you may consult your doctor for better treatment.

    9. Risk Of Heart Diseases

      A Keto diet could be responsible for the risk of heart disease. Especially for people focused on getting proteins and fats from meat, butter, cheese, and others.

      The consumption of high protein and fasts could increase your cholesterol level if not consumed appropriately.

      The continuous high fats and protein intake may[8] result in a risk of either mild or severe heart disease.

      You need to consume nutrients in the appropriate amounts to avoid the risk of heart disease and other health issues.

    10. Bad Breath

      On a keto diet, you are consuming different food items and also, at the same time, restricting some food items.

      In ketosis, low carbs and high fats and protein may cause odor or bad breath, making you uncomfortable.

      Bad breath could be trouble for you and others; it is one of the side effects of the keto diet.

      It may be because you’re limiting the sugary drinks and food items that restrict that bad breath.

      But the keto breath is temporary and not permanent, so you could use any other mouth freshener to get refreshed and avoid bad breath.

Bottom Line

The strict ketogenic diet has perks and benefits which may improve your health and fitness. But there are also many side effects of the keto diet that you can’t ignore.

Because ignoring these side effects may increase your health condition and reflect your whole body functioning.

It is essential to know your body type, what things you should avoid, and what not. Without the essential nutrients, your body may be severely affected.


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