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Keto Friendly Drinks Except Water


If you are on a keto diet you have to follow certain eating restrictions, and that same follows with the drinks and beverages.

You have to make sure that whatever drinks you are consuming or drinking should be keto friendly. 

Apart from this, you have to focus on hydrating your body with fluids while being on the keto diet. Maintaining fluid balance in the body is essential.

Due to the low carbohydrate intake, the body may require the proper amount of hydration, so that it could work efficiently.

Water is already a keto-friendly drink available but what if you want to try some other keto-friendly drinks that add up some taste also? 

You could try various keto-friendly drinks that have low carbs or that are carbs free which may benefit your overall health.

In this article, I have suggested some keto-friendly drinks that you could include in your keto diet and that could also be a great source of energy.

Top 7 Drinks That Are Keto-Friendly

Here is the list of various kinds of drinks that are completely keto friendly. Read on to know more about it.

  1. Hot drinks

    Some hot drinks are perfectly keto friendly and they could provide various health benefits. You could easily add them to the keto diet.

    The only thing you should make sure of is, that[1] they are carbs-free or have the minimum carbs and sugar content.

    Following are the list of hot drink that you could choose being on the keto diet-:

    • Green Tea Or Black Tea

      Green tea or black tea is one of the most preferred drinks because they are keto friendly. The caffeine content in black tea is strong as compared to green tea.

      Hot green tea also has fresh leaves that could help[2] you to remain fresh throughout the day with additional health benefits.

      They have minimal carbs or no carbs content along with less amount of calories in them, which makes them ketogenic.

      Drinking green or black tea is good for health[3], it has polyphenol antioxidants also and other powerful antioxidants that may provide you with anti-cancer benefits.

    • Herbal tea

      Same as green tea or black tea herbal tea is also a keto-friendly drink. It has no carbs and calories that could affect the body.

      It could be advisable to drink herbal tea to stay fit and healthy. Generally, herbal tea is made from dried fruits or flowers and you may get the natural herbal taste from it.

      Here are some examples of herbal leaves[4] that you could add while making herbal tea.

      • Hibiscus
      • chamomile
      • peppermint
    • Coffee

      Another hot drink option of a keto-friendly drink is coffee without milk, cream and sugar. Coffee is a drink that could be consumed in hot form or also in cold form.

      It is one of the safest options[5] of drinks that you could consume while being on the keto diet.

      The carbohydrates component in coffee is minimal and it promotes various health benefits. 

      Such as it may improve body metabolism and also supports healthy weight loss.

  2. Juices

    Juices have pulp and fiber in them which makes them taste good and they act as a natural energy booster also.

    Juices are fresh and pure with great quality and they should be in your keto diet because of the benefits that they could provide.

    Let’s check on the fruit and vegetable juices that are keto friendly.

    • Fruit Juice 

      Fruit juices that have low calories and less amount of carbs are most preferred[6] in the keto diet.

      You should have to make sure that, you are not drinking fruit juices that have a high sugar component in them.  

      There are a few fruits that are most suitable for the keto diet, such as lemon and lime.

      You could simply add the lemon juice to plain water or any other drink. It may enhance the taste of your drink.

    • Vegetable Juice

      In the keto, diet vegetable has a major role. Same in keto-friendly drinks vegetable juices are also one of the most preferred drinks.

      Green vegetable juices are a great source of protein and energy, they have low carbs and calories.

      Also, beware of the vegetable juices that may contain sugar or sweeteners that could disturb your keto diet. 

      You should try to drink Fresh vegetable juices only because they are more keto friendly and also have great health benefits.

  3. Flavoured Water

    If you are looking for keto-friendly drinks that also provide good taste. Then you may go for flavored water.

    They do contain some sugar in them, but the calories are less and they also have low carbs.

    People generally prefer flavored water to increase the taste of plain water. All you have to do is add flavor in water or any other drink as per your choice.

  4. Milk alternative

    You might avoid milk completely while you are on the keto diet. Milk consumption may increase your daily calorie intake.

    So you may give try other milk alternatives which have low carbs, high fats, and moderate protein in them.

    The substitute for milk should be keto-friendly and provide[7] you the other health benefits.

    Following is the list of milk alternatives that you could add to your daily diet[8].

    • Coconut milk
    • almond milk
    • flaxseed milk
    • nut milk
  5. Energy drinks

    Energy drinks could be keto friendly. Yes, you heard that right, some of the energy drinks are keto friendly.

    They contain low carbs and also have less sugar in them. They are keto friendly and you could drink these energy drinks to stay hydrated.

    Apart from this energy drinks contains proteins that[9] could help you to build strong muscles.

    Many energy drinks have strong caffeine in them. They may help you stay energized throughout the day.

    The best part of consuming energy drinks is that they all taste good also they are available in different flavors, you may choose according to your taste.

  6. Sports drinks

    If you are looking for keto-friendly drinks that could provide various health benefits along with good taste then sports drinks are perfect for you.

    Some sports drinks have extremely low sugar content and they also[10] have minimum carbohydrates.

    It may help you to keep the body fully -hydrated as it contains potassium electrolytes and also many other natural antioxidants that may help the body to stay charged and active.

    Apart from this sports drinks could help you to resolve stomach-related issues.

  7. Alcoholic Drinks

    Do you know there are few alcoholic drinks that you could drink being on the keto diet?

    These drinks could be extremely keto friendly because they have low carbs and some of them are carbs free also.

    So here are some[11] alcoholic drinks that you may drink on the keto diet.

    • Low Carb Beer

      Low-carb beer is one of the ketogenic drinks that have negative sugar and carbs content in it.

      Generally, beers do have carbs and sugar in good amounts but low carbs beers are perfect for people who are on the keto diet.

      Low-carb beers may have great quality and taste. They are light and you could drink them easily.

      Also, you may avail yourself of the flavored low carbs beer that would enhance your taste.

    • Hard Liquor

      Surprisingly hard liquor is also included in keto-friendly drinks.

      As they are carbs-free and have the minimal sugar component they perfectly fit in the ketogenic diet.

      Here is the suggestion of some of the hard liquor that you may consider drinking on the keto diet.

      • Vodka 
      • whiskey 
      • rum 
      • tequilla


All the above mention drinks are keto friendly. They have low carbs and sugar along with it they are a great source of energy and protein.

You could easily drink these drinks without getting worried about your keto diet because they are appropriate for the keto diet.

So as of now, you get the idea of some of the drinks apart from the water that would help you to keep your body hydrated along with providing some other health benefits.

But make sure that you are not drinking a mixed form of drinks that has sugar content and carbs that may give you negative results.


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