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8 Home Cardio For Weight Loss


Seeing today’s situation, everyone wants body fitness because the death rate is increasing day by day.

Covid 19 has taught everyone how important fitness is.

That’s why one who wants to keep himself fit and stay away from diseases must follow cardio exercise, whether it is at home, in the park, or in the gym.

There are a variety of indoor cardio workouts that can get the job done in 30 minutes or less.

In addition, they’ll help you reach your weight reduction or weight management goals by helping you burn calories and build muscle.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you should combine aerobic exercises with strength training and appropriate recuperation (the three S’s: sleep, stress management, and stretching).

Cardio alone helps you lose weight because it raises your heart rate, and when it does (after all of your typical blood sugars and carbs have been consumed), your body is compelled to burn fat as energy.

The top aerobic exercises you can perform at home, anytime, anyplace, are listed here.

Try performing these exercises first thing in the morning (or whenever you have some free time), and you’ll feel energized and empowered the rest of the day.

home cardio for weight loss

Home Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

According to this[1] study, adults should exercise for 150 to 300 minutes a week at a moderate intensity.

  1. Walking

    If a person walks twelve thousand steps in his daily routine, then there is absolutely no need for him to go for a cardio exercise.

    There are several benefits of walking daily on a regular basis. It is good for your heart, walking may also help maintain a proper blood pressure levels. Walking may be even beneficial for people with diabetes as well.

    As a result, if you are just starting your journey then it is highly recommended that you start with walking at a brisk pace so that you can proceed to the next level.

  2. Jumping Rope

    Given that you may make workouts harder or easier depending on how you choose to skip, skipping exercises is among the best kinds of cardio for weight and fat loss.

    Jumping rope helps[2] you burn roughly 1,300 calories per hour while also enhancing your heart rate, coordination, and cognitive performance.

    You can either do an interval-style workout, where you alternate rapidly skipping with rest times to catch your breath or go slow and steady to keep your heart rate elevated all the time.

    Some Instructions are below:

    • 8–10 jumps are a good warm-up.
    • then continue jumping for 1 1/2 minutes.
    • Repeat after taking a 15- to 30-second break.
    • Complete three sets.

    You can alter your regimen as well. Jump one set while standing still, one set while using both legs, and one set while using just one leg.

    Leaping an air rope at the start of workouts becomes more challenging as you go to jumping a real rope at home. Jumping with both feet and jumping from one foot to the other can be alternated.

  3. Cycling

    Cycling is an excellent[3] technique to lose weight if your goal is to get healthier, fitter, and lighter. Best of all, it has both emotional and mental advantages in addition to physical ones.

    It is effective, entertaining, simple to incorporate into a hectic day, and enjoyable.

    The ideal heart rate range for fat burning while cycling is between 68 and 79 percent of your maximum heart rate.

    It can be a terrific approach to jumpstart your weight loss to go for a quick ride before breakfast.

    Once a week, ideally at the same time of day, is all you should measure yourself if you’re keeping track of your progress using your weight or body fat %.

  4. Dancing

    Exercise, calorie and fat burning, and weight loss are all easily achieved[4] by dancing.

    Dancing provides numerous health advantages, including weight loss, like most aerobic or cardiac exercise. In addition to being a pleasurable kind of exercise, dancing to upbeat music can help you burn calories.

    Dance can help you lose weight and build muscle while also burning a lot of calories. Increasing your lean muscle mass may aid in fat loss and muscular definition.

    Regular aerobic activity, such as dancing, has several positive effects on health-

    • Expanded endurance
    • Heightened flexibility and mobility
    • An improved sense of balance
    • More efficient blood flow
    • Boosted immunological response
    • Enhanced slumber
    • Minimized tension
    • Decreased risk for certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease

    Another benefit of dancing is mental wellness. By lowering your risk of depression and boosting your mood, aerobic exercise may assist.

  5. HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

    HIIT (high-intensity interval training), is frequently[5] cited as a way to help people lose weight faster.

    HIIT quickly and forcefully strengthens your cardiovascular system since it consists of brief bursts of intense training followed by rest periods.

    The number of calories burned during a HIIT cardio workout can be substantial.

    People who engaged[6] in HIIT workouts lost 28.5 percent more fat than those who exercised continuously at a moderate intensity, according to a 2019 article from the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

    Even hours after exercising, it increases your body’s metabolic rate.

    A person with a high metabolic rate will reportedly expend more calories both at rest and while exercising, according to Harvard.

    The ability of a person to consume oxygen is improved.

    An individual’s oxygen consumption increased by 9% after five weeks of high-intensity exercise that lasted 20 minutes each day, according to research. Compared to routine exercise, it reduces insulin resistance.

    High intensity workout is also one of the most talked about things.

  6. Running

    To get your cardio fixed, running can be a terrific option.

    When you cover greater distances, it increases your heart rate and can keep it there for extended periods.

    The intensity of your runs will depend on your degree of fitness, but long runs can be[7] a lower-intensity method of maintaining a consistent heart rate throughout a workout.

    Burning a lot of calories while running. Your pace, body weight, and length of run all affect how many calories you burn.

    When you run, your body burns fat and carbs, your heartbeat quickens, and oxygen-rich blood is pumped to your muscles by your heart.

    For a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, the majority of specialists advise aiming for a weekly caloric deficit of 3500–7000 calories.

    You must generate a significant calorie deficit if you want to lose weight.

    If you eat fewer calories than you burn off through physical exercise like jogging, you can create this deficit. For added effectiveness, you can mix the two approaches.

  7. Burpee

    You get all the advantages of pushups from this full-body exercise that mimics them, but it also works your heart and increases the intensity of your workout. Pushups, leaps, and squats are all combined in burpees.

    Burpee could be considered a good workout since you work on numerous[8] muscle areas like your chest, legs, and core while also burning fat from your entire body.

    To do it quickly and easily, simply kneel, put your hands on the floor, and “leap” your feet out into a pushup position.

    Jump from your feet to your hands after performing a pushup. When you jump, raise your hands above your head as high as you can.

  8. Kettlebell Swings

    Weightlifting isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to lose weight. Running and HIIT are typically involved.

    A specific place in the free weight category for weight loss belongs to the kettlebell, a particular kind of free weight. Kettlebells may increase[9] explosive power.

    You can put on muscle, lose fat, increase your aerobic capacity, burn a ton of calories, and all of these things happen when you use kettlebells.

    A strenuous, all-over workout will raise your heart rate, improve your arm and leg strength, and help you build a strong core.

    • Spend 20 seconds swinging a kettlebell with two hands.
    • Pause for 8 seconds.
    • Repeat the 8 sets.

    To increase your heart rate and have a more intense cardio workout, Boozy advises lifting heavier weights.

  9. Lunges

    Lunges exercise the large muscle groups in your lower body, which results in the development of lean muscle and the loss of body fat.

    This may raise your resting metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories and lose extra weight.

    Lunges may increase[10] hip and knee extensor muscle strength and is a multi-joint engaging exercise.

    Lunges should be incorporated into a high-intensity circuit training plan with heavy weights if you’re trying to reduce weight.

    To do:

    • Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand on the floor
    • Return the right leg to the lunge posture.
    • Lift the right knee to hip height with the right foot as you jump into the air.
    • Repeat for 10 lunges on the same side, bringing the right foot back to the beginning position.
    • Repeat with the left leg.


Thus, if you only have thirty minutes, it will be sufficient if exercises are done regularly.

What you can make work for you should be the focus of your entire exercise regimen.

The objective is regular movement, not disrupting your life for a month to squeeze in long cardio sessions that you’ll stop after and never resume.

Up to 100 more calories can be burned each day by engaging in just 15 minutes of moderate exercises, such as walking a mile.

This is provided that you don’t follow up with an excessive calorie-filled meal. Over a year, losing 10 lbs. by weekly calorie expenditure is possible.

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