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12 High-Intensity Exercise For Quick Weight Loss


There is no secret medication to turn your body into a fat-burning machine instantly, and losing weight is challenging.

The key is that you should consume fewer calories daily than you expend. This calls for weight, cardio exercise, and a balanced diet.

Your heart rate increases during cardiovascular exercises. Some best workouts for weight loss increase heart rate and increase fat burning.

You require up to 350 minutes of weekly physical exercise to lose weight or keep it off. This takes one hour per day for five days a week.

HIIT cardio exercises might assist you if you wish to lose weight quickly. A cardiovascular exercise conducted at a high intensity for a brief period is known as high-intensity interval training.

Before a bit of rest, perform these challenging exercises. The best method for burning fat quickly is to do these cardio exercises.

In this article, we could be looking at some high-intensity exercises that might help you lose fat.

10 High-Intensity Exercise For Fat Loss

Here are some high-intensity exercises to lose fat:

  1. Cardio

    You could lose weight without engaging in vigorous activity. Lower-intensity cardio might help you lose weight and burn calories if you have certain physical limitations or are a novice.

    Aerobics, jogging, power walking, biking, and swimming are some of the exercises on this list. As you get used to your new workout regimen, start slowly and then increase the intensity.

    5 days a week, try aiming for one hour of lower-intensity cardio. Carry hand weights while practicing[1] aerobics, jogging, or strolling as your fitness improves.

  2. Single-Leg And High Knee Deadlift

    This move’s explosive component increases cardiovascular endurance while getting the heart rate up. You might improve stability, tone, and develop your glutes by adding a single-leg deadlift to your routine.

    For improved balance[2], you might also expand your standing leg’s toes and press them into the ground. With your back straight and core tight, stand tall. Start sprinting right away, lifting your knees to your waist for 10 repetitions.

    You could use your arms to propel yourself forward. Then, with one leg firmly planted on the ground, hinge at the hips and lean forward.

    As you come back, make sure the raised leg is straight while maintaining a straight back and reaching downwards. Return to your feet and alternate your legs.

  3. Jumping Jacks

    Jumping jacks, also known as side straddle hops, is a full-body workout that might be performed in practically any place as no special equipment is needed.

    As per a study[3], performing jumping jacks could help you in increasing the lower limb’s speed to maintain the motion and maximize the power of your workout.

    To execute Jumping Jacks, first, maintain a straight posture while keeping your feet at least hip-width apart. Be careful to maintain a straight-ahead gaze and a comfortable posture. Jump and laterally spread your feet.

    Likewise, raise and lower your hands over your head. Follow the same procedure to repeat the stages.

    It is also added as one of the exercises to get rid of armpit fat.

  4. Burpees

    Pushups, squats, and leaps are combined in the burpees exercise. As you work out many muscle groups, including your core, chest, and legs, you effectively burn fat from your whole body.

    Do ten reps in thirty seconds and rest for thirty seconds. Then repeat for five minutes.

  5. Mountain Climbers

    As they use a variety of muscle groups to develop their shoulders, arms, legs, and core, mountain climbers are a great method to mix cardio and resistance training in one motion.

    Utilizing several muscle groups causes your heart rate to rise, which boosts your calorie burning. While including shoulder taps improve that element of strengthening, it results in fat burning and muscle growth.

    Start in a plank position with your core actively engaged and your shoulders over your wrists. Using your abs to pull your legs in, bring each knee toward your elbows and into your chest.

    After 10 mountain climbers, maintain a plank position while keeping your core, glutes, and quads engaged. Then, tap the shoulder on the opposite side with one hand. Alternate the raised hand 6 times while performing this.

  6. Push-Ups

    Push-ups are a wonderful anywhere, anytime exercise that not only tones your chest but also works your shoulders, glutes, core, and legs.

    You might encourage[4] fat reduction by adding muscle in these areas. Exhale as you raise yourself back up and draw your abdominal muscles in to support your lower back.

    Starting on your toes or knees, perform 5 broad push-ups with your arms wider than shoulder-width apart. Next, maintain a strong core as you lower yourself to the ground.

    Five repetitions of standard push-ups, place your hands under your shoulders and lower yourself to the floor while maintaining core stability and avoiding a rounded back.

    5 tricep push-ups should be performed with elbows kept close to the body and hands moved such that the forefinger’s contact. After that, lower and raise your body 5 times.

  7. Skipping

    Numerous people prefer rope jumping, also known as skipping, to running due to its innumerable advantages. It is really enjoyable, seems simple, and burns plenty of calories.

    All you need is a rope to accomplish skipping. Stand straight with your elbows next to your stomach and your legs close to one another.

    Jumping could cause the rope to circle your entire body from toe to head. Jumping forwards and backward is another way to alter the jump.

  8. Interval Training Exercises

    As a result of its potential to enhance[5] fat reduction and calorie burn, this cardio exercise has become quite popular.

    It entails short bursts of vigorous exercise that could raise the heart rate, followed by a 10-second rest period. If you do not have a lot of time, this is a wonderful exercise.

    You might work out for a shorter period when getting into a more demanding and challenging workout. Therefore, even after your exercise, you could keep burning calories.

    Here is an example of a HIIT routine:

  • Complete butt kicks for 40 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds.
  • Next, perform jumping lunges for 40 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.
  • Complete burpees for 40 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat for 15 to 30 minutes.

You might also incorporate movements, such as jump squats and mountain climbers.

  1. Jumping Lunges

    Jumping lunges are an example of a plyometric workout that requires using maximal force for a brief period. This improves[6] explosiveness, body control, and muscle strength.

    You burn more calories as a result, which results in greater fat reduction. You might omit the jump if you have trouble performing jumping lunges.

    Standing tall and straight-backed, leap into a lunge position, then repeat on the opposite side. Keep your chest up and your knees straight, they should not extend past your toes. 5 times on each side, repeat.

    Start in a lunge and, while maintaining your chest up, bring your back knee as close to the floor as you might for the pulses. After 6 pulses, stand up and change to the opposite side.

  2. High Knees

    Another simple exercise that does not require any special equipment is high knees. All of the muscles in your legs are strengthened by high knees.

    Doing so quickens your heartbeat, which enhances your body’s flexibility and coordination. Open your feet to hip-width, bring your left knee toward your chest to begin the High Knees exercise, and then quickly repeat with the different leg.

    When performing the exercise, you should also try maintaining extended arms and allowing the knees to meet the palms.

  3. Planks

    The plank is an isometric exercise that works your quadriceps, core, and shoulders in addition to different muscular groups, says the research[7].

    Exercises known as isometrics involve maintaining a fixed position for an extended period and enhancing endurance and strength.

    Start on one side with your hips elevated and your elbow tucked beneath your shoulder. Hold for the full 30 seconds and switch sides each round, or switch sides after 10 seconds.

    Doing planks regularly may as well help in getting solid abs.

  4. Russian Twist

    The Russian Twist is a straightforward exercise that works[8] your core and hips extremely well. The Russian Twist is a well-liked exercise among athletes as its effects enable twisting motions and fast direction changes.

    One must assume a ground position and extend their front legs to accomplish the Russian Twist. Next, bend your knees and sit in a v-sitting position.

    Be sure to maintain a shoulder-width distance between your two legs. Finally, turn from one side to another. To train the body, do it multiple times.


One of the best ways to exercise without spending much money on expensive equipment is to do a high-intensity workout. However, to conduct it immediately and prevent any undesired difficulty, it is strongly advised to seek expert counsel.

To avoid injuries, make sure you are wearing the proper footwear in addition to protective gear. For your training to be practical, you must also attend to the suitable dietary needs of your body.

You could burn more calories[5] with high-intensity exercises than with different types of exercise. It is a very effective form of exercise.

Increased metabolism that persists for hours after exercise contributes to some of the calories burnt during high-intensity workouts.

Overall, it delivers many of the same health advantages[9] as different types of exercise in less time. These advantages include reductions in body fat, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Additionally, high-intensity exercises might reduce blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity. Therefore, if you want to exercise but are short on time, you might consider trying high-intensity exercises.


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