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10 Workouts To Reduce Appetite


Weight loss is one of the vital components of one’s life these days. Keeping your weight and shape intact has become way more vital than ever.

While doing a workout helps immensely in reducing weight it matters to the appetite of the person as well.

Dieting has been an essential part of numerous weight loss journeys and it is considered to contribute a major portion to losing weight.

While workouts have been considered to have a lower percentage of contribution to losing weight, they could majorly help you in reducing your appetite.

It may further help you reduce and maintain your weight well. In this article, we will discuss all the workouts that could help you reduce your appetite.

List Of Workouts To Reduce Appetite

Hunger control has been considered the main factor affecting weight loss in a person. It tends to reduce your appetite for better results.

But did you know that workout could help you achieve this goal of reducing your appetite? Also, it might further reduce your weight effectively.

Majorly, stretching workouts have been witnessed to give good results. Here are a few workouts that you could perform to reduce your appetite.

  1. Bridge

    The bridge workout is one of the most effective stretching workouts that could[1] help you reduce your appetite.

    In this workout, you lie down flat on the surface of the floor facing the ceiling and put your palms on the floor.

    Then you need to keep your legs hip-width apart and fold them with your feet flat on the ground.

    Once you’re all set with the prerequisites of the workout, you now will have to lift your but in the air and try to balance your body on your shoulders and feet for a few seconds.

    Basically how this workout helps by improving awareness of your abdominal area and strengthening your legs and abdominal muscles.

    So, it aids in improving your sense of hunger.

  2. Spinal Twist

    Spinal twist is another effective workout to reduce your appetite which might seem complex on the face of it but is easy on its core.

    To perform this workout you have to lie down on the floor facing the ceiling with your hands stressed in a tea shape position.

    Leaving the left leg flat on the floor you will have to bend your right knee and stretch your right knee towards the left side of your body.

    Repeat this step for the left side of your body as well.

    This workout helps you to reduce your appetite by improving your stress levels and preventing you from overeating.

    Besides this, it also helps to regulate blood to the white organs of your body.

  3. Abs Workout

    While the abs workouts are effective to reduce fat in your abdominal area, they could[2]help you in reducing your appetite quite efficiently as well.

    For the abs workout, you will have to lie down on your back and keep your knees hip-width apart and bent.

    After that, you will have to keep your hands behind your head and elbows facing the ceiling.

    Once you are all set for the workout, lift the legs in the air and rest your body on your back with your head in the air as well.

    This workout reduces your appetite by strengthening your core and abdominal muscles.

  4. Warrior 2

    Warrior 2 is yet another phenomenal post that could help you in reducing your appetite and lose weight tremendously.

    Stand straight with your legs wide open. After that, you will have to turn your toast towards the right side and band your knees of the same leg at an angle of 90 degrees.

    While keeping the left foot flat on the surface you will have to bend your left leg as well towards the right side.

    Make a T with your arms. While doing so, you even have to look on the right side and push your pelvis down as much as you could.

    This unusual yet excellent pose helps in better circulation of blood in the body which increases the concentration level further helping you to keep a hold on your appetite.

  5. Cobra Pose

    This is probably one of the most famous poses or workouts that people indulge in while trying to stretch or increase their height.

    To do this workout, you will have to lie down on the floor with your stomach flat on the ground.

    Keeping both legs together, and arms next to your chest, stretch your body in the air while keeping the legs and the ground intact.

    You will have to stretch your torso back with the support of your hands. This workout immensely helps in strengthening your core and aligning the spinal area.

    This is how cobra pose will help you reduce your appetite and keep a good hold on it.

  6. Cycling

    Cycling is a very good aerobic workout that could help you curb your appetite in a good way.

    Why this workout triggers every single muscle of your body, according to a study[3]cycling could be a good method to reduce your appetite.

    The heat sensation produced by this aerobic workout is majorly responsible for curbing one’s urge for hunger.

  7. Running

    Running is yet another cardiovascular workout that[4]may help you keep control of your appetite.

    While this workout helps you to lose weight immensely and effectively, a certain portion of it also helps in reducing the appetite of a person.

    That is why people who run regularly tend to cope with a strict diet in a matter of a few days.

    This workout reduces the urge for hunger as well through the production of heat sensation in the body in an immense amount.

  8. Planks

    Planks are another phenomenal workout force that could help you to reduce your appetite as well as strengthen your core.

    While it is hard to stay in this position for more than a minute for a lot of people, this workout is very beneficial while trying to lose weight.

    To perform this workout, you will have to lay down on your stomach and bring your body into a push-up position with your toe on the floor and elbows flat on the floor as well.

    Once your chest, legs, and abdominal region have no contact with the floor, you will have to rest in this position for as long as possible.

    Besides strengthening your core, this workout could help you in reducing your appetite through the same utility that it provides.

  9. Goddess Squat

    Goddess squat, as the name suggests, is a squat or a pose that is pretty famous in yoga. This workout is an underrated charm that could help you reduce your appetite at a good pace.

    For this workout, you will have to stand with your feet 3 feet apart. Make sure that your feet are facing on their side (left foot facing left and right facing right).

    Now you will have to bend your elbows, attach shoulder height and make sure that both the palms face each other.

    Once you’re all set for the workout, you will have to squat down while pushing your hip downward and bending the knees to the possible extent.

    This workout is a blessing for your respiratory and cardiovascular system, improving which[5]will help you to take control of your appetite.

  10. Tree pose

    As the name suggests, your body posture should resemble a tree while performing this pose. To perform this, begin by standing with feet shoulder-width apart.

    Now place your left foot on the right inner thigh. Stretch your arms upward joining your hands with palms pressed against each other.

    Press the left foot with equal pressure on the right thigh to maintain balance. Repeat the same with your right foot and left thigh.

    This workout or yoga pose requires focus, coordination, and balance. It is suggested that practicing one minute of tree pose daily may curb appetite and reduce hunger pangs.


Losing weight is a tiring job that needs a good amount of attention and a strict diet.

In such cases, keeping control of your hunger gets too hard which might turn out to be bad for the efforts you put in.

Luckily, a few workouts and poses may help you to reduce your appetite and keep control of your hunger so that you could get better results.

All such workouts have been discussed above. Moreover, increasing the intensity of your workout has also been witnessed to have helped with the reduction of appetite quite efficiently.

For better results, you could try meditation. It might help you gain better control over the senses. So, you might not fall for your cravings easily.


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